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14th October 2018

Last Updated: 15/10/2018 09:03:05

The House Song is coming along nicely...

We even treated the girls in Oakley to a special performance mid-week, which was met by great appreciation from the girls.

House boards updated, Vasil looks pleased. As does Ivan...

A nice coincidence that these were updated on Ivan’s 18th birthday. I am sure he will not mind me saying he came in the office late on Wednesday evening and said; “Sir I just want to say how proud I am to have my name up on the board and I’ve had a really nice 18th Birthday”! One reason why he is my Head of House. He did not need to say that, no one else knows he said it, Simple Integrity!

I have blown the budget and had the pool table recovered! It looks great and the boys love it…

Congratulations to Guy, Andrew and Mikhail who played in the U15s cup match midweek, beating local rival King’s easily…. Not a bad backdrop!

Our new trophy cabinet has arrived; the boys have promised me the Junior House rugby trophy will be added next week. I admire their confidence but not sure how real a goal that is…

Not sure there needs to be any words attached to the photo of Alek for Own Clothes Day!

U14 C warriors…

Last but by no means least... Boys will receive their first set of academic grades on Monday at 4.00pm. Unfortunately, some will be disappointed. There will be a brief tutor comment attached to the grades for you, and some tutors will be in touch if needed. There will be a number of support mechanisms put in place to help boys who have not achieved well. Some will be on enforced monitoring cards and some boys will be encouraged to use a House prep sheet to help evening prep be more organised.

7th October 2018

Last Updated: 08/10/2018 08:55:56

The first House event in our newly refurbished common area and kitchen. What could possibly go wrong with food and drink for the whole House and staff. Surprisingly, nothing! Lasagne, chips and garlic bread, washed down with chocolate brownie and fizzy pop. Fifty portions of chips from the local chippy! Mr Vernon ate too much whilst setting it all up!

Year 10 boys used every vantage point...

Once fed and watered the games began……..All fake money, please don’t worry. The black jack table was great fun.

Vasil had a big win with a 5 card trick…… Dan with Blackjack……..

The Shropshire/Thai partnership went all in against our Head of House, which brought the night to an end with Ivan coming out the winner.

There was one clear lesson for the boys at the end of the night. 99 times out of 100 the banker wins.

Earlier in the week, year 10 boys enjoyed pizza all-round to celebrate Tristan’s birthday, Mr Fallows even got a slice….

A brainstorming session that blew my mind! Aloo, Justus and Alexander have formed the Elmshurst team to represent us in WWI research competition. It is part of the School’s WWI commemoration event schedule. Inter-House teams will compete after half term. Early planning was very impressive…. I cannot give too much away, but they have picked a great topic and have great headings to work on.

I was not going to include any rugby photos this week, but could not resist this. Our Fourth team warriors embracing everything Bromsgrove has to offer and ensured we fulfilled the fixture on Saturday. As Darren walked by me, he said ”Sir, they scored lots and we nearly scored one! My reply “I know, I watched them score five of them!" A great attitude. Well done boys!

Autumn is fully upon us, cold mornings and a frost on the ground today. The temperature will soon be dropping.

Last, but by no means least. We have a World Champion in the House. Will E was part of the School F24 Kit Car team who were crowned World Champions at Rockingham on Friday. A fantastic effort. Will has been involved in this project for a number of years now and deserves this great achievement.

30th September 2018

Last Updated: 01/10/2018 08:40:15

We are not sure what the world record is for boarders in a kitchen for treats at 4.00pm, but this must have come close to it!

Hot sausage rolls, chicken nuggets, various chocolate goodies all washed down by enough fizzy Vimto to sink a ship...

With CCF and DofE this week, we have had some tired boys in the House as a result, but they had a great time.

Saturday lunch. Piano time, some were shy, but not these two, very impressive.

Relaxing in the House on Saturday evening… Grigorii trying again, but failing to beat Mr Fallows at pool, and Ivan waiting to beat Luke again! A nice friendly card game of bluff below! Poker face Tim takes some beating!

Nice to see the 1sts, 2nds and 3rds at home on Saturday, Rufus and Olly both played well again for the 1sts. Josh scored twice for the 2nds. 

Dan just before he scored a great try for the 3rds, and Ed ready for the restart in the 2nds.

Senior House B rugby competition again on Wednesday, the boys played well to win another two games.

16th September 2018

Last Updated: 17/09/2018 08:09:55

The monitors meal took place in our new kitchen for the first time, which saved us squeezing in to our private side as usual. The boys were very polite to start with, just taking a small portion of the starter, that soon changed…….

School and House photo, always a talking point for the tallest and smallest in the house….

105 teenage boys on a temporary stage, what could possibly go wrong!? We got them all off without losing any!

First School assembly of the year saw Elmshurst boys collecting certificates - well done Steven (Yr 9), Seb and Ed. It only seems like yesterday since these two joined us, what impressive young men they are turning in to.

A busy day on the rugby fields again, many boys representing the School, which is great to see after a hard week in the classrooms. New boys to the house getting stuck in!

I hope by now all tutors have made contact to introduce themselves and give a brief update for you. Please can I emphasise that all academic questions should go through the tutor in the first instance, please try not to email subject teachers direct, the tutor system works well for this. Any pastoral questions to myself and travel details to Mrs Fallows please. The first real significant academic update will be when first grades are announced W/C 15th October, by then your son will have had chance to find his feet and settle in to his work.

As we look forward to week three, the usual “week 3-illness” will I’m sure make an appearance - there is probably a scientific reason for this, maybe just as simple as many boys returning from many different time zones, means we start to get a number of sore throats, headaches, blocked noses this week. Please do not worry; Mrs Fallows will be on hand as well as the health centre if needed. If your son does ring and say he feels ill, please feel free to remind him that Mrs Fallows is his first point of call with her magic sponge at the ready.

9th September 2018

Last Updated: 10/09/2018 08:37:44

You would think that after a number of years, the start of term would just be the same but different boys. Certainly not this year! Refurbishment work over the summer means we have a lovely new common area, kitchen and office, but it also means an existing challenge with further refurbishment and the addition of a second annex in Webber House. This is keeping us on our toes to say the least, but as you can see below, it looks fantastic thus far...

The new boys are starting to settle in and find their routine, and the older boys returning love the changes around the House. With timetables confirmed, most boys have visited the School Shop at least once to stock up on stationery, most of the House have been to chapel at least twice, the dining hall has done us proud with great food in the first week and there are just six weeks to half term, as one boy informed me yesterday!

Back in to the swing of things, the first Saturday back saw many boys representing the School on the rugby field. Some of the younger boys were at home, as pictured below.

The first birthday of the academic year - the boys were very happy as parents treated them to pizza.

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