An ‘Eggstraordinary’ Delivery

This morning pupils in Year 3 have taken delivery of a peculiar parcel.

Ndanji S helped to unwrap the contents and everyone was both excited and shocked to discover that it contained what appeared to be a large egg, protected by layers of fabric, polystyrene and straw.

Some quick-thinking children have already consulted books and googled ‘penguin eggs’ (just in case) and they have determined from the online pictures and information that the egg may be that of an Emperor Penguin. They have deduced that it may have been sent to them accidentally because they are Ice World experts.

Bursting with questions about where the mysterious egg came from and why it was sent to us, the children have carefully insulated the egg to keep it safe and warm for now. They are all very keen to take turns to monitor it until they can find out more about it and contact someone who can help.

If you sent this egg, or have any information about where this egg has come from, please contact Year 3 immediately!