Coronavirus Updates

How to Contact Us during the School closure 

We continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation - please find below all the updates from Bromsgrove School.

Update 20  22/06/2020   Headmaster's Letter to Upper Sixth   
Update 19  11/06/2020    Headmaster's Letter to Upper Fourth and Lower Sixth Parents   
Update 18  01/06/2020    Prep School: Mrs Deval-Reed's daily SWAY letters (second half of Summer Term)   
Update 17  29/05/2020    Risk Assessment Return to School Bromsgrove
      Risk Assessment Return to School Winterfold 
      Risk Assessment Return to School Winterfold Nursery   
Update 16  12/05/2020    Headmaster's Letter to Senior Parents   
Update 15  27/04/2020    Prep School: Mrs Deval'-Reed's daily SWAY letters  
Update 14 17/04/2020    Bromsgrove:   
      Headmaster Letter to Senior Parents  
      Headmaster Letter to Senior Pupils  
      Prep Letter to Parents   
      Pre-Prep Letter to Parents   
      Prep Letter to Parents   
      Years 1 & 2 Letter to Parents   
      Early Years Letter to Parents  
      SeeSaw Guide for Winterfold Pre-Prep  
      SeeSaw Guide for Winterfold Early Years  
Update 13  03/04/2020   From the Headmaster to:
IB2 Students /  IB2 parents 
Upper Sixth A level and BTEC /  Letter to U6 parents
GCSE pupils 
Ofqual letter to pupils 
Update 12  23/03/2020    Prep School: Mrs Deval-Reed's daily SWAY letters   
Update 11 20/03/2020    Letter from the Headmaster  
Translation in German  
Translation in Cantonese 
Translation in Russian 

Letter from the Bursar           
Translation in German  
Translation in Cantonese
Translation in Russian 
Update 10 19/03/2020   Headmaster Letter to Senior School Parents - Online Learning Platform  
  19/03/2020   Prep Head Letter - Online Learning Platform 
Update 9  18/03/2020   Headmaster Letter to Parents   
Update 8  17/03/2020   Letter to Senior Parents from Mr McClure   
    17/03/2020   Prep and Pre-Prep Headmistress' Letter to Parents   
  17/03/2020   Winterfold School Headmistress' Letter to Parents   
Update 7   17/03/2020   Headmaster Letter to Parents   
Update 6  13/03/2020   Headmaster Letter to Parents   
Update 5  12/03/2020   Letter to Boarder parents - Easter holiday boarding provision   
Update 4  06/03/2020    Headmaster Letter to Parents    
      German Translation  
      Russian Translation  
      Traditional Chinese Translation      Mandarin Translation   
 Update 3  27/02/2020   Coronavirus Protocols Poster
(displayed around School)
Update 2  26/02/2020   Headmaster Letter to Parents  
Update 1  30/01/2020   Headmaster Letter to Parents  



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