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27th June 2017

Last Updated: 27/06/2017 11:45:44

Dear Parents and Guardians,

With under a week to go before the end of term we just can’t stop winning things! On Saturday evening a team of Katie Akers, Tundun Basorun, Mariam Makhmutova, Gian Marco Serra and Joshua Yeung were victorious in the Bromsgrove School Research Competition. They presented their opinion that the government’s priority should be to tackle youth unemployment and were judged the winners for their meticulous research, coherent arguments and their fluency in presentation. They enjoyed their prize of a meal out at Grafton manor with Dr Rimmer and Mr Ruben and we are really proud of their efforts.
It wasn’t long until the second competition victory in a week. The house bake off competition is an annual highlight for me and always great fun. The pupils prepare their cakes in advance and then gather together on the school house lawn on the final Monday lunchtime to decorate their cake on a theme. This year the theme was recreation and Housman Hall gave it their all. The team began their work on Sunday afternoon baking four sponge cakes and creating marshmallow fondant characters and all the accoutrement for their swimming pool master piece. The lunchtime competition went as planned and the jelly swimming pool was a drew a huge crowd as well as the admiration of the Headmaster as judge. So the bake off, wooden spoon trophy, has pride of place next to the Netball trophy and the House Table tennis trophy but most importantly of all the team of Altyn Timraliyeva, Robyn Davies, Melis Gilroy and Gian Marco Serra had a great time creating their masterpiece and the whole house enjoyed the experience.

If Housman proved that they were more than a match for other houses in both the creative and the academic competitions this week the girls were keen to demonstrate that they have sporting prowess as well. The house rounders competition is one of the fixtures on the house calendar that allows the girls’ to compete in atmosphere that is fun, friendly and guaranteed to raise a smile. The team did exceptionally well and lost only one of their games but as importantly a large number of pupils took part and had a brilliant time in the Friday afternoon sun.

In between these competitions there was more reason to celebrate Housman Hallians efforts and talents as Robyn Davies and Tosin Attah joined the “Big Band” at Upton Jazz festival where they played in front of a big crowd and immensely enjoyed their chance to shine.

It has been a wonderful last weekend at the house and the “icing on the cake” of a wonderful year. I am sure that the reminder of the week and commemoration will live up to the same high standard.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at commemoration and wish you the very best for the summer.

Kind regards


14th June 2017

Last Updated: 14/06/2017 14:35:28

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Whoops there goes another … no not a rubber tree plant but another U6th HH constituency who have finished their examinations. This time it is the BTEC pupils who have finished their qualifications and their summer has begun. Congratulations to them, although for Ben Herridge and Joe Hunt their time at school has not come to the end as they will still be heavily involved with Cricket fixtures until the end of term. It is, therefore, only the A-Level examinations that remain. These are in full swing and the Upper Sixth pupils have their final examinations clearly marked in their calendars. It is, as I have said many times before, a time of hard work and of anxiety for many but it is also a time in which pupils feel confident in their preparation, in which they focus carefully upon the coming challenges and in which they actually enjoy managing their schedules and their revision. Each year I am impressed, but never surprised, but how well our Housman Hallians rise to the challenge. This year has been no different!

The Lower sixth may be free of examinations by now, apart from our mathematicians, but they have not allowed this to be an excuse to let the grass grow under their feet. They have kept up their busy lives and have found much to do at this time. Last week the house had an almost ghostly, quiet feel as almost half of the Lower 6th Form were away from the school as part of the Biology trip to Margam park in Wales and almost as soon as they returned many of them jumped on a plane to travel to Prague to take part in a residential CAS trip. This week also sees Alexander Agafanov, Artem Pavlov, Robyn Davies and George Elliot pack up their bags, set up their tents and take part, as leaders, in the Lower Fourth Camp at Symonds Yat in Monmouthshire. It is a wonderful thing for pupils to do and a great few days away in a beautiful part of the world. Hiking, rafting, Kayaking, Caving and camp craft will all be on the cards and … so far … the weather is fair as well. We wish them all the very best!

This week has also seen the first of our monitor training sessions, preparing the pupils for their new role in the U6th. I will be sad not to see this excellent group of monitors and indeed U6th in general take a lead in the house. They are a fantastic group of young people who have been fortunate to have had a great example set for them by the current U6th and Mr Noble is truly fortunate in joining the house at this exciting time.
Although there is still plenty of work to do, despite the busy nature of this final term and taking into account all there is still to do and to achieve this term it is great to see that the longer evenings and the improved weather have afforded the pupils the opportunity to enjoy the Housman Hall garden and to spend time outside letting off steam and doing what young people should do in this weather … play Frisbee!

With two and half weeks until Commemoration there will be only a few more occasions for me to write to you but I hope to see many of you at the many wonderful Commemoration events.

Until next time,

Best wishes


22nd May 2017

Last Updated: 24/05/2017 08:33:57

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Well that went by quickly didn’t it? I can only imagine how many parents are thinking to themselves something similar at this time and that should be no surprise. Last week the IB examinations finished and A2 pupils attended their final lessons. Having been school pupils since they were four or five years old this is a remarkable moment in their lives and although there are still the examinations to come they should be proud of their achievements. On Thursday evening the house held a hog roast to celebrate both occasions and Adrian Lai also performed a wonderful solo at the school leavers’ concert. They have been a fantastic year group and they will be missed greatly next year.

It is right then that this is the time of the year that the Lower Sixth begin their progression through to leading in the house. Last week the new house monitor team was announced. It was a long and difficult process which befits the quality of the year group. The team looks exceptionally strong and I know that they will be well lead by Mr Noble. The House Monitor team for the year 2017-2018 will be:

Katie Akers
Tosin Attah
Robyn Davies
Melis Gilroy
Heather Lam
Mariam Makhmutova
Diana Mir Valero
Elisa Neuhaus
Vlad Bondarenko
George Elliot
Sergey Marchenko
Gian Marco Serra
Roy Tsong
Josh Yeung

Following half term they will undertake a series of training session in house and they will take up the day by day duties of the monitor team. I am looking forward to seeing them rise to the challenge.

For the U6th it is time for the pupils to focus upon examinations. Examination leave has begun and, as is tradition, the weather has improved! I am sure that it won’t be a distraction for them!

Until next time,

Best wishes


15th May 2017

Last Updated: 16/05/2017 13:51:53

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Would you believe it that we were not fully half way through May and some of our Housman Hallians have finished their exams and their formal education here at Bromsgrove School. A few have returned home for a brief sojourn before returning for the Commemoration day weekend whilst Dan Kulebiakin has remained with us this week and is undertaking a week shadowing a judge in order to gain experience for his own future law career … how typical of our Housman Hall pupils to finish their exams, take the weekend off and then plough into something so productive and enriching!

It is not only IB2 pupils who are now feeling the buzz of examination excitement. This week the first A-Level pupils will enter the examination halls, take their place in the long rows of examination desks and sit their first external examinations. Mathematics papers still mean both L6th and U6th pupils and therefore many of our L6th will be tested over the coming weeks. This week also marks the final week of teaching for U6th pupils and we will have a Hog Roast in house on Thursday to celebrate the end of teaching for A2 and the end of examinations for IB2.

As this is Housman Hall there is always a lot more to celebrate and even though the examinations change the daily life and rhythm of the house to an extent our pupils don’t stop throwing themselves into all aspects of school life. Last week it was a great pleasure to see Abbah Abbah perform his winning entry to the Housman House verse competition in front of the entire school at Routh Assembly and he managed to capture the attention and move the 900 plus pupils and staff who listened enraptured to his fantastic composition on the theme of “Walls”. Also at Routh Assembly the School monitor team for the year 2017-2018 were announced. Housman Hall is very proud to have two school monitors for the coming year and our congratulations are extended to Tosin Attah and Sergey Marchenko who will take up their posts in the coming weeks. This is an excellent achievement and a great honour of which they should be rightly proud.

Alongside all of this the school’s extra-curricular programme continues with Housman Hall pupils involved in Cricket, Tennis and Athletics teams for the school this weekend but also Artem Pavlov took the opportunity to join up with his CCF contingent on Sunday evening for a night away at CCF camp. The weather did not quite live up to the calendar’s expectations but involvement in this aspect of school life is a very worthy activity.

With the weeks counting down until commemoration I am very much looking forward to seeing many of you at this very special occasion.

Best wishes


3rd May 2017

Last Updated: 03/05/2017 14:57:53

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The summer term is, as our Headmaster rightly reminds us, more correctly known as the examination term. Well we are two weeks into school life for this term and the examinations are fully underway. IB1 pupils have completed their mocks, IB2 pupils have begun their final school examinations, the school’s first BTEC Business examinations have begun and it is not long before A-Level mocks for L6th and examinations begin. Incredible to think how quickly the year seems to pass, more incredible still to think about how much has happened. I must start this letter with an apology, it has been a while since I have written to you all! The birth of Gabriel Kingsley Jones at the end of last term threw my timings off a little and this term has started with the usual level of business and activity that one would expect at Bromsgrove School. That being said, here we are! Welcome to the summer examination term 2017!
With things being carried over from the end of last term it was this Friday that we managed to gather as a house for our end of term assembly. I asked pupils to reflect upon the time that was left in the year and how they could do a lot in these weeks to ensure that they lived long in the memory of others and that this memory would be an overwhelmingly positive one. I also took the opportunity to award the House endeavour prize to Tiffany Riazanova, the house spirit award to Robin Davies and Good Egg prizes to Julia Danielyan and Diana Mir Valero. House colours were also awarded to Julia and Diana as well as to Robomi Ayo-Yusuf, Vlad Bondarenko and Artem Pavlov. Congratulations to them all!

It has been a fun and busy few weeks already here. The first weekend saw the Housman Hall class of 2017 leavers’ meal at Grafton manor. This was a wonderful event with pupils and staff enjoying each other’s company, some entertaining speeches and time to unwind on the dance floor. For the IB2 pupils it was a welcome way to start study leave and a chance to dress up and look smart! It is the beginning of the celebrations and events that mark the closing of the year and I have written to you all and the pupils regarding Commemoration 2017. Please see that letter for details but if I could just highlight the importance of this event and attendance. Leaving the school this year as I am after eight very happy years I really would urge you all not to miss the opportunity to forge a memory that will last forever. The sixth form is a formative experience in young people’s lives and we get few opportunities to experience these great events in our lives.

There has, as always, been much to celebrate these past few weeks. We were excited to hear that Brian Hui has been awarded the Dean’s Physiotheraphy scholarship for International students at Brunel University for next year and we wish him all the best in taking up this scholarship next year. Karen Chu continues to represent the school at Table Tennis and recently competed at the senior regional finals in the singles competition. This follows on from the House claiming victory in both the Boys’ and Girls’ inter-house competition this year. There have been other house competitions recently also, at the end of last term the Boys Senior house football and Hockey tournaments took place simultaneously. I was lucky that I was able to catch the matches before the arrival of Gabriel and was thoroughly impressed by the performance of the team. We were one performance away from contesting for top spot in the football so the prizes went to WG and although we only have one hockey player in the house we managed to put together a strong team and the boys thoroughly enjoyed the day. We even won a match! This term has also seen House teams in sporting action. On Friday the girls’ House tennis team took to the court for the inter-house competition. With few tennis players in the house it was more about forthright spirit than forehand smashes and more “lots of fun” than Wimbledon but I know the girls enjoyed the event all the same. Bank holiday Monday is always the date for school sports day and this year the weather looked favourably upon us and the team put in some excellent performances in both track and field.

The examination term also means summer sports. We congratulate Ben Herridge, Joe Hunt and Tom Williams for all having represented the school first team in cricket and Theo Mariam Peters for taking a place in the 1st tennis team. Injuries seem to be limiting some of our athletes at present but Angelina Kim, Shamil Khashiev, Ellie Childs and George Elliot have all been involved in the school athletics team this year and we hope that they, and others, can have future success this season.

As you can see it has been a busy start to the term for pupils in house but fear not they also have a new coffee machine to play with and this has caused almost as much excitement as the prospect of the end of the school year!
Until next time, I wish you all health and happiness and a wonderful final term of the academic year!

I know I am looking forward to enjoying my last term here with your sons, daughter and wards.

Best wishes


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