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Sunday, June 2 2019sSchool InfoBoarders return
sSchool InfoChapel Readings: Wendron-Gordon
Monday, June 3 2019pSchool InfoForm group photographs
CCFCCF, Redditch indoor range
ppSchool InfoPre-Prep School opens
ppYear 2 Informal Parents' Evening
pSportYears 3 and 4 Sports Day
sHead of YearLIV HOY: Camp briefing. 4.25pm
sHead of YearUIV HOY: Sports Mania
sHead of YearLVI HOY: UCAS Apply sign in, Routh Hall, 4.25pm
sSchool InfoTerm begins, 8.00am
sAcademic EventIVth Form examinations commence
sSchool TripIB Biology Trip, Margam Discovery Center Departs
Tuesday, June 4 2019pMusic/Concert/PlayYear 7 & 8 Eisteddfod
pMusic/Concert/PlayYear 3-6 Piano Morning Recitals, Maple-8.30am
pMusic/Concert/PlayYear 7 and 8 Performing Arts Competition- Routh Concert Hall 7.00pm
sCCFRAF Flying Day, Cosford
pSportYears 5 and 6 Sports Day
sSchool TripLotus Visit and Heat 1 Race at the Test Track
Wednesday, June 5 2019pSchool InfoY8 Girls HPV immunisation
Thursday, June 6 2019pAcademic EventYear 6 Visiting Speaker
sAcademic EventParticle Physics Master Class, 9:00am
pExtra-CurricularYear 7 and 8 Marmite seminar
pSportRESERVE DATE Years 3 & 4 Sports Day
pSchool InfoWhole School, Year 8 Leavers, Boarders, Choir photographs
pMusic/Concert/PlayPrep House Music, Routh Concert Hall, 7.00pm
sSchool TripIB Biology Trip, Margam Discovery Center Returns
Friday, June 7 2019sAcademic EventIV Form examinations finish at 4.00pm
ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep deadline for summer holiday club bookings
pAcademic EventYears 3 and 4 Pyjamarama Day for Book Trust
pSportRESERVE DATE Years 7 and 8 Sports Day
sSchool TripLotus Visit and Heat 1 Race at the Test Track
Saturday, June 8 2019pSportHerefordshire and Worcestershire County Athletics Championships
pAcademic EventPET and KET testing for EAL pupils
pppsSchool InfoExchanging room Open 9.30am-12.30pm
pppsHospitality EventFormer Teaching Staff Reunion (Pre-2010)
Sunday, June 9 2019sSchool TripLIV Camp 1 (left) departs
sSchool TripBoarders' paintballing trip
sSchool InfoChapel Readings: Thomas Cookes
Monday, June 10 2019sHead of YearLVI HOY: IB extended essay, USA workshop, UCAS completition, 4.25pm
sHead of YearUIV HOY: Bromsgrove Badge Intro, Cobham, 4.25pm
sHead of YearLIV HOY: Sports, Crafts, Falconry
pAcademic EventYear 8 MFL orals
pSchool TripHeads of School trip - London
pSchool InfoPupil Voice
ppPre-Prep Pre-School Parents' Evening
ppPre-Prep Open Afternoon for Reception
pMusic/Concert/PlayYears 3-5 Summer Concert , Routh Concert Hall, 2.30pm
Tuesday, June 11 2019spAcademic EventAEO and IB1 Grades Entry
pAcademic EventYear 8 MFL orals
pSportIAPS Golf Competition
pSportRESERVE DATE Year 5 and 6 Sports Day
pInto Year 5 and Year 6 Parents' Information Meeting
sCCFRAF Flying Day, Cosford
Wednesday, June 12 2019pAcademic EventYear 8 MFL orals
pExtra-CurricularLAMDA Examinations
sSchool TripLIV Camp 1 (left) returns
sSchool TripLIV Camp 2 (right) departs
Thursday, June 13 2019sSchool InfoLIV Induction Day
pAcademic EventYear 8 Senior School Induction
pAcademic EventPrep ADT Exhibition
pInto Year 7 and new Year 8 Parents' Information Meeting
pExtra-CurricularYear 7 and 8 Marmite seminar
Friday, June 14 2019pSchool InfoYear 8 Senior School Induction
pSchool InfoMove Up Day
pInto Year 3 and new Year 4 Parents' Information Meeting
ppAcademic EventPre-Prep Year 2 Transition Day to Prep School
ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep Year 2 Leavers' Disco
ppPre-Prep Parents' Information Evening for parents of children moving to Year 3 in September
sSchool InfoLIV Induction Day
sSchool InfoMove up Day Year 2 - Year 8
Saturday, June 15 2019sSchool TripLIVth Camp 2 (right) returns
Sunday, June 16 2019sSchool TripBoarders' trip to Cheltenham
sSchool InfoChapel Readings: Lyttelton
Monday, June 17 2019pSportAegon Classic Tennis Tournament trip
sHead of YearLVI HOY LVI High Education Fair and presentations
ppMusic/Concert/PlayPre-Prep Year 2 dress rehearsal
spAcademic EventAEO and IB1 Grades available to pupils
ppMusic/Concert/PlayYear 2 Dress Rehearsal, Cobham Theatre, 10.30am
Tuesday, June 18 2019ppMusic/Concert/PlayYear 2 Performance, Cobham Theatre, 9.30am
sHouse EventGirls' Junior House rounders, 4.05pm
sHouse EventJunior Boys' House Tennis, 4.05pm
ppMusic/Concert/PlayPre-Prep Year 2 concert to parents
pAcademic EventYear 5 Visitor - Aztecs
Wednesday, June 19 2019sCCFUIVth Field Day, CCF, Nesscliff
pSchool TripYear 4 Outward Bound departs
Thursday, June 20 2019sStaff Only EventSenior School staff farewell 6.00pm
pMusic/Concert/PlayYears 6-8 Summer Concert, Routh Concert Hall, 7.00pm
ppSportPre-Prep Pre-School & Reception sports day
ppSchool TripPre-Prep Year 2 leavers' trip
Friday, June 21 2019ppSportPre-Prep Years 1 & 2 sports day
ppExtra-CurricularPre-Prep after school clubs finish
sSchool TripYear 8 Camp departs
sHouse EventLupton Summer Party
sHouse EventSchool House UVI Leavers Supper and Drinks, The Queens Head, 6.30pm
sSchool TripCAS trip, Tall Ships Sailing departs
pSchool TripYear 8 Outward Bounds trip - Mountains departs
pSchool TripYear 4 Outward Bounds trip returns
Sunday, June 23 2019sSchool TripCastle Combe Raceway
sSchool InfoChapel Readings: Oakley
sSchool TripBoarders' water sports trip, Upton Warren
pSchool TripYear 8 Outward Bounds - Mountains returns
sSchool TripD of E Silver departs
Monday, June 24 2019sHead of YearIV Form end of term assembly
sSchool TripBiology Trip to Margam Discovery Center, Departs
sHead of YearLVI HOY Positive Mental Health, Hospitality Suite, 4.25pm
sHead of YearLIV HOY Fourth Form Assembly, Routh Hall, 4.25pm
sHead of YearUIV HOY Fourth Form Assembly
pAcademic EventYear 3 Den Day
pAcademic EventYear 4 Den Day
pSchool TripYear 5 Trip - Blackwell
pSchool TripYear 6 Camp departs
pAcademic EventYear 7 Farm /Trashion
sHouse EventHouse Bake-off Competition
sExtra-CurricularADT End of Year Show, 7.00pm-9.00pm
Tuesday, June 25 2019sSportIVth Form Sports Day
pAcademic EventYear 7 Farm /Trashion
Wednesday, June 26 2019sHouse EventSchool House end of year fish and chip supper and celebration, School House Lawn, 6.00pm-8.30pm
sSchool TripCAS trip, Tall Ships Sailing returns
sSchool TripD of E Silver returns 7.00pm
sHouse EventWalters summer BBQ and football
ppAcademic EventPre-Prep rehearsal for leavers' service
Thursday, June 27 2019ppSchool ServicePre-Prep Year 2 Leavers' Service
ppSchool ServicePre-Prep Prizegiving
sSchool TripMarmite Trip to Cambridge
sHouse EventLupton Leavers' meal
sHouse EventLyttelton House zorbing and fish and chips evening (Hospitality Suite)
sSchool TripCambridge Trip
sSchool TripBiology Trip to Margam Discovery Center, returns
Friday, June 28 2019sSchool InfoEnd of Term assembly 8.40am
sSchool InfoMark Reading, Arena, 4.15pm
sSchool ServiceLeavers' Service 5.00pm
sHouse EventChampagne and Strawberries Housman Hall 7-9pm
sExtra-CurricularBoarders' Street Food
pSchool InfoYears 3 -7 finish at 12.00pm after Prizegiving. Year 8 finish at 1.00pm
ppSchool InfoPre-Prep Term Ends
Saturday, June 29 2019sSchool InfoCommemoration/End of term
Sunday, June 30 2019sCCFCCF Annual Camp departs
sSchool TripGirls' Sports Tour to Australia departs
sSchool TripGold DofE, Snowdonia, departs
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