Prep Crafts - 13 May 2022

Do you know which bunch of wool Mrs Newton is holding? I bet you think it looks hard to make, but really, it’s not because look who else made it…

Phillipa in Year 3

What they both made is known as a God’s Eye Craft, prepared in this week's Bromsgrove Service: Prep Crafts activity, with the help of six Sixth Formers and two Fifth Formers (it is quite a big group!)

I had the pleasure of participating in this activity and really getting to grips with what goes on there.

When you sign up for this activity, you’re helping Mrs Newton, as well as the Prep School students to create different crafts, which sparks the creativity in the students and in the helpers.

The session begins with a group of named Sixth Formers picking up the students from Bromsgrove Preparatory School, which is not a far walk at all. Then, they lead them to classroom C11, exactly where the fun happens!

As for the helpers, assisting these students requires your full attention because not only do you have to completely understand the process of how certain crafts are made, you need to be able to fluently explain this process to the Prep School students, which can prove difficult if you don’t know what exactly to do.


“I have been practicing in the activity for two terms now and it has been one of the most exciting and memorable ones because the kids are very nice and respectful, which makes me enjoy going there every week”- a quote by Neus D, a Lower Sixth student currently taking part in Prep Crafts.

Your availability to be called upon when help is needed by the students is also very much appreciated by Mrs Newton because it alleviates some of the workload of helping about six to seven students at once, and these students feel more enthusiastic about the activity as they are able to overcome difficulty or craft making with your help.

And to round up, we should never forget to pack away items and tools used during this session. The Sixth Formers then return the Prep students back to School to end the day on a nice productive note.

I’m excited to see what else is created next week, as should you. So join this amazing activity enriching both yourself and the students.

Written by Naomi N

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