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IB Brochure 2017

Last Updated: 09/10/2017 14:10:10

Our new IB brochure for 2017 is now available to download, just click here

Sixth Form students present on the topic of the IB - May 2016

Last Updated: 19/05/2016 13:51:35

In Lower Fourth Head of Year today a group of Sixth Form IB pupils delivered a presentation which they had devised themselves to educate and inform other pupils about the International Baccalaureate.

The Sixth Formers spoke with real clarity, eloquence, positivity and enthusiasm - as well as answering some of the more difficult questions with honesty and confidence.

They showed a video clip at the end of the session where they had interviewed other IB pupils about their studies, which has enabled the Lower Fourths to think about their own futures.

IB Results 2015

Last Updated: 31/07/2015 08:39:32

Bromsgrove School is absolutely delighted with the International Baccalaureate results this year, with an average of 38.7 which places us amongst the very top IB schools in the country. This is a demanding course and students and teachers have once again excelled. Every student entered gained their diploma and a third received formal recognition of their bilingualism. A third of our pupils scored 40 points or more with one attaining the full 45 marks, an exceptionally rare accomplishment worldwide.

You can read the online version, along with student profiles here.

Group 2: French B - Pupils take the lead

Last Updated: 24/06/2015 08:48:52

Three Lower Sixth IB French students (Alya Luk, Ginevra Bonnaud and Christophe Linne) put their skills to the test in order to teach an Upper Fourth lesson on the theme of jobs. This was their first experience of teaching a class in the target language and, although understandably apprehensive at first, the IB students quickly settled into their role and established a good rapport with the pupils.

You can view a couple of short clips on our YouTube Channel here

The Upper Fourth were attentive and participated well when asked. The IB students were able to pass on their knowledge of French and help the class with their comprehension and pronunciation. In planning and delivering the lesson they also gained a useful insight into what it is like to be a teacher. Here is what one student had to say about the experience:

Christophe Linne
Today Ginevra, Alya and I taught an Upper Fourth French lesson about the advantages and disadvantages of different jobs. After getting a feel for the class when they corrected their prep with Miss Tyrrell we went up and started actually teaching the lesson. We introduced a video and helped them to understand and write down the key words. Following this we did two other exercises with them which included understanding if some given phrases where positive or negative.

At first I was not quite sure about how to pitch the lesson because I did not want to make it too easy nor did I want to demand too much of them. But after a few minutes I got into the swing of things and from then on I found the teaching very enjoyable.

From this lesson I have learned that it is not as easy as it seems to teach but that it is achievable if you have well-planned materials and maintain a good pace.

Finally I am glad that I got to teach this class as everyone showed respect for what we were doing and most people seemed to try hard to help us and give the right answers.

Overall the class contributed a lot and made it a really enjoyable experience.

Ginevra Bonnaud
Today a couple of my classmates and I taught a French lesson to a class of Upper Fourths. She had kindly helped us organize the PowerPoint presentation that we would be using to teach her pupils about different types of jobs. The three of us took turns explaining the exercises they would have to do and writing up difficult vocabulary on the whiteboard. After explaining what they had to do we walked around and answered any questions they had about the vocabulary or the task they had to do. Although it was slightly nerve-wracking, it was a nice experience because we got to interact with some other students we weren’t used to being around.

Group 4 Presentation Evening

Last Updated: 15/06/2015 08:53:42

This year's Group 4 Project was chosen on the broad topic of 'The Lunch Box'. Students were encouraged to apply their understanding of the group 4 sciences in order to develop a hypothesis to investigate in relation to anything lunch box related, e.g. food, materials, biological decay, chemical reactions or any other application they could think of. Creative flair was encouraged!

The students worked in teams over a number of weeks to identify their research question and conduct their experiments, and this culminated in a Presentation Evening where they shared their successes (and failures!) to the other teams.


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