Prep Cookery Helpers - 10 March 2022

Are you a foodie? Do you consider yourself to be an outstanding chef, or someone who likes helping and working with others (including those much younger than you)? Well, the Bromsgrove Service Prep Cookery Helpers is the right activity for you!

Emily C, one of the helpers involved in this activity, says that it is quite fun, and assisting the children with making food is not so easy, but is definitely worth doing. Her expectations were exceeded, as she has been doing this with Claudia T, another Sixth Form helper, for two terms now.

One huge perk of the Prep Cookery Helpers is that you actually have the opportunity to taste the food you help to prepare, and who doesn’t like food…? Biscuits, cakes AND pizza could be in your near future! Joining this activity is quite enlightening, because you notice how important food and nutrition is; whether as part of a fun activity or not, it is extremely relevant for a healthy lifestyle.

I was immediately engaged from the moment I walked into the dining hall; the whiff of the different ingredients the Prep students were working with got me curious as to what they were making that week: PIZZA! With the help of Claudia T and Emily C, the chef in charge, Mike, weighs out the ingredients needed for each session comprising of around forty students spread out through two sessions. Session 1 occurs every Tuesday with Years 5 and 6 and session 2 with Years 7 and 8.

Mike decides on the food to be made, whilst also taking into consideration suggestions from the Prep students, as he tries to keep the preparation and cooking of the food/snacks to an hour maximum (giving the Sixth Form students about fifteen minutes to do some of their work, as well as enjoying the food they help to prepare).

Mike recognises the efforts of the Sixth Form students who are hands-on throughout the entire session. He arrives at 9 o’clock to prep the ingredients, print out a menu for the students to follow etc, then returns at 4.00pm with the help of our Sixth Formers, easing a lot of the stress when dealing with 8-11 year olds.

This activity occurs every Tuesday and Thursday from 4.00pm- 5.15pm in the Prep School Dining Hall, and this venture is available to all Sixth Formers and even Fifth Form on Thursdays.

Some pizza preparation and cooking to LURE YOU IN ;)



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