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Stephen Page (Lupton 1973-1983)

I was at Bromsgrove School between 1973 and 1983. My father, Jim Page, was a teacher at the Prep School (and later became Headmaster). I was one of those generalists, not specially good at anything but able to participate in sport, music, drama and debating without being distinguished at any of them. The School gave me the chance to try my hand at everything - though I do remember the hockey master telling me that soon I would have to choose between music and hockey. I could have chosen right then. I studied fairly hard, and particularly loved History, English, Politics and Economics which were my A-Level choices. Patrick Walsh-Atkins (History and Politics) and Paul Hands (English) were my hero teachers who set me on a path that has become my work and much of my life. They were brilliant, rather rebellious teachers who delighted in bringing a reaction out of the sometimes docile classroom.

I went from Bromsgrove to Bristol University where I studied History from 1983-1986, though my main interest remained in Bromsgrove in the form of a rock band that I played in all the way through my degree and on to London between 1986 and 1990. I did though meet my wife, Caroline, in a play at Bristol, where she was very funny and I wasn't.

While playing music in London - where I moved with the band - I got a job in a bookshop to pay the rent (rock doesn't pay in so many ways) and realised a real vocation. Books and reading have been at the centre of my life since leaving University and after a number of jobs selling and marketing books for publishing houses I am now the Publisher and Chief Executive of Faber & Faber Ltd, one of Britain's oldest independent publishing houses. We publish poetry and drama, film, literary fiction, children's books, history and rock n roll. So all my interests have somehow found their way into my working life. I also recently took up a non-executive role on the Board of Bloomsbury Publishing plc, the publishers of Harry Potter and a great deal else.

Caroline and I are married and have two sons - Frank 13, Ned 11 - and live in Barnes in South West London.