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CCF Field Weekend - September/October 2017

Last Updated: 03/10/2017 09:33:59

194 cadets attended Nesscliff training camp for Exercises. All cadets undertook a round robin of First Aid, RAF STEAM activity, Navigation and living in the field. Saturday night was spent outside under their self-built bashers and had to feed themselves for the next 24 hours using the Army ration pack.

As darkness fell, cadets received a demonstration about light and noise at night along with undertaking a 3km night patrol. 

It was a busy few days where all cadets were challenged and they can be proud of what they achieved individually, as well as a Recruit Company.

The Contingent Commander thanks the six NCO’s who volunteered to support this exercise: RSM Hegarty, Company Sargent Major Gardner, Sargent Major Finnemore, Sargent Starikova, Sargent Shaw and Corporal Nichols.

Furthermore, a significant thank you to all staff who supported this exercise for whom without it would not be possible to put on such an event: SSI Farnes, Captain Clinton, Flt Lt Kelly, Flt Lt Helmore, Lt Summerfield, Mr Pothecary, Mr Albutt, Mr Dowling, and Mrs Courtney.

CCF Field Day - May 2017

Last Updated: 23/05/2017 09:32:21

Bromsgrove CCF Field Day took place at Swynnerton Training Camp earlier this term.

136 Cadets took part in this event which gave them an overnight experience of being in a military camp and eating in the cook house.

Pupils also took part in a round robin of stands which included First Aid, survival, obstacle course, air rifle shooting, clay target shooting and learning about 4 Mercian Regiment.

At the end of the day the Cadets had been mentally and physically challenged from the experience but left School with smiles on their faces.

CCF Dinner - 20th March 2017

Last Updated: 23/03/2017 09:45:26

Bromsgrove's CCF Dinner was held on the evening of 20th March 2017.

The CCF Band started the night off by playing for the assembled guests and senior cadets. After dinner came the Loyal Toast followed by some speeches with our guest, Honorary Colonel Michael Collie, who gave a very interesting talk on the Values of the British Army.

CCF Upper Fourth Field Day - 16th May 2016

Last Updated: 17/05/2016 11:10:04

At the start of the year when we were told that we would be having the Upper Fourth for a whole school year on compulsory attendance, we set ourselves a target, that every Cadet would fire a Cadet 5.56mm Rifle, and every cadet in the RAF would get a flight experience (the weather is still hampering this). There have been other positive experiences along the way, but as field day loomed large, we wondered if we would actually be able to get every cadet in the Upper Fourth to fire a Rifle.

As the weather becomes ever more Spring like, another early start, and we were off to Whittington Barracks Lichfield. The road systems of the West Midlands did their best to disrupt us, but in true tradition of the British Army “No plan survives Contact”, with a quick reshuffle, all was back on schedule.

The Cadets rotated through the Rifle range, Clay Target Shooting, The Staffordshire Regiment Museum, Field Craft Lessons, command tasks and observation, and to top it all they cooked Army Rations on a Hexamine Stove for lunch.

The day stayed warm and dry and there were many happy and tired faces as they got back on the buses.

We achieved our aim, and every cadet that came to field day fired a rifle.

We hope that the pupils have had a positive experience, and this will help many of them to choose to stay on into the Fifth Form and beyond. The planning now changes to camp in July, where we will revisit the longer ranges at Whittington, and add to the many basic subjects the Upper Fourth have learnt this year.

- SSgt J A Farnes

RAF Flying - April 2016

Last Updated: 29/04/2016 10:44:26

Members of the CCF ventured to RAF Cosford in April 2016 for a flying day to remember. The below images show some of the pupils who were involved. 


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