International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate is a globally recognised diploma. It seeks to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young adults who are prepared for the modern world. The diploma programme is built around a mission statement, known as the learner profile, which is a set of learning outcomes for all IB students. It provides a vision of education that hopes to inspire, motivate and focus the work of schools and teachers, uniting them in a common purpose. All IB students should aspire to become:

Inquirers    Communicators    Caring 
 Knowledgeable   Principled    Risk Takers 
 Thinkers   Open Minded    Balanced 

The IB is every bit as specialist as the A level programme with IB students choosing to study three subjects in depth - the higher level subjects. Higher levels will largely determine the subject an IB student will study at university. In addition, IB students also choose three contrasting subjects to study in less depth - the standard level subjects. The role of standard levels is not only to give breadth to a student’s education, but also to develop skills that studying three specialised subjects in isolation would not.

IB students choose subjects from six groups:

Group 1: First Language
Group 2: Second Language
Group 3: Individuals and Societies
Group 4: Experimental Sciences
Group 5: Mathematics
Group 6: The Arts

A subject must be taken from each of the first five groups, with a sixth subject being taken from any one of the six groups. It is not compulsory, therefore, for IB students to take a subject from group 6. The principal form of assessment for each subject is a terminal exam which is graded 1 – 7, with 7 being the highest score a student can attain.

A core consisting of three elements links the diploma subjects:
Theory of Knowledge
Extended Essay
Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

IB students are awarded a maximum of 3 points for their performance across the core.

IB Top Scorers


Jolene Koh from Singapore is one of four pupils at Bromsgrove School to achieve the coveted 45 points on IB Results Day 2021, the maximum you can achieve in the IB Diploma Programme. A boarder from Oakley House, she says that she enjoyed the rigour of the IB as it gave her an abundance of core skills such as critical thinking, organisation and perseverance.

She now goes on to study History at UCL, and after her undergraduate degree, plans to take a Law conversion course or an MBA.

  Nic Bamberger from Germany and a boarder in Housman Hall achieved the maximum score - 45 points - in the IB Diploma Programme. His IB subjects were Math Applications HL, English B HL, Economics HL, German A HL, Physics SL, Business SL.

Of the IB at Bromsgrove, he says, “We had an amazing IB Coordinator who was always willing to listen to my concerns and offered to help. In addition to this, the teachers were well motivated and very fair.”

Over the summer, Nic plans to undertake an internship before studying Data Science and Information Management at UCL.
Lucia Goodwin, a day pupil in Thomas Cookes House, scored the maximum 45 points in her IB Diploma this year.

When asked what the IB means to her, she said it is all about breadth and the academic freedom to explore practically anything that interests you.

Talking about her sixteen years at Bromsgrove School she says, “What flashes in my mind are all the non-academic opportunities I have had here. I remember flying an aeroplane with the RAF section of the CCF; waving my phone-torch in the air at Cultures Connect; everyone screaming on Zoom when we won the Shine Awards’ ‘Best Magazine’ for Two Zero One; getting hopelessly lost on Bronze DofE; waving our banners at Twickenham at the Natwest Schools’ Cup rugby finals and so much more. I am leaving School having received an amazing education, but it is these experiences that have given me confidence, friends and memories that will last long after the structure of biological molecules have faded from my mind.”

Lucia now goes on to study Geography at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. 

  Leonie Sackers from Germany scored 45 points in her IB Diploma in 2021. A boarder in Mary Windsor House, she enjoyed the broad curriculum and holistic approach of the IB.

During her time at Bromsgrove School she says, “I enjoyed the well-prepared lessons, which the teachers taught with enthusiasm, especially when we had to switch to online lessons amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The great care and support by the staff, particularly the IB coordinator, is something I appreciated a lot and it really made a difference. Another factor I loved about Bromsgrove is the vast and excellent sporting opportunities and facilities, as well as the other extracurricular activities that the School has to offer.”

Leonie is spending her summer completing an internship in the corporate finance department at a biotech company. From September, she will go on to study International Business Administration.


Read more about our 2021 IB Top Scorers here.



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