Art at the Preparatory School

In the Preparatory School, we have a purpose built art area which includes two bright art classrooms, a textile room with twenty-one sewing machines and a kiln room. We use a whole range of 3D and 2D materials that pupils learn to use during their time at the Prep School. In Year’s 3 and 4, pupils follow the creative curriculum. Art is used as a vehicle to aid the learning of all pupils through all their subject areas. Year 3 and 4 work towards a beautiful art exhibit of their own at the end of their topics. 

Starting from Year 5 through to Year 8, pupils are taught by specialist art teachers in a purpose built environment. A cross-curricular teaching focus is used in Years 5 and 6.
All pupils are encouraged, helped and inspired to use academic art processes as well as to foster their natural creativity and express their unique characters. Our aim is to establish the desire for young individuals to think of where art can take them in the future as well as develop their passion for art.

All year groups take part in group and individual work, using a sketch book as a place to document visual learning, as well as outside of the sketch book for final pieces. Our School walls are adorned with the beautiful outcomes that pupils take pride in creating.

In Year 8, some pupils get the opportunity to work with other schools in our community. We develop projects that are exhibited both in our School and in public spaces. We are currently exhibiting Year 8 work in Bromsgrove Public Library.

Year 8 work also takes pride of place during the whole school Art, Design and Technology end of year exhibit at the Senior School. This initiative invites pupils and parents to explore what is on offer, ready for the pupils to transition to the Senior School the following year. 

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