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End of Lent Term Update - March 2016

Last Updated: 18/04/2016 08:29:46

Dear Parents,

I write to report on a very busy and successful Lent term for the young men of Walters House. A short, but incredibly full few months saw some excellent achievements from them. The House remains in very good shape and the boys must take huge credit for their efforts across all areas of School life.

The inter-House 1.2 Relay squad tasted success again – for the seventh year in a row – with a superb team performance. Jake Lowe got the team off to a good start, before fine runs from Hugo Beattie, Cameron Baxter, Morgan Hammond and Kieran Walker allowed David Elphinston a relatively stress-free victorious final lap by generating a commanding lead. The boys were again outstanding, with great support for each other, and this was shown by their Housemates too. The beautiful, hundred-year-old trophy continues to adorn the trophy shelf in the Walters Day room; it will be a sad day when it eventually moves on.

Another trophy was collected following a fantastic effort from the Senior Boys Cross Country team of David Elphinston (who finished as the leading Upper Sixth Former), Jacob Matthews, Daniel Stokes, Matthew Collins, Daniel Johnson, Kieran Walker and Hugo Beattie (who won the race overall). In Junior Cross Country, the team of Ben Fitzmaurice, James Moody, Peter Olley, Morgan Hammond, Edward Aston, Jake Lowe, Jack Peplow, Tom Reynolds and William Upton secured second place in the competition. Jake finished as the leading Lower Fourth former, whilst Morgan finished first overall. A super effort by all.

Walters competed gamely in the other Lent competitions, without quite managing to come out on top. In Senior Football, the Walters team did really well to remain unbeaten in a round-robin tournament. However, too many draws were ultimately to cost them the trophy as they were edged out by Lyttelton, who fought back to claim a crucial draw in the last game. The team was David Elphinston, Jacob Matthews, Ed Hadlington, Sam Croft, Charlie Kendrick, Richard Brookes, Sam Fitzmaurice, Nathan Boothroyd and Darragh Murray. In Junior Football, a small squad did wonderfully well to come third overall, defeating hot favourites School House in their first match before succumbing to W-G in a tight game. Walters comprehensively defeated Elmshurst in the third/fourth playoff match, with a fine hat-trick from Jack Peplow. The squad was: Gurdeep Bhandal, Kieran Brinn, Josh Cunningham, Ben Fitzmaurice, Tom Siller, Alex Waplington and Jack Peplow.

In Junior Hockey, Tom Borriello, Morgan Hammond, James Moody, Peter Olley, Will Pearson, Mitchell Wise, Max Campbell, Jake Lowe, Joe Newbon, Tom Reynolds and Jack Stokes performed excellently to claim third place overall. In the Senior competition, another great all-round team effort saw Walters play really well and, mirroring the achievements of the Football team, the boys missed out on a trophy despite being unbeaten. The team of Ben Davis, Jacob Hucker, Daniel Stokes, Callum Ross, Patrick Waplington, Tristan Bland, Nathan Buckley, Toby Davis, Edward Hubscher and Evan Stokes demonstrated spirit and a really good attitude.

Senior Badminton saw Jacob Hucker, Keshav Laroiya, Jacob Matthews, Callum Ross and Sam Phillips contribute to a solid team performance. In Senior Debating, Ben Davis and Dan Stokes performed well against W-G, proposing the motion that ‘This House Would Live by Reason Not Emotion’, debating eloquently and with humour.

In the School’s major production of the year, the musical ‘Sweeney Todd’ was performed at the Artrix in Bromsgrove. The show was outstanding, certainly one of the (if not the) finest that the School has put on in recent years, with wonderful contributions from Archie Parker, Ben Payne, Dan Johnson and George Bingham. Archie, in his final acting role at Bromsgrove, put in another show-stopping, short-but-sublime performance as Pirelli, the Italian rival of Todd, providing some wonderful comedy. His contribution to Bromsgrove drama and singing over the past five years has been immense. The Fourth Form play, a hugely impressive performance of Patrick Marber’s ‘The Musicians’ saw James Beattie and Billy Dunlop contribute their excellent thespian and technical talents respectively; very well done to both for their part in what was another outstanding show.

We were treated to another glorious day at Twickenham this term as, for the second year in a row, Head of House Joe Morrice (and the rest of the 1st XV) won the NatWest Schools Cup, defeating a strong QEGS Wakefield side in the final. It was a great day out; virtually the whole House was able to make the journey down to the home of English rugby to support the boys in maroon.

The final Saturday of the term saw the majority of the House’s Sixth Formers attend the Walters Ball at Grafton Manor. A wonderful evening saw the boys (nattily sporting their black and gold bow-ties) enjoy a meal, dancing and charity fundraising games. The staff at Grafton looked after the boys wonderfully well. Huge thanks must go to the Parents’ Association Committee for the colossal amount of effort that they put into organising such a superb event. It truly was a night that will stay with the Walters lads for a very long time. The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and was attended by Mr Bell, who was given a warm welcome to the House ahead of next year. The kind words and thoughtful gestures from the PA – for the boys and for their Houseparent – were very much appreciated.

It is always a real pleasure to award House Colours – ties that are earned through academic and extra-curricular achievement – and to see how proudly the boys wear them once they have been won. At the Final House Assembly of the term, Junior ties were awarded to Edward Aston, Arun Bahra and Jack Peplow, whilst Senior ties went to James Allely, Cameron Baxter, George Bickerton, Tristan Bland, Nathan Boothroyd, Toby Davis, Archie Freer, Ed Hubscher, Kesh Laroiya, Darragh Murray and Sam Phillips. Well done to all.

The best academic grades of the term were also flagged up during that assembly and these were achieved by Jude Wynter, Lower Fourth (best in House); Zach Ralph, Upper Fourth; Nathan Boothroyd, Fifth Form; Kieran Walker, Lower Sixth; and David Elphinston and Ed Hadlington, Upper Sixth.

The commitment trophies, awarded to those who have given of their best in all areas of School life and who have contributed strongly to the life of the House over the term were presented to Nathan Boothroyd (Senior Commitment) Jude Wynter (Junior Commitment) and Hugo Beattie (Endeavour Award). All three have given excellent contributions towards the House, have worked very hard and have proved to be superb ambassadors for Walters this term.

Congratulations and thanks to all the boys for their efforts over such a good term, with huge thanks to all House staff for their support for the young men of Walters, especially to Ms McWilliams, who has settled in so quickly as a new tutor this term. We also wish Mrs James many congratulations and best wishes for the future as she departs on maternity leave for the coming couple of terms. She will be much missed, but we wish her a joyous time at home with her new arrival.

With best wishes to you all for a good Easter break,

D.G. Wilkins

End of Academic Year Update - December 2015

Last Updated: 08/01/2016 11:15:43

Dear Parents,

It is my pleasure to report on an excellent Michaelmas term that has absolutely flown by. The new joiners to the House, thirteen Lower Fourth formers, two Lower Sixth formers and two members of the tutor team, settled quickly and all enjoyed a fine term. They hopefully all now feel firmly established as fully-fledged members of the Walters community.

The Unison Song competition, a highlight of any year, saw Walters perform Take That’s ‘Shine’ in this year’s weather-themed event. The House had plenty of fun in preparing for the competition, with excellent leadership from the Upper Sixth formers, in particular from David Elphinston who conducted superbly on the day. The boys sang very well, with fine accompaniment from Jude Wynter, George Bingham and Dan Johnson. The Upper Sixth also performed some very interesting ‘moves’ as part of the performance, which are well worth a look on the School’s official youtube page;

We are blessed with really good leadership at the top of the House. In October, the boys were delighted to hear that Deputy Head of House Ben Davis had been selected to be a School Monitor. Ben joins Archie Parker and Joe Morrice as one of the School’s pupil leadership team, giving Walters as many Monitors as we’ve had in a single year group for many years. At the end of term, Sam Gilbert was made up as a new House Monitor, having demonstrated a really proactive approach around the House since September. Walters’ remaining House Monitor, David Elphinston, was also selected during the term as the School’s 1st XI Football captain for this season; we look forward to him leading the School team to some real successes in the Lent term. We welcomed Mr Hallows down to the House in early October; Head of House Joe Morrice showed him around the studies and the boys were very proud to welcome him to Walters.

As we broke up for half term, around half of the boys in the House stayed behind to kick back, eat and learn; the quiz and pizza were hugely enjoyed by all. Many thanks to the PA for supporting this event, and, as always, for so many other House awards and treats for the boys that they help to sponsor. The boys really appreciate the prizes and extras that the PA provide, whilst the House community certainly benefits from the fundraising events that the committee put on. Many thanks to those who give up their time to help our lads and our extended family, whether organising or attending a Walters event.

In inter-House sport this term, the eagerly anticipated House Rugby competitions were called off due to inclement weather, although we hope that they may be rearranged for some point in the near future. In Junior Basketball, the team drew with School House but lost narrowly to WG. ‘Coach’ Edward Aston would have made a big difference on the court had he not been injured, but nonetheless gave the boys lots of advice and encouragement. The team was: Jack Stokes, Jack Peplow, Jake Lowe, Kieran Valley, Tom Reynolds, Will Upton, Joe Newbon, James Moody, Will Pearson, Harry Thompson and Mitchell Wise. In Junior Badminton, again, a team of Will Pearson, Peter Olley, Jude Wynter, Harry Thompson, Billy Dunlop and Ben Fitzmaurice played hard, without getting through to the final.

In Senior Swimming, a great effort from the team saw Walters narrowly miss out on the trophy, despite some excellent efforts in the pool from Tristan Bland, Jack Harding, Ben Davis, Daniel Johnson, Daniel Stokes, Jacob Matthews, Cameron Baxter, Archie Parker, Archie Freer, Sam Fitzmaurice, Sam Morrice, Joe Morrice and Kieran Walker. Similar excellent efforts came from the Junior team of Tom Reynolds, Harry Thompson, Morgan Hammond, Joe Newbon, James Moody, Jack Stokes, Alex Waplington, Peter Olley, Will Pearson, Max Campbell and Jake Lowe.

In Junior debating, Kieran Brinn and Louis English spoke with wit and eloquence to propose the difficult motion ‘This House Would Lower the School Leaving Age to 14’. Although they did not make it through to the final, their points were well thought-out and delivered with style.

In the Fourth Form assembly at the end of term, Max Campbell received an award for one of the best ELA History coursework pieces of the term. The following boys were also commended for their efforts for the School Rugby teams this term: Billy Dunlop and Kieran Valley (U14D), Tom Reynolds (U14B), Tom Siller, Christian Parris and Will Hayward (U15C) and Peter Olley and Harry Thompson (U15A).

At the final House assembly of the term, ‘House Colours’ - ties that are awarded to those who have gained sufficient commendations for academic and non-academic efforts to School life, were presented to those who had earned them over the term. It was a genuine pleasure to award Junior ties to James Beattie, Max Campbell, Billy Dunlop, Jake Lowe, Joe Newbon, Tom Reynolds, Jack Stokes, Will Upton, Kieran Valley and Jude Wynter, and Senior ties to Sam Fitzmaurice, Callum Ross, Nathan Buckley, Sam Morrice and Ben Payne. Well done to all. Many other pupils are very close to gaining their colours and I am sure that continued efforts will see them rewarded next term.

The commitment and endeavour awards are given to people who have given of their best, set the right example and gained good grades and who have also helped out and got involved in House competition and events. These termly awards saw Tom Reynolds awarded the Junior Commitment cup, with David Elphinston gaining the Senior Commitment Award. Peter Olley was presented with the Endeavour cup. All three have enjoyed a good term in the classroom, on the sports fields and in the wider community – well done lads. The best effort grades in the House this term in each year group were as follows: Upper Sixth, David Elphinston; Lower Sixth, Michael Petrakas (best in House); Fifth Form, Nathan Boothroyd; Upper Fourth, Zachary Ralph and Josh Cunningham; Lower Fourth, Jude Wynter. Well done to all.

As well as working exceptionally hard on his academic studies, Jude also found time to make it through the regional rounds of the prestigious BBC Young Musician of the Year award. Although not selected for the final, his achievement marks him out as one of the top few young pianists in the country, whilst it is worth remembering that he was competing against others who were four or five years older than him. A remarkable achievement; we look forward to witnessing many others.

At the end of term, the House bade farewell to Mr Banwell, who had joined Walters as a tutor in September, but has decided to leave Bromsgrove to pursue another career. We thank him for his efforts during his brief stay with us and wish him all the best for the future. We are delighted to welcome Ms McWilliams into the House as his replacement from January.

Many thanks to all the House staff for their support for the boys in Walters throughout the term, and in particular to Mr Evans, who has had a fantastic first term since joining us in September. Thanks also, as always, to Lesley Gibbs, who has continued to look after us all, and to Jackie Humphries, who stood in for Lesley for a few weeks during absence this term.

We look forward to next term, when a highlight will doubtlessly be the Walters Ball, planned for Saturday 19th March, at Grafton Manor. One can purchase tickets by emailing – many thanks to the PA Committee for all of their time and efforts in organising this.

With best wishes to you all for a very happy 2016,


End of Academic Year Update - July 2015

Last Updated: 03/08/2015 14:49:32

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

I write to report on another successful summer term in Walters House. The term has been exceedingly busy, with external and internal examinations, numerous school trips, Lower Sixth Lecture week, and inter-House competitions, not to mention farewells to old friends and welcomes to new ones. The term started off with good news; early in May, the boys were delighted to hear that Joe Morrice and Archie Parker had been chosen to be School Monitors for the 2015-16 year. We are sure that they will do an excellent job in their new roles.  

Outstanding team performances in the inter-House athletics competition saw Walters triumph again; they were awarded the trophies for overall winners and for the intermediate boys’ team. This is a competition that has seen much success for the House in recent years, with three overall victories now in the past four attempts. Joe Morrice also gained the Victor Ludorum award following his fine victories in the senior hurdles, long jump and triple jump. The teams were: Kieran Brinn, Christian Parris, Peter Olley, Morgan Hammond, James Moody, Will Pearson, Harry Thompson, Dan Webber-Goldsby (U15); Michael Townsend, Cameron Baxter, Tristan Bland, Nathan Boothroyd, Kieran Walker, Nathan Buckley, Archie Freer, Antonio Sanghera, Evan Stokes, Keshav Laroiya, Sam Morrice (U17); and Joe Morrice, David Elphinston, Dan Holmes, Jamie Ross, Dan Stokes, Jacob Matthews, Ed Hadlington, Ben Davis and Harrison Hill (U20).

In Junior Cricket, the Walters team defeated Lyttelton to make it to the final, where they succumbed to a strong Lupton team. The team was: Nathan Buckley, Toby Davis, Ben Hales, Sam Morrice, Darragh Murray, Evan Stokes, Ben Fitzmaurice, James Moody, Peter Olley, Will Pearson and Harry Thompson.
The inter-House Bake off had a theme of famous buildings this year. Charlie Kendrick and Ed Hadlington entered for Walters. Great fun was had by all, but the boys were not in the running for the trophy, with the Headmaster judging that their ‘White House’ creation looked like the building in the film Independence Day, after the alien invaders had attacked it...

End of term awards saw numerous extra-curricular achievements also recognised. Minor colours for Music were awarded to Dan Johnson, whilst minor colours also went to Kieran Walker and Michael Townsend for Athletics and Jack Harding for Cricket. Major colours went to Will Miners for Tennis, whilst Harrison Hill gained a Cap for both Tennis and Golf.

The Fourth Form Assembly saw commendations awarded to the following: Cameron Baxter, Archie Freer and Tristan Bland (U15 Athletics), Kieran Brinn (U14 Athletics), Nathan Buckley (U15 Cricket), Harry Thompson, Ben Fitzmaurice, Peter Olley, Alex Waplington and Will Pearson (U14 Cricket), Ben Payne and George Bingham (Drama) and George Bingham and Edward Hubscher (Music).

Academic prizes, awarded on the last day of term, saw a number of boys from the House recognised for their efforts in the classroom. Charlie Kendrick, L6, received the Don Gibbin Prize for the Best Geography Controlled Assessment. Upper Fourth Subject prizes went to George Bingham (Music), Nathan Buckley (PE) and James Allely (Biology and Chemistry); James also received the prize for the best years’ work in the Upper Fourth year group – a fantastic achievement. Nathan Boothroyd and Sam Morrice were awarded Endeavour and Progress prizes for their efforts throughout the year. Benjamin Fitzmaurice received a Lower Fourth prize for endeavour and progress.

The following boys achieved the best industry grades over the year in their respective year groups in the House: Will Miners (U6), Charlie Kendrick (L6), Patrick Waplington (F5), Nathan Boothroyd and Toby Davis (U4) and Mitchell Wise (L4). Congratulations to all of the lads for this excellent achievement. Charlie’s average was the highest in the House – well done.

The Summer PA event was another hugely enjoyable affair, with a well-contested 5-a-side competition eventually going the way of the Upper Sixth team containing the Head and Deputy Head of House – a fitting victory for the leavers. The barbecue and refreshments went down very well indeed. Many thanks to all who helped to organise the evening, and to all who attended. Those who have helped out in the PA throughout the year have continued their sterling support of the boys in the House, and I would like to thank them on behalf of all of Walters House for their continued sponsorship and help in such a wide variety of ways.
At the final House assembly of the term it was announced that next year’s House Monitor team will be: Joe Morrice (Head of House), Ben Davis (Deputy Head of House), David Elphinston (House Monitor) and Archie Parker (House Monitor). We wish the boys well in their roles; they will all do an excellent job. Harrison Hill and Dan Holmes, this year’s Head and Deputy Head of House, both spoke movingly at the final assembly. The departing Upper Sixth year group will be much missed; we wish them all the very best for the future. A few members of the Fifth form are also moving on and they depart with our best wishes and thanks for all of their contributions to the House.

The assembly also saw a number of prizes given out. The Paul Sawtell award, presented to the members of the Upper Sixth who have given the biggest contribution to the extra-curricular life of the House over five years, was shared by Dan Holmes and Jamie Ross. Both of these young men have always supported House events, with their sporting abilities, inter-personal skills and House spirit making them virtually irreplaceable. It is entirely fitting that their names will remain in the Day Room on the Honours board for many years to come.
House colours, given to those who have earned sufficient academic and extra-curricular commendations, saw Senior Ties awarded to Michael Townsend and James Edge, and Junior Ties going to Keshav Laroiya and Tom Siller. Cameron Baxter was awarded the Junior Commitment Cup at the end of a term in which he had contributed hugely to House and School Athletics, completing an excellent year on the sports fields, alongside some very strong academic grades. Dan Johnson gained the Senior Commitment Cup, with his industry grades reflecting his good efforts in the classroom and his commitment to the House always in evidence. Archie Parker, who has provided an outstanding example to his peers throughout the year, gained the Endeavour Award.

Mrs James made an excellent contribution to the House having joined the tutor team in September. Thanks to her – and to all of the tutors – for their support and encouragement of the boys over the past three terms. Many thanks also to our Housekeeper, Lesley Gibbs, who has continued to look after the young men of Walters superbly throughout the year. As she steps down from tutoring, we say goodbye to Mrs Shinn, the longest-serving member of House staff, who has looked after the young men of Walters since 1999. She has been an outstanding tutor and colleague within the House and will be much missed. We also bid farewell to Mr Watkins, who has been a superb tutor over the past two years, and wish him all the best for life after Bromsgrove. We look forward to welcoming two new staff joiners to the House; Mr Banwell and Mr Evans will both be joining Walters as tutors in September. The new Lower Fourth joiners made a fine impression when they came round to visit for two days in June – we are very much looking forward to seeing their Walters careers commence in September.

Finally, the House (and the Housemaster, personally) would like to thank Mr Bowen for the huge support that he has given to generations of Walters boys and staff over many years. We wish Mr and Mrs Bowen a long, fulfilling and happy retirement together.

With best wishes to you all for a rewarding and relaxing summer,


Lent Term 2015 Update

Last Updated: 25/04/2015 10:22:38

Dear Parents,

It is my pleasure to report to you following a very successful Lent term for Walters House. An incredibly busy term has seen many individual and group successes and achievements since our return to School in January. The Junior section of the House in particular did well on the sports fields this term, with a number of inter-House triumphs.

In a spectacular end to term, the 1st XV’s success at Twickenham really brought a ‘feelgood’ factor to House and School. A large number of Walters boys went to cheer on the School team against Oundle in a very exciting semi-final, and 90% of the boys were able to travel to Twickenham in a wonderful day out on the last Wednesday before we broke up. A very cheerful Walters bus was delighted to welcome Mr Bowen, who accompanied us to London and back. An incredible match at Twickenham was witnessed by a hugely supportive and impeccably behaved Bromsgrove crowd, and the boys were delirious after an outstanding second half performance took the game away from Dulwich College. Joe Morrice, the sole Walters member of the 1st XV, was applauded into roll-call on the following day; the boys were delighted for him (he had a stormer in the final) and for the rest of the team and staff.

Continuing a remarkable run of victories in recent history, Walters retained the coveted 1.2 relay trophy, with a sixth win in six years. Jamie Ross emulated the feat of last year’s leaver Alex Moore to win the trophy every year through the School, captaining the side and running the final leg to bring the cup home – a truly outstanding achievement. All of the boys ran superbly; just as pleasing as the victory of the team was the support and reaction of their Housemates during and after the event. The team was: Morgan Hammond (L4), Nathan Buckley (U4), Kieran Walker (F5), Hugo Beattie (F5), David Elphinston (L6) and Jamie Ross (U6).

In Junior Cross country, the Walters team finished as runners-up, with some excellent performances. The team was Cameron Baxter, Toby Davis, Archie Freer, Edward Hubscher, Keshav Laroiya, Antonio Sanghera, Tom Borriello, Kieran Brinn, Joshua Cunningham, Ben Fitzmaurice, Morgan Hammond, James Moody, Peter Olley, Christian Parris, Tom Siller and Harry Thompson.

The Junior Hockey competition saw the A team of Nathan Boothroyd, Tristan Bland, Nathan Buckley, Evan Stokes, Darragh Murragh, Harry Thompson, Tom Borriello, Ben Hales and James Moody claim the trophy for Walters. A good win against School was followed by a draw against Lupton, setting up a Semi-final with Lyttelton. A last-gasp short corner equaliser from Lyttelton saw the game go to penalties, with Walters making it through after an incredible shoot-out. The final saw Lupton defeated 1.0 with a marvellous Harry Thompson strike.
Another trophy found its way into the Walters Day Room through the inter-House Junior Football, where the A team played superbly to win the competition. With an opening draw against School House, Walters produced excellent wins against Lupton and then Lyttelton, with Keshav Laroiya scoring freely, to face a talented Elmshurst team in the final. Dogged defending saw Walters grind out a nil nil draw, for the competition to come down to a nail-biting penalty shoot-out. Walters eventually won after six penalties each, with captain Darragh Murray saving the crucial kick. The team was Cameron Baxter, Archie Freer, Keshav Laroiya, Nathan Boothroyd, Nathan Buckley, Antonio Sanghera, Darragh Murray, Tom Boriello, James Moody and Ben Hales. The Junior Football B squad of Toby Davis, James Allely, Evan Stokes, Will Pearson, Sam Morrice, Morgan Hammond, Peter Olley, Ben Fitzmaurice and Will Hayward acquitted themselves very well in their round-robin tournament, but were unable to make the semi-final stage.

In Senior Football, the team were unable to show their skills off for long (although they did show off the wonderful new House kit that the PA had purchased), given that the competition was a straight knock-out. A goalless draw in their first game was followed by a penalty shoot-out defeat to Elmshurst. The short-but-sweet performances came from Joe Hutchings, Harrison Hill, Dan Holmes, Amardeep Bhandal, Ed Hadlington, Connor McStay, Tom Beattie, Tom Nolan, Jamie Ross and Jivan Purewal.

Keshav Laroiya and Alex Waplington starred for Walters in the Junior Squash competition, accruing the most points in the preliminary matches to make it through to the final, both against Lyttelton opponents. Both Keshav and Alex won their matches in style to gain another inter-House trophy for Walters.
Senior Hockey saw the boys perform extremely well, before bowing out at the semi-final stage to Elmshurst. The team was: Jack Alsop, Jamie Ross, Callum Ross, Will Miners, Harrison Hill, Daniel Holmes, Daniel Stokes, Jacob Hucker, David Elphinston and Joe Morrice.

In Senior Debating Harry Cutress and Joe Morrice opposed the motion from Wendron-Gordon that ‘This House believes diversity should not be a criteria for university entry’. Although appearing to win the floor-vote comfortably, the lads did not make it through to the final, despite debating with eloquence and no little style.
An extremely enjoyable Quiz night was organised by the Parents’ Association for the Lent Term PA event, for the House’s first event in the Hospitality Suite. It was well attended and great fun and Mrs Stokes again impressed hugely as hostess and quizmaster. It would be immodest to reveal that the staff team were the winners of the quiz…. Many thanks to all of the PA who helped to organise and run the night, and for their continued support of the House and the boys.

There were too many individual highlights over the term to mention and do all justice, but a few that stand out include Charlie Kendrick and Jacob Matthews’ performance in the Uforia Young Enterprise team (with Charlie winning the award for best Finance Director at the Area Presentations), Jack Harding and Tristan Bland again swimming for the School in the Olympic pool, and Ben Payne and George Bingham’s performances in the Fourth Form play, ‘The Accordion Shop’. William Miners was also lauded for his contribution to the Target 2.0 team – ‘the most robust, well prepared and professional Economics Target 2.0 team the School has ever seen’ – with the team delivering a presentation on the UK economy to a panel of judges that included Monetary Policy Committee members. Finally, two Lower Sixth Formers were a credit to the school in two moving events this term. Archie Parker represented the School at a ceremony in Kidderminster to remember Old Bromsgrovian Captain Eustace Jotham on the hundredth anniversary of his death in Waziristan during the First World War; Captain Jotham’s Victoria Cross was on display to the public. David Elphinston read at the Holocaust Memorial Day’s Ceremony at Bromsgrove Council House on the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The following pupils are to be congratulated for gaining the best effort grades in their year group within Walters this term: Mitchell Wise (L4), Toby Davis (U4), Patrick Waplington (F5), Charlie Kendrick (L6) and Harrison Hill (U6).
The end of term assembly saw a number of House colours presented for commendations gained inside and outside of the Classroom. Junior ties went to Kieran Brinn, Ben Fitzmaurice, Will Hayward, Keshav Laroiya and Harry Thompson. Senior ties were earned by Richard Brookes, Matthew Collins, James Bruton-Gibney, Michael Petrakas, Kieran Walker and Patrick Waplington. The House Commitment prizes - for which good effort grades, as well as community spirit, are essential - were also awarded. Nathan Buckley, who had helped the House to three trophies during the term, won the Junior Commitment award, with the Senior Commitment cup going to Edward Hadlington. The Endeavour Award was presented to Morgan Hammond.

The final Routh Hall assembly of the term also saw a number of School awards announced. Minor Colours were awarded to Connor McStay for Rugby, Callum Ross for Hockey, Tom Nolan and Michael Townsend for Football and Jack Harding for Swimming. Jamie Ross spent much of the assembly plodding on and off stage, gaining his School Cap for Hockey, as well as the John Downey award, (presented to the player who has made an outstanding contribution to School Hockey over the past five years), also picking up his Gold Duke of Edinburgh award and the House trophy for the 1.2 relay. Daniel Holmes also received his Gold Duke of Edinburgh award.

Many thanks to all the boys for their efforts over such a good term, with congratulations and thanks too to all House staff for their support and commitment to the young men of Walters.

With best wishes to you all for a good Easter break,

Dan Wilkins

December 2014 - End of Term News

Last Updated: 06/01/2015 11:09:08

Dear Parents,
It gives me great pleasure to report on a fantastic first term of the year for the young men of Walters House, and to outline a few of its many highlights below. With 19 new boys and a new tutor starting in September, it seemed to take no time at all for them to settle into House routines. The new Fourth form have enjoyed an excellent term, whilst Mrs James has made a superb start as a House tutor, bolstering an already fine tutor team. 

The highlight of any Michaelmas term is usually the Unison Song competition, and so it proved again this year. The Walters entry in the competition was Elton John’s ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues’, in keeping with the year’s theme of colours. Weeks of preparation and practices saw the boys perform very well on the day, gaining some excellent feedback from the visiting judge (and former Bromsgrove pupil) opera singer Olivia Safe. Jack Alsop’s ‘brave’ conducting (in terms of his dress, movement and ‘style’) earned him the award for Best Conductor. The House wasn’t chosen for either of the top two prizes, with Lyttelton House deservedly coming out on top, but gave a very good account of themselves.

The pupils and staff of Walters were delighted with the news this term that Harrison Hill was to be appointed as a School Monitor. He was presented with his badge and wrote in the historic monitors’ book in early October, a member of the first group of monitors to be made up by our new Headmaster Mr Clague. The House Monitor team has started off the year very well and was also added to this term when Tom Beattie joined the ranks, having really led by example around the House, in particular looking after the younger lads and helping to organise them. Walters was visited by Mr Bowen in the second week of the term and also by Mr Clague in early November. The boys were thrilled to host Mr Bowen at the start of his last year in the School, and also to be the first House to be visited by our new Headmaster. Another in-House highlight was helping to celebrate Housekeeper Lesley Gibbs’ ‘special’ birthday this term, as the boys sang her off to her birthday weekend.

A weekend Paintballing trip for the boys was very well attended in October, with around half of the House turning up on a Sunday morning to run around and shoot at each other. With much kinder weather than the arctic conditions of the last such trip, a fantastic day was enjoyed by all. Special thanks to Mr Stone who gave up his day off to get involved, and also, of course, to the Parents’ Association, who subsidised the outing. The now legendary PA Casino Night in Routh Hall also took place in October, and was well supported by boys, parents and friends of the House. The Sixth Form croupiers were superb in running the evening, whilst the Wild West theme really added to the night. Many thanks to all who supported the event. The PA continue to help the House immensely – currently working on adding new House kit, sponsoring awards and paying for some educational reading material for the lads in the shape of The Times (and Rugby World…). The term was rounded off in excellent fashion with the Christmas Drop-In on the last Monday of term – many thanks again to all those who hosted, baked or donated time, efforts or raffle prizes towards this event.

House sport continues to thrive. In the Junior Badminton competition, the teams of Nathan Buckley, Darragh Murray, Ben Hales and Nathan Boothroyd (U4) and Tom Boriello, Joshua Cunningham, Gurdeep Bhandal and Alex Waplington (L4) performed excellently in their matches against Lupton and Elmshurst, although just missed out on making the final.

The boys in the Junior B team squad won the inter-House Rugby trophy, with some excellent performances in the pool matches and then in the semi and final, with Christian Parris scoring two tries to help the side defeat Lupton for the cup. The A squad fought hard in their matches but were unable to make it past the semi-final stage. The teams were: Cameron Baxter, Nathan Boothroyd, Nathan Buckley, Will Cutress, Toby Davis, Ben Hales, Sam Morrice, Kieran Brinn, James Moody, Peter Olley, Will Pearson and Harry Thompson (A team) and James Allely, Antonio Sanghera, Evan Stokes, Josh Cunningham, Louis English, Morgan Hammond, Will Hayward, Christian Parris, Zachary Ralph, Alex Waplington, Daniel Webber-Goldsby and Mitchell Wise (B team).

In the Senior competition, injuries to key players meant that the House put out two relatively youthful teams (indeed, more than half of the Senior team was comprised of Fifth formers), who both put on very brave performances, without making it through the group stages. The spirit of the teams was typified by Daniel Johnson (F5) grappling with an Upper Sixth 1st XV lock forward time and again despite being very much second-best in terms of size and weight; skill, bravery and a real desire to compete for the House was displayed by all. Teams: Harry Cutress, Ben Davis, David Elphinston, Edward Hadlington, Jacob Matthews, Alex Ashworth, Dominic Edwards, Josh Gilbert, Jack Harding, Daniel Johnson and Tom Nolan (A Team) and Jack Alsop, Jivan Purewal, Sam Croft, Sam Gilbert, Jacob Hucker, Daniel Stokes, Richard Brookes, Peter Petrakas and Michael Townsend (B team).

To pick out just a few of the cultural highlights of the term, one must first recall the School Production of ‘The Winter’s Tale’ at the Artrix theatre in Bromsgrove, which was a dazzling show and saw hugely impressive performances from a very talented cast. Archie Parker, playing Camillo, key adviser and servant to Leontes, King of Sicilia, and later to Polixenes, King of Bohemia, was simply outstanding in his third main production at School. Ben Payne was also excellent in his supporting role as Mamillius, son of Leontes, uttering the classic line ‘A sad tale’s best for winter’. In Junior Debating, Nathan Buckley and George Bingham defeated the motion proposed by Hazeldene that ‘This House Believes Reality Television Does More Harm than Good’. George and Nathan both spoke courteously and confidently, with some astute argument swaying the audience into voting for a Walters win. The Music Scholars’ Concert saw Dan Johnson’s fine sax playing in ‘Tenor Madness’; George Bingham’s excellent ‘No ragtime’ on xylophone and Daniel Stokes’ superb trombone playing in Berlioz’s ‘Un bal’. Matthew Collins’ saxophone solo in the House Song (outdoing Stevie Wonder on the harmonica in the original version) was another fantastic moment of the term.

At the Final House Assembly, the achievements of the term were remembered, as well as the usual prizes being awarded. The following pupils gained congratulations for the best effort grades over the term in each year group: L4 Louis English, U4 Toby Davis, F5 Paddy Waplington, L6 Joe Morrice and U6 Jivan Purewal. Louis and Joe shared the accolade of having the best grades in the House this term. Junior House colours, ties given to those in the Fourth forms who have gained sufficient commendations both in their academic work and the extra-curricular life of the school, went to Gurdeep Bhandal, Tom Boriello, Joshua Cunningham, James Gill, Morgan Hammond, James Moody, Peter Olley, Christian Parris, William Pearson, Zachary Ralph, Alex Waplington, Daniel Webber Goldsby and Mitchell Wise. Senior colours were awarded to Alex Ashworth, Hugo Beattie, Dominic Edwards, Josh Gilbert, Jack Harding, Connor McStay, Tom Nolan, Peter Petrakas, Sam Gilbert and Jacob Hucker. The House awards, presented every term to people who have worked hard and given of their best across all areas of school life were also awarded at the end of term. The Junior Commitment Cup went to Ben Fitzmaurice, due to some outstanding effort grades, and an unfailingly hard-working and polite approach to all aspects of School life. The Senior Commitment Award went to Joe Morrice who enjoyed a fine term, with excellent grades, fine leadership of his L4 study, helping the new joiners to settle in, and also working hard to recover from injury and then returning for the 1st XV Rugby team. Tom Beattie, whose support for those around him was superb across the term, was the winner of the Endeavour Award.

Mark Reading saw Joseph Morrice (English Language and Physics) and Charlie Kendrick (Geography) pick up awards for the best performance at GCSE in their subjects. The Fourth Form Assembly, also in the final week of term, saw the following gain commendations for their efforts on the rugby fields for the School this term: Peter Olley (U14A), Kieran Brinn (U14B), Joshua Cunningham (U14C), Ben Hales (U15B), Evan Stokes (U15C) and James Allely (U15D). Certificates of Recognition for dedication and excellence in English lessons went to Nathan Buckley and Nathan Boothroyd (U4) and to James Gill (L4). The annual CCF Recruits pass off parade towards the end of term also brought success, with Archie Freer (U4) gaining the award for best RAF recruit. The Remembrance Services were particularly poignant this year and were very well attended. The House was thrilled that Archie Parker, Ben Davis and Sam Croft represented the CCF as members of the Escort Party for the laying of wreaths.

I’d like to thank the young men of the House for all of their efforts towards such a good term, and also House tutors and Lesley for their support for the boys since September. I look forward to witnessing further successes in the New Year.

With best wishes to you all for a good Christmas and a happy 2015,

Dan Wilkins

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