Preparatory School Art Exhibition

Parents of pupils from Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 were invited to see their children’s art work in an art room exhibit. The exhibit included a variety of work generated within both the curriculum and school activities.

The first set of completed work shown included drawings which were completed by all year groups in the first half of Michaelmas term. The second set of art on display was a work in progress; Year 5 are currently working on a Mosaic project, Year 6 are working on a Victorian Printing project, Year 7 are creating Tunics and Year 8 are working on A2 boards ready for the end of school exhibit in the summer. All the pieces of work are at different stages of completion, adding intrigue to the idea of what the final pieces will eventually look like.

The Preparatory School is looking forward to the next opportunity to show off more of the art room wonders.