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Year 3 Archaeological Dig
On the first day of the Summer Term, Year 3 were summoned by Mrs Dakin to help her solve a mystery concerning strange remains found in the Prep Forest School. 
Bromsgrovian Annual Black Tie Dinner Dance at Grafton Manor
Join us for the Bromsgrovian Annual Black Tie Dinner Dance at Grafton Manor on 20th May.  

Awash with flair without drowning in pretentiousness, five hundred year old Bromsgrove is one of Britain’s finest independent schools. It’s a fizzing community with a warm, welcoming personality. Ancient, yes, but as twenty-first century as tomorrow: free from smugness and complacent public school drones. In spectacular facilities, we offer staggering breadth and first division academic performance to over fifteen hundred pupils, aged two to eighteen.

And yet: beware fancy websites and prospectuses. Bromsgrove is a school, not a soundbite: and I am a Headmaster not a marketing consultant. Every School seems to be educating “the whole child” nowadays and if you take the words from one website and stick them in another school’s prospectus you’d hardly know the difference. So, if you want lots of pictures of girls who look like they’ve walked out of shampoo commercials or angelic boys who look like they’ve never been real boys in their lives, please look elsewhere.

But if you want a caring environment offering phenomenal A level performance; the global perspective of the International Baccalaureate; nationally recognised sport; and a creative arts scene delivered with passion and pizzazz in a large, happy community of committed young people, then please do come and visit.

You will be warmly welcomed.  

An Introduction to Peter Clague, Headmaster from September 2014

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