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End of Academic Year Review - 2nd July 2018

Last Updated: 02/07/2018 14:45:08

Please click here or the image below to view Mrs Hannah's end of term review for Thomas Cookes House. 

End of Term Newsletter - March 2018

Last Updated: 26/03/2018 13:12:28

Dear Parents,

What a very full term we have had. So much to celebrate as a house. We have achieved a great deal. Your girls have worked very hard in many areas of school life. They are brilliant, they give up their weekends for Drama, Music, Sport and Charity. The 5th and 6th forms have had to work particularly hard this term. They have been finalising coursework, taking mocks and considering options; for both extended school careers or University. I know you know your child is busy but as a house we accomplish a great deal.

We have had the most wonderful term. Not only have we enjoyed plenty of food together in terms of House Breakfast, House Pancakes and the House Easter Egg Hunt. We have also had more select dining with the 6th form Ball, L4th Pizza and DVD night and Pizza Lunch for the U4th. All these events have been funded by the PA and they have worked extremely hard on behalf of the girls this term (more on that later).

There has been lots of drama this term. We have had Senior and Junior House drama. Alongside the Senior play, the Pierglass, and the junior play, the Grimm Tales. Many of the TC girls have been involved and they are to be commended on their performances. In terms of House Drama the 4th forms portrayed a scene from ‘The Crucible’ which was very dramatic. Francesca Mellor, Lucia Goodwin, Emily Clark, Tori Kemp, Anna Connell, Mia King and Iris Tang were brilliant in their roles. Francesca Mellor won best actress and she is to be congratulated on all her performances this term. The Senior House Drama included Elina Agrawal who had also been the director of the Junior House Drama. Elina not only performed well on the stage but has been wonderful with the younger ones in terms of organisation and enthusiasm. In the Senior representation Elina was well supported by Suzanna Walters, Holly Heslop, Holly Nicholls, Katie Burke and Paulina Geus. A few weeks later we also had House Debate where Holly Nicholls was very effective in arguing her case and persuaded the audience that she was absolutely correct and they all voted for her – Well done Holly!
Music has once again been a key theme of this term. We have had music in a group and a solo performance. The group sang ‘Iris’ by the Goo Goo Dolls. They were Isabel Kemp, Elina Agrawal, Layla Raine and Emily Lyle. They sang a piece especially composed by Isabel and they sounded brilliant! Unfortunately they were out sung by Housman, but I am sure we will be back next year with something just as fantastic.

In sport the girls have competed in House Netball, House Badminton, Cross Country, 1.2s and House Table Tennis. This term, no matter what the competition may be, we have come second. Nevertheless it takes skill to beat others and we have shown we have plenty of that. The ‘A’ Junior House netball was particularly close with Hazeldene just getting two goals ahead. In the 1.2s we were ahead all the way round only to be beaten on the last leg by Abigail Saker from Oakley. Olivia Turner and her team were amazing. They worked so incredibly hard on what is, a very gruelling race. Many of the girls find Cross Country a challenge and I have been very pleased with everyone’s efforts this term to bring teams together and try their best.





I would just like to make a few thank yous: firstly to all my tutor team. Without them TC would not function with the efficiency and precision that it does. They were particularly amazing when it snowed. I could not get to school and four tutors came into TC to open the house for four girls. Definite one to one care.

Secondly, the PA, who have organised the most wonderful Ball this term and supported me in everything I have tried to do for the House. They are always at meetings, willing and enthusiastic to ensure the House has enough funding to give the girls a good time. If you would like to join the PA please just come along to our next meeting. It is in TC, on Tuesday 8th May at 7.30pm.

Finally, the TC Housekeeper, Lorraine, works very hard to ensure TC is kept clean and tidy. Not only that, but she is on hand at all times to help the girls should they need assistance.

Just a reminder that girls should return to school in their summer uniform. Please can you ensure that skirt are knee length. Girls should also not wear nail vanish and only have one pair of earrings. The PA are organising a Gazebo for Commemoration and a BBQ later in the Summer term. More information coming out at the start of term.

I would like to wish you all a restful and productive Easter. I know many of the girls are revising. I am sure they will have time for a little fun somewhere in the Holidays. Happy Easter to you all.

Kind regards

Kay Hannah

Junior Ties
Anna Connell
Bethany Lawson
Lucy McLoughlin
Keira Sehdeva
Alex Shakes
Iris Tang
Millie Goulden-Page
Hannah Batham
Mia King

Senior Colours
Hannah Barwell
Katie Burke
Ruvarashe Madzingo
Paulina Geus
Layla Raine

End of Term Newsletter - December 2017

Last Updated: 18/12/2017 08:23:40

Please click here or the image below to download the end of term newsletter for Thomas Cookes House. 

26th May 2017

Last Updated: 26/05/2017 09:38:44

Please click here to view Mrs Hannah's interactive House Newsletter.

End of Term Letter - 29th March 2017

Last Updated: 29/03/2017 13:58:58

Please click the image below or here to download Mrs Hannah's end of term letter for Thomas Cookes House. 

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