Bromsgrove Service: School Garden - 24 June 2022

Ever wonder where the strawberries in the dining hall come from? Or where everyone’s favourite apple and rhubarb crumble dessert derives? Also, where do you think the pumpkins we creatively carve in our Houses during Halloween originated?

All of these ingredients are grown right beside our Health Centre in Bromsgrove’s 'School Garden' headed by Mrs Hands!

In this week’s session, Chloe R, EJ P and Mrs Hands all pulled out some Mares tail weeds from each garden bed. Here’s a little history lesson: this weed is the oldest prehistoric plant with extremely deep roots and once they get into your pretty garden beds, they take over and it becomes almost impossible to get rid of. Hence, why a lot was pulled out this week.

Joining this activity gives you the opportunity to decorate around the actual garden and several School buildings, like the Health Centre, with different kinds of colourful flowers. Equally, who wouldn’t want to be out in the fresh air appreciating nature after a day of working tremendously in School?

Fun facts about our School Garden:

- Apples for the Boarding Houses are grown here

- Apples, as well as sixteen other fruits and vegetables are grown, e.g. broad beans, sweetcorn (which grows six feet high during autumn!), horseradish, garlic and so much more!

- You have permission to wear your sports kit during this activity or casual wear (with special permission) and you may wear wellies, which are provided if you wish

- The garden houses special ducks and their ducklings in the little pond at times, as the area is quiet and warm


Overall, this activity teaches you several things like patience, as you cannot make a garden grow quicker than it can. Moreover, for all IB students looking for a service or creative activity to integrate into your CAS, this activity would be a good idea because it provides physical evidence of the work you’ve done by simply taking pictures of what you have grown or the upkeep of it.

This activity is for sixth form students only but maybe this could change for the rest of you, so I encourage you to check out this activity every Thursday and unleash your inner gardener.

- Written by Naomi N

- Pictures by EJ P and Naomi N

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