Tuesday Service Activities - 24 June 2022

Are you looking for a service activity to be a part of?

Why not take a look at some of these?

We started off by making the long journey over to the Prep School, our hearts were set on the idea of pizza. Unfortunately, for us, the cookery helpers' activity was not running.

We did, however, get a chance to experience the Prep School reading helpers. The environment was very calm and peaceful, and we felt a little bit intrusive as we entered and slightly disrupted the peace.

Paris S, one of the helpers involved in this activity. stated that she enjoyed listening to the children read and seeing how their reading developed every week. Watching their confidence grow is one of the most rewarding things. It was also highly enjoyable being able to return to the Prep School and reflect on the memories there. “Country roads take me home.”

After the quick and rather enjoyable chat with the Prep reading helpers, we had to run across to Routh Hall where we met some of the pupils who are involved in the music group.

We were amazed by the music being produced as we entered the concert hall. We spoke to two of the pupils who were attending the group and they filled us in on their enjoyment of this activity.

Both pupils explained that they love attending this activity as they were able to practise with other people, which is an experience that you can’t get when you practise normally. They both commented on how relaxed the environment was and that they enjoy that they get to learn new things.

Unfortunately, we had to leave in order to make it over to the heritage centre to see the young archivists. In order to make it in time, we had to run across the campus whilst constantly checking the time on our watches.

After a few attempts at trying to guess the code (which we did not get), one of the pupils noticed us and let us in. The Heritage Centre is a building that neither of us had ever been into and we were both immediately blown away with the things they had out. There were many items from when the School was moved to Wales, which blew our minds.

If you want a chance to discover more about your School, why not join them?

Nitya P, one of the helpers involved in this activity, gave us a very useful insight into what the pupils do. She explained that they look at preserving donations or collected pieces from around the School which people bring in. They take care of it and organise all the items. Lots of time is spent preparing displays, which people will be able to see on the Jubilee and during Commem. She said that she finds the history of the School fascinating as there is so much of it that we, the pupils, never get a chance to see, so being able to find these items and piece them together to find stories and create a timeline is something which is fascinating. The Young Archivists activity was highly recommended by all of the pupils who were there as they stated it gave them a chance to understand where they are.

Are you interested in helping raise money for charities which are found locally?

Why not join the Basement project?

The pupils here were able to explain how they loved the fact they were able to help people through raising donations and awareness. Over the last two years, they have raised well over £3,500 as well as co-ordinate donations of essentials such as groceries and toiletries from different Houses across the School.

The pupils were very happy to describe the fact that not only do they feel a sense of pride in being able to help people in need, but they also have seen a change in themselves. Many of the pupils noted a boost in confidence.

Are you looking for a relaxing and stress-free afterschool activity? Do you like making crafts? Are you a creative or artsy person?

Then don’t hesitate to join Crafting for Charity!


The biggest perk of Crafting for Charity is the relaxing atmosphere. You are able to do some cross-stitching while listening to music and talking with your friends.

Many have also told us how therapeutic cross-stitching turned out to be!

Not only are you able to do some cross-stitching and spend some time with your friends, but you will also be making cards and selling them to a local charity, which in this case, was Primrose Hospice.

Sofia, one of the Sixth Formers, says it’s important to her that she is able to do something fun for a good cause. She says she also enjoys hanging out with Miss Diver, the staff member in charge of Craft for Charity.

If cross-stitching isn’t your thing, what about jewellery making?

In the adjacent room, you can make crafts and jewellery using wires and beads to create a variety of designs. In December 2021, they made some Christmas decorations and sold them for £1 each, in support of Primrose Hospice.

Some of the Fifth Form jewellery makers also shared with us how relaxing crafting is for them and love the stress-free atmosphere. They are also very keen to be able to do a nice thing to help the community.

We then stopped at British Sign Language and Deaf Culture. When we arrived, sign language learners were practising finger spelling and reviewing vocabulary they had learnt on politicians and singers.

If learning languages sparks an interest in you, what are you waiting for? Sign up and start learning!

Dr Rimmer, the staff member in charge of this activity, shared with us that pupils get to sing songs and learn vocabulary. They have recently tackled colours and the most recent song they have covered is Katy Perry’s Roar. Other vocabulary topics they’ve covered include Christmas, animals and families.

Not only do pupils get to learn the language, they are also able to put it to practice by doing some volunteering in Solihull.

There are indeed a wide variety of activities, pupils get a break from learning and spend time watching documentaries of the protection and importance of sign language.

Pupils have learnt that there are new legislations being passed, such as the introduction of British Sign Language as a new GCSE.

When asked why people should learn sign language, Dr Rimmer shared with us that “it’s a different type of language, that operates a new lane of opportunities and jobs as you can communicate with people that you wouldn’t be able to. British Sign language is similar to French/Swedish/Australian sign language and therefore you would be able to communicate with them”.

We had time to sit down and interview some of the pupils and we asked them to share with us their favourite things about learning sign language. Pupils shared with us that this activity gives people an opportunity to socialise and talk to people who also have a passion for language learning and sign language. We also learnt that BSL is quite a popular Bromsgrove Service Activity as there were a lot of new joiners on that day that decided to give BSL a try through recommendations.

Katie K, one of the Sixth Form pupils, stated that “If learning a new language doesn’t seem fun enough, British Sign Language gives you the opportunity to engage in volunteering and raise awareness."

- Written by Serena and Charlie

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