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Ha Anh Vu (Mary Windsor 2000-2002)

My time at Bromsgrove was memorably fruitful and enjoyable, both in and out of the classroom. Drama and Theatre Studies in particular was most helpful in building my confidence during my first days under the spotlight.

The School took special care of our circumstances as an overseas students living abroad without family support; my teachers took great care and efforts to make sure we quickly adapted and thrived under the Bromsgrove System, even though English is not our first language.

The memory of Spring in Bromsgrove is something I always cherish, like the rolling lawns carpeted with beautiful daffodils.

My three cousins, who also had the opportunity to study at Bromsgrove, have all gone on to enjoy great successes in further education and their subsequent careers, which has further cemented Bromsgrove’s reputation in our circle of acquaintances.

I hope that these fortuituous opportunities may come again in the future so that more of those like us can maintain this tradition and help spread Bromsgrove's good name all over the world.

After Bromsgrove, I went on to read Business Studies at university, studied Artist Development at British Academy of New Music, and I had plenty of opportunities to travel the world as a fashion model. These were the stepping stones on my path to success, and thus gave me the power to inspire countless others.

More than being a model and an artist, I have constantly sought to reinvent myself as a household name, hosting various popular shows such as Vietnam's Next Top Model 2010, Global Angels Award at the Roundhouse in London and Miss Global in Los Angeles to name but a few. I have only recently published my first book named "It's me, Ha Anh"- a collection of memories and anecdotes along my journey in life, including the years at Bromsgrove.

My public exposure is the ideal platform to realise my passion of helping others. From 2010-2013 I was appointed Goodwill Ambassador by Unicef Vietnam. In 2013 I was also appointed International Goodwill Ambassador by Global Angel Foundation alongside popular names such as Joss Stone, Natasha Bedingfield and John Forte.

I have reached out to many Bromsgrovians in Vietnam, and would like to extend the network to other successful Bromsgrovians around the world to build up a sense of community and support each others in our paths.