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Track and Field Success
Track and Field SuccessLeading athletics multi-eventers competed at the County competition...more
Pre-Prep Music Assembly
Pre-Prep Music AssemblyYear 3 Flautists from Prep School joined Years 1 and 2 on their Violins and Fifes for a special assembly at Pre-Prep...more
Informal Concert
Informal ConcertThe Informal Concert series continued on Tuesday with an array of performances...more
National Citizen Service
National Citizen ServiceFive pupils participated in the Worcestershire National Citizens Service last Half Term...more
IB Students donate 'Socks and Chocs'
IB Students donate 'Socks and Chocs'Ian Northcott (known as the 'Busking Bobby') from the charity, Socks and Chocs, visited Bromsgrove School on 24th May...more
Reception Pupils' Fun Afternoon
Reception Pupils' Fun AfternoonReception pupils have been working on capacity and took their learning outside on Monday afternoon...more

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Latest Blog: Once More Unto The Breach (it’s examination season again)
Trepidation ripples through their uniformed ranks. There’s bravado as they huddle close, attempting to disguise their anxiety. ...more

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"Surgeon or singer, whatever your commission, calling or career, at Bromsgrove we believe the most creative thing that you will do in your life is to raise your child. Therefore, the most important investment you will make in your life will be in their education."


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