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Monday, April 1 2019ppSchool InfoPre-Prep Year 2 Dress rehearsal Cobham Theatre
pExtra-CurricularPupil Voice
pYears 3 & 4 Pastoral Parents' Evening
pYear 3 and 4 Parents' meeting, 3.00pm-7.00pm
sHouse EventSenior School Sports day, Ryland Centre, 2.05pm
ppMusic/Concert/PlayYear 2 Rehearsal, Cobham Theatre,9.30am
sMusic/Concert/PlayPop and Jazz Rehearsal, Routh Concert Hall,12.00pm
sSchool InfoSports Day, 2.00pm
sAcademic EventGCSE Russian Orals
pppsSchool InfoExchanging room open, 4.00pm-5.00pm
sHouse EventOakley Leavers meal, Queen's Head
sHouse EventOakley UVIth Leavers Meal
Tuesday, April 2 2019pAcademic EventY8 Study Skills event (JAH)
sAcademic EventGCSE Russian Orals
pMusic/Concert/PlayYear 7 and 8 Drama performance,Cobham Theatre 8.30am
sMusic/Concert/PlayPop and Jazz concert, Routh Concert Hall, 7.00pm
pHouse EventHouse Drama
sHouse EventSchool House UVI leavers' drinks and meal, Queen's Head Teepee, 5.30pm-8.30pm
ppAcademic EventPre-Prep Year 1 Grandparents' Day
Wednesday, April 3 2019sSchool TripSpanish Trip to Salamanca, departs
sSchool TripHistory Trip to Berlin Departs
ppAcademic EventPre-Prep Year 1 Grandparents' Day
sSchool TripGerman Exchange to Potsdam departs
sSchool InfoEnd of term assembly, Arena, 8.40am
sSchool TripSpanish Study Trip to Salamanca departs, 11.30am
Thursday, April 4 2019sSchool TripRAF flying trip, RAF Cosford
pMusic/Concert/PlayYear 4 Dragon Days performance 2.15pm
ppMusic/Concert/PlayPre-Prep Year 2 Assembly to parents, Cobham Theatre
ppAcademic EventPre-Prep Author to visit Year 2
sSchool TripGold DofE, Lake District, departs
Friday, April 5 2019ppSchool InfoPre-Prep PA Easter Egg Hunt during morning
ppSchool InfoPre-Prep end of term, no clubs, aftercare or afternoon buses
pSchool InfoEnd of Term. Years 3 - 4 finish at 1.00pm Years 5 - 6 finish at 3.50pm Years 7 - 8 finish at 2.30pm
sSchool InfoTerm ends, 3.50pm
sSchool InfoStaff reading prize, Arena, 3.00pm
pAcademic EventFinal Assembly
Saturday, April 6 2019pppsSchool InfoExchanging room 9.30am-12.30pm
sAcademic EventEaster revision course begins
sSchool TripFrench trip, Normandy, departs
pSchool TripSki trip departs
Sunday, April 7 2019sSchool TripGold DofE, Lake District, returns
Monday, April 8 2019sSchool TripGerman Exchange to Potsdam returns
ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep Holiday Club
Tuesday, April 9 2019ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep Holiday Club
sSchool InfoEaster revision course finishes
Wednesday, April 10 2019sCCFCCF adventure training trip returns
ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep Holiday Club
sSchool TripSpanish Trip to Salamanca, returns
sSchool TripSpanish Study Trip to Salamanca returns, 4.30pm
Thursday, April 11 2019ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep Holiday Club
Friday, April 12 2019ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep Holiday Club
sSchool TripFrench trip, Normandy, returns
Saturday, April 13 2019pSchool TripSki trip returns
Monday, April 15 2019ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep Holiday Club
Tuesday, April 16 2019ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep Holiday Club
pppsSchool InfoExchanging room 9.30am-12.30pm
Wednesday, April 17 2019ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep Holiday Club
Thursday, April 18 2019ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep Holiday Club
Tuesday, April 23 2019ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep Holiday Club
Wednesday, April 24 2019ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep Holiday Club
Thursday, April 25 2019ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep Holiday Club
Friday, April 26 2019ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep Holiday Club
Sunday, April 28 2019sSchool InfoBoarders return
sSchool InfoChapel Readings: School House
Monday, April 29 2019sHead of YearLVI HOY: Commemoration / Exam Expectations
sHead of YearUVI HOY: History of the School talk, Mr Bowen, Routh Hall, 4.25pm
sHouse EventLyttelton House PA meeting 18:00
ppAcademic EventPre-Prep Years 1 & 2 start PE & Swimming
ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep After School Clubs start
pAcademic EventYear 8 Visitor, PC Sharpe, in PSHEE lessons this week
sHead of YearLIV HOY: Introduction to DofE, LRC, 4.25pm
sHead of YearUIV HOY: Mental Health/Exam Stress, Cobham Hall, 4.25pm
sHead of YearV HOY: Supervised revision, Dining Hall, 4.25pm
sSchool InfoTerm begins, 8.00am
sAcademic EventIB1 Mock examinations commence
sAcademic EventIB2 examination leave commences
ppSchool InfoPre-Prep opens for Summer term
Tuesday, April 30 2019sExtra-CurricularIVth and Vth Form Marmite seminar, 5 Conway Road, 12.50pm
ppAcademic EventPre-Prep Year 2 Animal Antics
ppSchool TripPre-Prep Year 1 visit to Cadbury World
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