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Wendron-Gordon House News

Current news from this term is always displayed first. If you would like to read past news stories from the House, please click through the subsequent pages.

December 2016 

Mark Reading Awards

The historic Mark Reading assembly, which takes place for the whole school at the end of the Michaelmas term, saw a number of awards given to Wendron-Gordon pupils. Adrian Tse gained the prize for best GCSE pupil for English as a Second Language. Three W-G boys were amongst the 14 pupils who gained a gold certificate for the UKMT Senior Mathematics Competition. Stefan Baditescu, and Chris Ye went on stage to receive their certificates, along with Roger Zhao, who deserved a special mention for scoring the best results in the School. Beck Cutting and George Goodall went up to collect their Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards, with Beck also going on stage to receive the Siviter Smith trophy, as 1st XV Captain. Bromsgrove’s 43 to 5 victory over King Edwards Birmingham, kept their recent winning form going in the country’s longest-running school rugby fixture.

Commitment Prizes
The final House assembly of the term saw the termly awards given out to three very worthy recipients. The Senior Endeavour award went to Laurin Scherer, the Junior Endeavour prize was awarded to Jonathan Burke and the Commitment award was presented to Callum Stirrat. All three have worked hard in their studies, committed fully to the extra-curricular programme of the School and supported their peers around the House with kindness and encouragement this term. Well done to them all.

House Ties earned
House colours were presented at the final House assembly of the term. The Junior and Senior W-G ties are earned for service to the House and School in a number of different areas, which must see the boys gain several commendations for their academic work, alongside others in areas such as sport, service, debating and drama. The boys really wear their ties with pride, and it was extremely pleasing to award Senior ties to Kelvin Chong, Georgy Muradov, Harry Pugh, Andrii Iermolaiev, Daniel Shraibman and Aleksei Nosov, and Junior ties to Callum Lee, Alex Hinkley, Dean Zulu and Simi Jolaoso.

House Drama – ‘Posh’
Well done to all of those involved in a brilliant performance in the inter-House Drama competition, which has made a very welcome return to the School’s calendar. It was great to see so many boys wanting to get involved in the event, and discussions with Mr Norton, the School’s Director of Performing Arts, saw the cast take on a scene from ‘Posh’, by Laura Wade. The play is about an exclusive university dining club (similar to the Bullingdon Club which David Cameron famously belonged to), and the boisterous and bad behaviour that accompanies a meal – there was absolutely no typecasting involved when choosing the actors... A few weeks of evening rehearsals after prep saw the boys get ready for the competition, which took place on the final Monday evening of term (12 December). The cast of Miles Rosbrook, Dzhemal Avdoi, Kelvin Chong, Vinzenz Freigassner, George Goodall, Alex Guliev, Joseph Ng, Callum Stirrat and Roy Tse, were simply outstanding, in what was a really well performed and very comical production. A night of excellent performances across the Houses saw the W-G boys more than hold their own, which was incredibly pleasing. Miles Rosbrook won the award for best actor for his portrayal of ‘Alistair’. Thanks go to all of the boys who took part, including Oliver Rogers, who had been due to play the lead role until an interview which clashed with the competition meant that he would be unable to perform on the night. That Miles stepped across from director to also take on the lead role says much about his talents. As the adjudicator, OB Mr Christopher Thomas said, this was a real ensemble piece, with fantastic interplay between all the characters. The boys below did Wendron-Gordon proud.

House Bowling Event
On 11 December, Wendron-Gordon went en masse on a bowling trip to Rubery. With all pupils attending, alongside a healthy complement of House staff, the bowling centre had to accommodate 100 of us, in what was a hugely enjoyable House event. This was a really fun way to celebrate a good term, as the Christmas holiday approached. The order of the night was bowling, burgers and hot dogs, and a go on some of the arcade games at the centre. Mr Hallows popped along to see the boys in action. Mssrs Stirrat, Tam, Goodall, Scherer, Cheung, Nosov, Muradov, Baldrey, Turner, Nayak, Kozhinov, Evans, Kinder, Cutting, Freigassner (V) and Delahunty all gained over 100 points during their game. The highest scorer on the night was Harry Pugh – well done! Huge thanks to Mrs Batchelor for organising such a good evening for the lads.

Fourth Form Assembly
Commendations presented at the Fourth Form Assembly (8 December), saw a number of sporting and academic awards. In Rugby, there were commendations for Artur Levashov and Jonathan Burke (U15 A), Jack Gibson (U15 B) and Alex Hinkley (U15 C), and for Sam Roberts (U14 A) and Andy Chia (U14 D). For good work in languages, Jackie Wong received a commendation for U4th Spanish, and James Scott and Dean Koerzdoerfer for U4th French, with Joachim Pang and Sam Roberts gaining commendations for L4th German.

Christmas Concert

A number of W-G boys represented the House at the School’s Christmas Concert (8 December). Xaver Freigassner sang with the Senior Chamber Choir, in their performances of ‘Ding Dong! Merrily On High’ and ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. Alex Schranner (violin), as part of the Senior String Orchestra, performed Purcell’s ‘Rondeau’ from the ‘Abdelezar Suite’ and Pachelbel’s ‘Canon In D’. Andy Chia (trumpet), played as part of the joint Prep and Senior Brass Group, who performed Holst’s ‘In The Bleak Midwinter’, ‘Have Yourselves a Merry Little Christmas’ and ‘Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer’, whilst Jonathan Burke played an arrangement of ‘Hark The Herald Angels Sing’ as part of the Sax Ensemble. Mrs Hibell was also part of the Staff Choir who performed a ‘Christmas Pops Trio’. This was a lovely evening’s entertainment.

Routh Assembly

Vinzenz Freigassner read beautifully in front of the School in the Routh Assembly, earning the Headmaster’s congratulations. The passage he read is worth including here: ‘I expect to pass through this world but once. If, therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do any fellow human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I will not pass this way again.’

Chapel Assembly
In W-G’s Chapel week, a number of Sixth Form boys volunteered to present their ideas in the School assembly in the memorial chapel, on 15 November. The theme for the week was on one of the tapestries that adorn the walls of the chapel, each of which reflects a different aspect of the School’s life. Our talk on tapestry 5, (the performing arts), saw Oliver Rogers, Xaver Freigassner and Miles Rosbrook present to the School about their experiences in the fields of music and drama, also explaining how these experiences have enriched their lives. Victor Cheung read superbly the words of the Prayer of St Francis of Assisi – ‘Make me an Instrument of Your Peace’. It is easy to underestimate the demands of talking in front of 750 people – and the boys all did brilliantly. Callum Lee (U4) and Aleksei Nosov (F5) also read extremely well during the Holy Communion service later in the week.


On Friday 11 November, Harry Pugh represented the CCF at the Remembrance ceremony at 11.00am, as part of the CCF’s Colour party. George Goodall also represented the School during the very moving ceremony at flagpole outside memorial chapel. On the Sunday morning, the whole House attended chapel for the School’s two Remembrance services; their conduct was exemplary.

Junior House Debating
Very pleasing performances were seen from Nasser Al-Daajani and Jonathan Burke in the Junior debating competition, proposing the motion that ‘This House would ban all testing on animals’ against Oakley. Both lads spoke eloquently and with conviction. The boys comfortably won the floor vote of their peers and can be very pleased with their efforts in front of a sizeable audience.

Junior Swimming
The team of Jonathan Burke (captain), Adam Au, Kirill Durov, Sam Sung, Kody Chik, Andy Chia, James Scott, Andrei Vashkevich, Simi Jolaoso, Michael Malam, Jamie Rodway and Alex Moskalevskyi, swam bravely in the Junior inter-House competition, although they were unable to gain a place in the top three teams. Well done to all for representing the House.

Senior Swimming - Victory
The Senior Inter-House competition took place on the first Wednesday back after half-term (9 Nov). An outstanding team performance saw the trophy make its way to Wendron-Gordon, with the W-G boys coming ahead of second-placed Housman Hall and third-placed Walters. The team, captained by Oliver Rogers, comprised: Aleksei Nosov, Fin Evans, Jason Fan, Andrii Iermolaiev, Georgy Muradov, Ivan Lee, Harry Chan, Luca Ma, Marcus Ng, Sam Foulds and Harry Pugh. This was yet another great team performance in a really good sporting term for the W-G boys.

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End of Academic Year Update - December 2017

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End of term Carol Service

The boarders enjoyed an evening end of term carol service on Thursday 14 December. In previous years carol services had been split for Juniors and Seniors, and were held on the last afternoon of term – but this change meant that the boys could experience a night-time carol service that was truly special. Andrii Iermolaiev read one of the lessons in what was a lovely last evening in School.

End of Term Awards

During the end of term assembly, House ties were awarded to those boys that had earned them through gaining commendations across a range of areas over the term. Senior colours went to Will Roberts, Tim Bamberger, Clarence Chen, Jonathan Burke and Alex Moskalevskyi. Junior ties were awarded to Vladimir Averin, Matthew Burke, Ian Chan, James Chen, Alex Collin, Howard Goldstraw, Mayaz Shabab and Arsenii Steshenko. Endeavour Awards, as always, were presented to three young men who had done much for the House over the term. The Senior Endeavour Award went to Andrii Iermolaiev, who had given superb academic effort over the Michaelmas term, also setting a fantastic example to those around him in terms of helping out and being proactive. The Junior Endeavour Award went to Vladimir Averin, who had really impressed in his first term at Bromsgrove with a fantastic attitude towards his work and his Housemates. The Commitment Award was presented to Mayaz Shabab, whose high standards of effort and helpful and supportive attitude has really impressed. Well done to all.

Fun in the Snow

The snow that arrived on Friday 8 December brought many opportunities for fun (as well as a little disruption to normal proceedings) over the next four or five days. For many pupils it was one of their first experiences of such weather, which made it a really exciting event.

With day pupils leaving at 4pm on the Friday, the boarders had an opportunity to go out to play in the snow. Generally speaking, they were much too well-behaved to try to throw any snow balls at staff members…

The snow did mean the cancellation of the W-G Christmas party, which had been planned for the Sunday evening. Unfortunately, the catering staff who could make it into School were working flat out to feed the boarders and our festivities had to be postponed. We hope to enjoy another event in its place during the Lent term. The snow did make the week before the Christmas holiday feel very festive for the boys, though, particularly with the Christmas tree on Gordon Green.

A few of the Upper Sixth stayed away from the snowballing for a while to create a snowman in the W-G garden, which lasted for a good week. All of the boys are to be commended on their fortitude in dealing with the inconveniences that were inevitably a factor of this break from the norm.

The Pierglass - School Production

Congratulations to Vinzenz Freigassner for his excellent performance as part of the School’s production of ‘The Pierglass’. Despite the snow also meaning that one of the production’s shows had to be cancelled, the play was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Vinzenz contributed to a little bit of School history, with the play being the first School production to be performed in the School’s new Cobham theatre.

Junior Debating

Congratulations to the Junior Debating team of Howard Goldstraw, Mayaz Shabab, Connor Mills and Owen Price who argued convincingly and passionately when opposing the motion ‘This House believes that school students should not participate in contact sports’. The boys prepared well and put their case forward effectively in their debate against representatives of Oakley House. Although the team were not selected for the final, they showed great promise in this competition. Well done boys.

Opening of Cobham and Routh

Well done to fourth formers Ian Chan, Owen Price, Andy Chia and Donald Li, and to seniors Theo Bell, Xaver Freigassner and Vinzenz Freigassner for their involvement in the opening performances in the School’s Concert Hall and Theatre development, which saw performances in the revamped Cobham and Routh on the 22 November. The concert and theatrical performances were really exceptional, being very worthy debuts in the new state-of-the-art facilities. Renowned cellist Professor Julian Lloyd-Webber formally opened Routh, and Cobham Theatre was officially opened by Lord Cobham on the night.

Senior Swimming

Congratulations to the Senior W-G swimming team for an excellent display in the inter-House competition, which saw the boys finish as runners-up. Good heat wins for Andrei Vashkevich, Ivan Lee and Harry Pugh were backed up with lots of second place finishes too. Well done to captain Marcus Ng and the rest of the team, Cristian Cires, Andrei Vashkevich, Andrii Iermolaiev, Georgy Muradov, Jonathan Burke, Jason Fan, Ivan Lee, Vitaly Zakalaskiy, Harry Pugh, Sam Foulds and Dzhemal Avdoi.

Inter-House Table Tennis

Well done to Donald and Vova who both won their respective competitions in the Junior inter-House table tennis competition. Vova won the A competition, defeating Elmshurst in the final, with Donald defeating his opponent from Lyttelton in the B competition’s final.

Inter-House Badminton

It was really pleasing to see some excellent performances in the Upper Fourth badminton competition, with Michael, Sam, Andy and Barney playing superbly. Sam and Andy made it to the final after a round-robin competition, where they were unfortunate to lose narrowly to Elmshurst.

House Song Success

The Unison House Song competition saw the young men of Wendron-Gordon put on a fantastic performance. Their version of ‘Billie Jean’ by Michael Jackson (the theme this year was songs with girls’ names in the title) was the best performance that the House had put on in many years. The adjudicator awarded the boys the runners-up prize, with Thomas Cookes taking the trophy for first place, but the boys were hugely proud of their performance which saw them finish as best boys’ House – this had not previously happened in the 21st century! Indeed, judging by the comments of staff and pupils for the remainder of the week, W-G were definitely the ‘people’s choice’ of favourite performers in this competition. Weeks of practice, superbly organised and led by Xaver and Vinzenz Freigassner who conducted on the day, with huge support from the rest of the Upper Sixth form, saw the boys put on a real show, complete with ‘MJ’ white socks. The performance can be viewed on the School’s Youtube page, here:

Senior Rugby

The Senior Rugby team made another fantastic effort this term following last year’s runners-up spot. The boys made it to the semi-finals, despite having a squad that was more than three-quarters full of Fifth Formers. The lads really stepped up to the challenge of playing against their older opponents, drawing with Elmshurst, beating Walters and defeating the strongly fancied Housman Hall side. The boys lost by three tries to one against eventual winners Lyttelton, but this was a genuinely feel-good competition with lionhearted performances from the boys and superb support from the sidelines. The team was: Jack Gibson, Callum Lee, Jonny Burke, Theo Bell, Andrei Vashkevich, Dean Zulu, Alex Hinkley, Artur Levashov, Max Lee, Dzhemal Avdoi and Georgy Muradov (captain).

Pizza Night

As a reward for such a fine performance in the House Song competition, which itself came from many hours of practice, where the boys gave up much of their free time after evening roll calls, the lads were treated to a pizza night on the last Thursday of half-term. The boys finished their prep time a few minutes early so that they could kick back and tuck into their pizza, chocolate and pop. A well-deserved, and fully enjoyed evening was had by all.

Junior Rugby

The junior rugby teams pulled on the green jerseys, some for the first time, to take part in a thoroughly enjoyable Junior inter-House rugby competition. The A team performed manfully, but came up second best in their pool games against Walters and Lyttelton in two narrow defeats. The B team fared a little better, making it through to the semi-finals, courtesy of a good win against School House, but they were beaten in the semi by Lyttelton. The A team was represented by Sam Roberts (captain), Simi Jolaoso, Kody Chik, Jamie Wood, Matt Burke, Jamie Rodway, Vinay Nayak, Daniel Wan, Alex Collin, Sam Sung, Michael Malam and Sushant Gurung. The B team squad was comprised of Joaquim Pang (captain), Victor Mikov, Barney Shin, James Chen, Ian Chan, Kirill Durov, Max Opengeym, Arsenii Steshenko, Steve Nguyen and Kostya Chistyakov. Well done all!

Bingo Night

Mrs Hibell, aided and abetted by guest bingo caller Mr Baldrey, organised a hugely enjoyable bingo night for the W-G boys on Saturday 14 October. Some 30 lads got involved and ticked off their numbers in the hope of earning some edible prizes. For a pastime sometimes associated with our more senior generations, it was interesting to see the excitement mounting amongst some very competitive teenagers! Great fun had by all.

Informal Concert

It was a pleasure to see the Routh Hall stage in use again on Tuesday 10 October, when Vinzenz Freigassner took part in an informal concert, which marked the first performance in the wonderful old building which has had such a beautiful renovation. We look forward to the official opening of Routh Concert Hall later this term.

Junior Swimming

The Junior Swimming competition saw fine effort from all involved; it was particularly pleasing to see so many Lower Fourth Formers wanting to get involved. Although on this occasion the W-G team were not strong challengers for the trophy, well done to all who took part. The squad was: Alex Collin, Stepan Bobrenov, Victor Mikov, Matt Burke, Jason Yiu, Ian Chan, James Chen, Kostya Chistyakov, Leo Hemberg, Sam Roberts (captain), Dan Wan, Max Opengeym, Vinay Nayak and Sam Sung.

Junior Badminton competition

The Lower Fourth badminton competition saw Leo Hemberg and Victor Mikov get to the final, where they were unlucky to lose out on top spot. Well done to the boys for getting the runners-up position!

‚ÄčIn the B competition, Donald Li and Connor Mills played with skill and application in their matches, beating School House before losing to Lupton.

Junior Basketball

The Wendron-Gordon basketball team were hugely unlucky not to come away with the trophy in the inter-House competition. Fine wins in the pool matches against Elmshurst and Lyttelton saw the boys meet Lupton in the semi final, with the W-G lads again victorious. A final against Elmshurst, whom we had already beaten, was a close encounter, with W-G leading until a very late basket saw Elmshurst take the trophy. Well done to the Elmshurst team – and congratulations to the whole W-G squad who performed with a fantastic attitude throughout the competition. The team was: Steve Nguyen, Sam Roberts, Sam Sung, Simi Jolaoso, Jason Yiu, Leon Yue, Daniel Wan, Victor Mikov and Kody Chik.

New Joiners

A busy international induction saw some 21 new joiners get acclimatised to Wendron-Gordon and to the School. A whirlwind few days, which saw the boys take part in a number of on-site activities, as well as heading out for a trip to Warwick Castle and the shops in Birmingham, allowed to boys to get to know some of their peers, as well as the School’s routines and expectations, before term officially started. It was a delight to meet the new joiners and many of their family members, who had travelled over to see the School. The first Sunday of term saw us welcome back many old faces, and the new joiners from the Prep School who had undertaken their own two-day induction in June.

31st July 2017

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Tutor Farewells
We said goodbye to two fine tutors in Mr Challoner and Mr Edwards at the end of the year and we thank them for their many contributions to Wendron-Gordon over the past few years. Indeed, huge thanks to all of the tutor team and housekeeping staff for all of their efforts on behalf of the boys over the year. Most of all, thanks to Mrs Batchelor, who has continued to support, encourage and look after everyone in W-G. Best wishes to all for the summer break and for the year ahead.

Departing Upper Sixth
We wish the Upper Sixth leavers well for all of their future endeavours and adventures after Bromsgrove. An outstandingly talented year group, they have contributed hugely to a very successful year for the House and we look forward to hearing of many of their successes in the years to come.

A new Head and Deputy of House….
The end of term saw the announcement of next year’s leadership roles in Wendron-Gordon. Head of House for 2017-2018 will be Xaver Freigassner, with Harry Pugh taking on the role of Deputy Head of House. We wish them and the rest of the Wendron-Gordon monitor team all the best for the coming year.

…and a new Deputy Head Boy
We also wish Vinzenz Freigassner a very good year in his role as the School’s Deputy Head Boy. Following on from George Goodall as Head Boy this year, this is another honour for Wendron-Gordon. We have every confidence that Vinzenz will do an outstanding job in this position.

Prizegiving Awards
Prizegiving at Commemoration saw two notable awards for departing W-G Sixth Formers. James Kinder, Captain of both Football and Cricket 1st XIs, was awarded the Tony Limbert Trophy for his contribution to School sport. Oscar Chou was awarded the William Ledbrook Prize for Biology. Many congratulations to both.

Caps and Colours
Congratulations to James Kinder and Jordan Smith, both of whom gained their cricket caps in the final Routh assembly of the year. Miles Rosbrook also received a cap for Drama, whilst Oliver Rogers received his major colours for Drama. Well done to all.

Champagne and Strawberries
On the final Friday night of term, it was a real pleasure to welcome a number of parents and family members of the departing Upper Sixth to Wendron-Gordon, for the Champagne and Strawberries event, held on the W-G lawn. It was a real pleasure to see the boys relaxing with their family and friends on their last night in School, ahead of Commemoration. A few words were said about each leaver, ahead of them being presented with their Leavers Tie and Wendron-Gordon cufflinks.

End of Term Assembly Presentations
In the House’s final assembly at the end of the year, Senior ties, awarded for contributions to School and House life across a number of areas, were awarded to Vlad Khrypun, Ivan Lee, Marcus Ng, Alex Guliev, Sam Foulds, Alex Schranner, Tommaso Vago and Henry Köhler. Junior ties were claimed by Sam Roberts, Daniel Wan, Jamie Wood, Lawrence Yao and Frank Ng. The Endeavour awards, given to pupils who have set a fine example over the term, went to Simi Jolaoso (Junior Endeavour), Jordan Smith (Senior Endeavour) and Kelvin Chong (Commitment award). All three lads had an outstanding term.

Housekeeping Departure
Pauline left the team of W-G Housekeepers after thirty years of service to W-G. A collection around the House saw some lovely gifts and cards presented to her by Mrs Batchelor, whilst the boys stood and clapped her out of the House as she left for the last time as a member of the team. We hope that she will come back next year to visit us, and that she enjoys a long and happy retirement. On behalf of all of the boys of W-G past and present, we thank her for all that she has done for us.

The Next Step

Congratulations to Laurin Scherer and Alex Schranner, both Fifth form, who put on a very interesting and informative talk as part of the Next Step competition on Saturday 24 June. The competition saw teams from most Houses research, present and ask questions on a topic they have chosen that the teams felt would be a good policy for the UK government to introduce. The boys spoke very eloquently on the environment and argued convincingly for the introduction of a bottle return scheme in the UK whereby consumers would gain money for recycling plastic bottles. The boys were awarded third place in an impressively high-level competition. Well done!

Bake Off
Well done to the Lower Sixth formers who spent some considerable time baking the House’s entry for the inter-House Bake Off competition. Xaver Freigassner, Kelvin Chong and Alex Guliev did most of the work, although a number of their Housemates also gave assistance. The theme of ‘recreation’ saw the boys produce a masterpiece that recreated the 1st XV rugby pitch at School. Although the cake was not judged as the best decorated entry, it did gain an honourable mention from the Headmaster.

Helicopter ride
Three W-G boys were treated to a trip in an RAF helicopter when it visited the School on 19 June as part of the Combined Cadet Force programme. Harry Pugh, Haydn Stanney and Vinzenz Freigassner enjoyed a superb view of the School and town from above. In the picture below, W-G can be seen in the centre foreground, to the left of the grey-topped Humanities building.

Fourth Form Assembly Awards
The Fourth Form assembly towards the end of term saw sporting commendations for many W-G lads. Artur Levashov, Jonathan Burke and Sam Roberts were all awarded commendations for their contribution to Athletics over the term. Cricket commendations went to Alex Hinkley (U15A), Jack Gibson (U15B), Dean Zulu (U15C), Simi Jolaoso (U14B), and Jamie Rodway and Andy Chia (U14C).

New Lower Fourth
We were delighted to welcome a group of next year’s Lower Fourth formers when those transferring from Page and Winterfold House enjoyed a couple of induction days on 16 and 17 June. The boys took part in lessons and activities, had tours around the House and School and spent an evening in W-G, getting used to the feel of Senior School. The lads, pictured below, made a really good first impression. We look forward to welcoming our other new joiners at the International induction at the start of next term.

Junior Cricket

The Junior Cricket competition saw the W-G team put up a really good battle against hot favourites Lyttelton, before eventually succumbing to lose the game. The next match saw the boys defeat Lupton House in a very exciting game. All of the boys who competed gave a fine account of themselves, whilst a large contingent of supporters enjoyed the summer sunshine down on the Lower Charford fields. The team was: Jack Gibson, Deal Zulu, Theo Bell, Jonathan Burke, Callum Lee, James Scott, Jamie Rodway, Sam Roberts, Michael Malam, Simi Jolaoso and Andy Chia.

New House Monitor Team
Congratulations to the new Monitor team for Wendron-Gordon for the coming year. The boys, Dzhemal Avdoi, Richie Chang, Kelvin Chong, Vinzenz Freigassner, Xaver Freigassner, Vladyslav Khrypun, Ivan Lee, Georgy Muradov and Harry Pugh, have already started to take on their responsibilities around the House. Best wishes to them all in their roles for the year ahead!

Sports Day Success
Outstanding achievements at the School’s Sports Day in early May saw Wendron-Gordon dominate the day, picking up three of the six trophies awarded, including that of overall winners of inter-House athletics. The Junior team of Lower Fourth athletes came second overall, as did the intermediate team, comprising Upper Fourth and Fifth formers. The Seniors won their competition, and Wendron-Gordon took the trophy for overall winners out of all of the boys Houses. The 4 x 400 team also won the trophy for this prestigious event. Well done to all who competed for the House. They wore ‘the green’ with pride and everyone who took part played their part in a magnificent day. Non-athletes on the day gave sterling support to their Housemates. The teams were: Vinay Nayak, Kody Chik, Daniel Wan, Simi Jolaoso, Michael Malam, Sam Roberts and Sushant Gurung (Junior); Callum Lee, Jack Gibson, Andrii Iermolaiev, Harry Chan, Jonathan Burke, Artur Levashov, Max Lee, Bennett Brockmann, Alex Schranner and Alex Lee (Intermediate); and Harry Pugh, Jordan Smith, Noah Riese, Vinzenz Freigassner, Georgy Muradov, Alex Guliev, Dzhemal Avdoi, Richie Chang, Jason Fan and Vlad Khrypun (Senior).

Young Enterprise awards
Bromsgrove’s Young Enterprise team, Embark, won the awards for Best Company and Best Presentation at the regional awards ceremony in June. Congratulations to W-G boys Andrey Uskov, Kelvin Chong, Richie Chang and Adrian Tse, all of whom committed much throughout the year towards this project, which saw the company produce, market and sell wine holders.

Monitor Appointment
Many congratulations to Vinzenz Freigassner, who in May was selected as a School Monitor for the coming year. The W-G boys are delighted for him; we know he will do an outstanding job.

19th April 2017

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End of Term Assembly – House ties
The end of term assembly at the end of a busy and successful Lent term saw a number of awards given out. Senior House colours – ties earned for service to the House and School in a number of different areas – were presented to Louis Grosse Honebrink, Mikhail Kozhinov, Laurin Scherer, Max Long, Marcus Tam, Adrian Tse, Andrey Uskov, Roger Zhou, Noah Riese and Dan Bentley. Junior ties went to Marian Skurtu, Andy Chia, Kody Chik, Michael Malam, Vinay Nayak, Joaquim Pang, Jamie Rodway and Sam Sung. Congratulations!

Endeavour Awards
The Endeavour awards, always a pleasure to announce, were also given out. The Senior Endeavour Award went to Richie Chang, the Junior Endeavour prize was awarded to Michael Malam, and the Commitment Award was won by Miles Rosbrook. All three have impressed with their support for those around them, their hard work and involvement and their positivity this term.

Senior House debating
Joseph Ng and Oliver Rogers impressed in making it through to the final of Senior House Debating. Proposing the motion that ‘This House believes that affluent nations should accept more refugees’, the boys spoke eloquently and passionately to defeat the Housman Hall pair. In the final, Joseph and Oliver opposed the motion put forward by Lyttelton House ‘This House would allow the torture of those suspected of terrorist activities in order to gain intelligence information.’ Both spoke with conviction and it was a thoroughly entertaining debate. In the end, neither team could claim victory – the judges decided that the Mary Windsor pair in the parallel debate against Housman had produced the most convincing argument of the day. Joseph was awarded the prize for best speaker of the finals, however – well done!

Fourth Form Assembly
The Fourth Form Assembly, held at the end of March, saw a large number of Wendron-Gordon boys gain commendations for their achievements over the Lent term. Jack Gibson (who spoke very well as captain of a very successful U15 team this term) and Jonathan Burke were both commended for U15A Football, whilst Dean Zulu and Callum Lee gained commendations for U15B Hockey, and Simi Jolaoso and Vinay Nayak for U14A Hockey. Sam Sung and Kody Chik were commended for their performances for the U14 Basketball team. Jacky Wong received an academic commendation for good work in Spanish over the term.

Colours and Caps
In the final Routh Assembly of term, a number of W-G boys were awarded colours or caps for their contribution to School sports. Minor colours were received by Harry Thompson (Hockey, Rugby), Laurin Scherer (Swimming, Basketball, Cross Country), Louis Grosse Honebrink and Tommaso Vago (Football), Aleksei Nosov and Mikhail Kozhinov (Table Tennis) and Max Lee (Basketball). Major colours went to Roy Tse (Badminton), Trevor Fung and Victor Cheung (Basketball) and Oliver Rogers (Cross Country). Caps went to Fin Evans (Hockey), Beck Cutting (Rugby) and James Kinder and Dan Bentley (Football). Well done to all. It was immensely pleasing to see so many W-G boys making announcements as captains of School sport, with Beck Cutting (Rugby), James Kinder (Football), Fin Evans (Hockey), Oliver Rogers (Cross Country) and Richie Chang (Table Tennis) all presenting the awards.

Junior Football winners

An afternoon of House football and hockey saw Wendron-Gordon claim two trophies and a runners-up spot in four competitions – not a bad day’s work! Junior Football saw the team of Nasser Al-Daajani, Jack Gibson (captain), Jonathan Burke, Alex Hinkley, Artur Levashov, James Scott, Kody Chik and Daniel Wan win all of their games to claim a convincing victory. Clear wins against Walters (courtesy of a Jack Gibson brace) and School House (4.1 – Hinkley 2, Burke and Wan) took the W-G boys to the final, where they faced Lyttelton. Goals from Daniel Wan (an outrageous half-way line effort), Kody Chik and Artur Levashov saw the boys win 4.1 and claim victory in the competition overall.

Senior Football House Champions

Senior House Football saw another victory – two trophies in one afternoon! The team of Dan Bentley (capt) James Kinder, Noah Riese, Roy Tse, Dzhemal Avdoi, Richie Chang, Adrian Tse, Marcus Tam, Louis Grosse Honebrink and Tommaso Vago performed superbly in the ‘round-robin’ competition to defeat every other House and claim the trophy. The boys started with a match against hotly-fancied Walters House, but a Dan Bentley goal was enough to separate the sides. Further wins against Housman Hall (4.0 – A Tse, Bentley, Vago, R Tse), Elmshurst (4.0 – A Tse, Kinder, Bentley 2) and Lyttelton (2.1 – Bentley 2) saw the boys go into their final two games with a real chance of claiming the competition. A last gasp goal against Lupton from Dan Bentley gave the W-G team a 1.0 victory and meant that they could breathe more easily in the final match against School, where goals from Tommaso Vago and Roy Tse saw the perfect end to the tournament for the team. Dan Bentley’s seven goals comfortably saw him as top scorer in the competition, with a superb effort from all of the squad giving them all an afternoon to be proud of.

Junior Hockey competition
In Junior Hockey, the W-G team battled hard in the group stages in their matches against Elmshurst and School House. A hard-fought 0.0 draw was followed by a spirited 2.1 victory against School, with Michael Malam scoring both goals. This took the team through to the 3rd/4th play-off, where they lost 2.0 to Lupton. A battling performance throughout the afternoon was seen from the whole squad, which was: Michael Malam, Vinay Nayak, Simi Jolaoso, Jamie Rodway, Dan Zulu, Callum Lee (capt), Marian Skurtu, Joaquim Pang, Jackie Wong and Theo Bell. Well done to all.

Senior Hockey Runners Up
Another round-robin tournament saw the W-G team play superbly, but ultimately just miss out on winning the competition. The team of Alex Schranner, Philipp Schulze-Hagen (capt), Fin Evans, George Goodall, Harry Pugh, Harry Thompson and Ed Turner played magnificently to win the majority of their games, a couple of draws just keeping them from pipping Walters to winning the competition. Spirit, skill and sportsmanship were the order of the day on the astro – well done lads.

Superb Sixth Form Ball
Some 35 Wendron-Gordon Sixth Formers and staff attended the W-G / Mary Windsor ‘Stellar Ball’ on Saturday 18 March, held at Stone Manor. The boys, even more smartly turned out than usual, hugely enjoyed the event. With partners, staff and parents there, it was a lovely event, with an excellent meal, photos and dancing. Head of House James Kinder gave a brilliant speech, thanking the organisers and House staff. We look forward to having another such event in the coming years! Huge thanks to Mrs Goodall for all of her help in organising the event – and also to the Upper Sixth lads, in particular James, for their efforts too.

National Rugby Semi-Final
On 4 March, Harry Thompson and Georgy Muradov both played in the NatWest Rugby semi-final at Allianz Park, home of Saracens. Having won the trophy for the previous two years, Bromsgrove had done brilliantly to get to this stage of the competition with a young team that had been beset by injuries over the year. As in previous years, the School provided transport for spectators and a number of W-G boys went to cheer them on. Unfortunately, the Bromsgrove team were unable to overcome their opponents, Bishop Wordsworth’s School, who made it through to the final.

Cultures Connect Concert

The Cultures Connect Concert, a new initiative this year that showcased music, poetry and dance from around the globe, was a huge success. Hosted by our own George Goodall, it featured a range of very different acts. Marian Skurtu and Andrey Uskov played guitar as part of a group performance whilst Adrian Tse and Marcus Tam were part of the organising committee of what was a hugely enjoyable event.

Pizza nights
The boys enjoyed a couple of ‘Pizza nights’ at the end of February and March – prep was finished promptly for the boys to share a pizza and enjoy a can of fizzy drink and the company of their Housemates - celebrating success in the Football and Hockey competitions, the end of mock exams for the Sixth form and the efforts of the Cross country teams, as well as the Junior Squash victory. A good time was had by all!

Chapel Week
Wendron-Gordon’s Chapel Week saw an excellent reading from Xaver Freigassner in front of the School at Routh Hall Assembly. Holy Communion readings from Mikhail Kozhinov and Vinay Nayak followed (in front of the slightly less intimidating audience of their House peers) later in the week. Well done to all three.

1.2 Relay
The historic 1.2 relay competition saw the Wendron-Gordon team raring to go. The runners – who have to include one from each year group and one ‘extra’ from any year group, were Jamie Wood, Jonathan Burke, Laurin Scherer, Vinzenz Freigassner, Oliver Rogers and Alex Schranner. The boys claimed a very creditable 4th place finish overall.

Fencing success
Congratulations to Sam Sung who became the U14 Midlands Foil champion. His success in the regional fencing tournament sees him qualify for the national championship. It was a pleasure to see the Headmaster award him his medal and trophy in Routh Hall Assembly.

House Music competitions
On 7 March the House Music competitions took place. In the Ensemble section, Vinzenz Freigassner and Oscar Chou performed a superbly entertaining piano duet of Dvorak’s Slavonic Dances. The Solo competition saw Xaver Freigassner (with accompaniment from Vinzenz on Piano) singing Shawn Mendes’ ‘Life of the Party’. Both performances were outstanding – thanks to the boys for their efforts in preparing and competing for the House.

20th February 2017

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Hairspray Success
The School production of ‘Hairspray’, held at the Artrix Theatre in Bromsgrove, was an outstanding piece of musical theatre – quite possibly the best show that Bromsgrove School has put on in many a year. It was a delight to see fantastic performances from Vinzenz Freigassner, Xaver Freigasser, Miles Rosbrook and Oliver Rogers. Miles deserves special praise for his portrayal of Edna Turnblad – rising superbly to the challenge of playing a larger-than-life lady, as well as negotiating the potential pitfalls of dancing in high heels. He and Oliver have contributed so much to School Drama over the past five years and it was fitting to see them bow out in their Upper Sixth year in such style. Well done to all of our lads who contributed incredibly to such a fine show.

Senior Cross Country Winners
A superb team performance in the Senior Cross country competition saw another trophy heading towards the W-G cabinet. A fine third-place finish in the race from Laurin Scherer was followed by some excellent groupings as the boys really worked hard over the 4km course. This was a really gritty performance and it needed a good placing from every team member for the team to win, making it a particularly satisfying victory. The victorious Senior team consisted of: Oliver Rogers (captain), Laurin Scherer, James Kinder, Vinzenz Freigassner, Mikhail Kozhinov, Adrian Tse, Marcus Tam, Alex Schranner, Callum Stirrat and Andrii Iermolaiev.

Junior Cross Country
The Junior boys didn’t make it into the top three places but had a really good go nonetheless, with a majority of the Fourth Form volunteering to run – great stuff. Well done to the large and spirited team of: Callum Lee, Artur Levashov, Jacky Wong, Lawrence Yao, Alex Moskalevskyi, James Scott, Haydn Stanney, Andrei Vashkevich, Dean Zulu, Kody Chik, Kirill Durov, Michael Malam, Vinay Nayak, Jamie Rodway, Sam Sung and Daniel Wan.

Physics Olympiad
Well done to Roger Zhou and Oscar Chou who gained a Gold and Bronze Award respectively in the British Physics Olympiad. The Olympiad, an exam-based competition, seeks to challenge and reward the best physicists in British schools. Roger gained the distinction of gaining the highest mark in the School – a fine achievement.

Upcoming House Ball
Wendron-Gordon’s Sixth formers and staff are much looking forward to the House ball that is due to be held jointly with Mary Windsor House in mid-March, at Stone Manor. near Kidderminster. Hopefully it will be a lovely occasion, and especially so for the Upper Sixth as they near the end of their time in the House.

Informal Concert
Two of our talented musicians put on great performances on the piano at the latest of the School’s informal concerts, which are held in the Old Chapel on a regular basis. Vinzenz Freigassner played Philip Lane’s ‘Struttin’ at the Waldorf’, whilst his twin Xaver played and sang Rob Flynn’s ‘Always a Woman to Me’. These were two very special performances from the boys.

Junior Squash Victory
Congratulations to Michael Malam who claimed the Lower Fourth Squash cup for W-G, with some great performances on the court against representatives from the other boys’ Houses. He picked up the trophy in Routh Assembly, to continue what has been a steady flow of silverware into the House this year. Well done!

First team captains
Many congratulations to two of our upper Sixth formers who are leading senior teams this term. Finley Evans is 1st XI Hockey captain and James Kinder is captain of the 1st XI football team for this season. Together with Beck Cutting (1st XV captain), our senior year group are leading from the front in Bromsgrove’s main sports.

7th November 2016

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A busy few weeks up until the October half-term saw some fantastic successes and achievements for the House; it was heart-warming to see the boys in excellent spirits as the break approached. Some of the key noteworthy events of recent weeks are outlined below:

House Squash

House Squash – Daniel Shraibman and Aleksei Nosov represented the House in the Junior House Squash competition. Although they did not make it into the top three Houses of the competition (which was eventually won by Elmshurst) both boys can be congratulated on their efforts.

Junior House Basketball

The Junior basketball team of Alex Moskalevskyi, Callum Lee, James Scott, Jack Gibson (captain), Dean Zulu, Andrei Vashkevich, Jonathan Burke, Simi Jolaoso, Vinay Nayak and Laurence Yao performed well, without getting the rub of the green, in the inter-House competition, drawing with Walters House before narrowly losing to Lyttelton. There’s always next year!

Harvest Festival

The young men of Wendron-Gordon raised well over £100 for the Harvest collection this term; the money was put towards food for the needy in the local community – well done to the boys.

Weekend Competitions

The boys enjoyed three competitions over consecutive weekends, helping to keep them occupied over Saturday evening and Sunday. On the first weekend, all the boys in the Boarding House were entered into either or both of the table tennis and pool competitions. The table tennis competition was won by Aleksei Nosov, who beat Mikhail Kozhinov in the final. Well done to Callum Stirrat on winning the Pool Tournament; he comprehensively beat his Houseparent in the final... Mr Taylor organised a thoroughly enjoyable ‘Fifa and Pizza’ night for the boys on the following Saturday. Some 40 boys entered the competition to see who the best Xbox Fifa player was (with a substantial number also opting in for the free pizza element of the evening!). A fantastic evening, which spilled over into the week because of high demand, saw Adrian Tse (Borussia Dortmund) beat Dean Zulu (Real Madrid) in the final.


The boys have posed for the annual House photo on Gordon Green. Individual photographs have also been taken of all boys in the House. Each pupil has been given an order form for both photographs, with information over ordering, should you wish to purchase a copy of either of them. Please get in touch via email if this form does not make it home and you wish to purchase a photo!

German Exchange Visit

We welcomed David and Karim from the Gymnasium Hermannswerder, Potsdam, into the Wendron-Gordon family in the penultimate week of the half term. Oliver Rogers and Clarence Chen hosted them superbly and the boys made them feel very welcome in House. We hope that they enjoyed their stay in the House and their experiences in England.

A Splendid House Song

An outstanding effort from the House saw a fantastic performance in the Unison House Song competition. An excellent rendition of Tony Christie’s (‘Is this the way to) Amarillo’ was hugely enjoyed by all who watched. Although the adjudicator didn’t deem W-G to be worthy of a prize, the boys knew that they had done themselves proud. The song practices were superbly led by Sixth formers Miles Rosbrook (who conducted on the day), James Kinder and Vinzenz Freigassner.  The song was wonderfully supported by the ‘House band’ of Vinzenz, Bennett Brockmann, Laurin Scherer, Jonathan Burke, Trevor Fung and Marian Skurtu.  Well done to all! The performance can be seen here:  All of the boys in the House were treated to pizza, fizzy pop and chocolate the following evening as a reward for all of the hard work that they had put into their preparation; a fantastic evening was had with the boys winding-down a little as half-term approached.


House Rugby…

Outstanding performances in House Rugby saw a brilliant end to what has been a very good first half term of the year.  The boys got to three finals out of three and grabbed their first silverware of the year.


…Junior Rugby Winners!

The Junior competition saw the W-G team perform superbly to come home with the trophy.  In the first match the team beat Walters by three tries to one, with two from Artur Levashov and one from Jack Gibson, whose interception saw him run from tryline to tryline to score.  In the next match, against Lupton, Jack continued his scoring streak, gaining a hat-trick of tries, with Artur gaining another and Sam Roberts also scoring to complete a 5.1 victory.  Lyttelton were next up in the semi-final, and the team continued to show consistency and flair to produce another 3.1 win, Jonathan Burke, Jack Gibson and Alex Hinkley the try scorers.  This took the boys to the final against Lupton.  Although they had already defeated them, the Wendron-Gordon team were certainly not going to underestimate a team that had won their semi-final 5.4, despite being four tries to nil down.  However, another dominant display saw Andrei Vashkevich, Artur Levashov and Sam Roberts cross over to win the final in style; final score, Wendron-Gordon 3.0 Lupton.  Huge congratulations to the Junior House Rugby winners 2016!  The team was Artur Levashov (capt), Jonathan Burke, Dean Zulu, Sam Roberts, Jack Gibson, Alex Hinkley, James Scott, Andrei Vashkevich, Georgy Markov and Callum Lee.

The Junior B team performed superbly in their matches to reach the final, coming back from a defeat to Lyttelton to beat School House and Lupton, before coming up against winners Lyttelton again in the final, which finished 3.1, with Kody Chik claiming a consolation try. This was another fantastic performance from the team of Alex Moskalevskyi, Kody Chik, Kelvin Liu, Vinay Nayak, Jamie Wood, Simi Jolaoso, Dean Körzdörfer, Adam Au, Haydn Stanney, Jacky Wong, Sushant Gurung, Marian Skurtu, Michael Malam and Jamie Rodway.

…And Senior Rugby – Pride and Passion

The Senior Rugby team put in some outstanding performances to reach the final of the ‘A’ Competition – for the first time in some years. Despite injuries meaning that the House did not even have enough fit players to put out a team for the ‘B’ competition, the boys performed magnificently to gain the runners-up spot. The first match saw them draw three tries each with Elmshurst, with Sam Foulds (2) and Georgy Muradov the scorers. W-G then beat School House 5.0, with another try from Sam Foulds, one for Head of House James Kinder and a Harry Thompson hat-trick. The Semi-Final saw W-G squeeze past Housman Hall, with Noah Riese and Sam Foulds edging us home. The boys were delighted to have made their way to the final and ran the hot favourites Lyttelton House close with a 2.1 scoreline, Harry Thompson equalising before Lyttelton sealed a narrow win. The spirit, commitment and cameraderie demonstrated was a genuine joy to behold – it was particularly pleasing to see the boys so upbeat immediately after the final – they knew that they had given their all. 1st XV captain Beck Cutting (who moved from front row to fly half for the competition!) led the boys magnificently, with the whole squad contributing immensely. The team was: Beck Cutting, Georgy Muradov, James Kinder, Alex Lee, Max Lee, Noah Riese, Philipp Schulze-Hagen, Tommaso Vago, Sam Foulds, Harry Thompson, Andrii Iermolaiev, Dzhemal Avdoi and Louis Grosse Honebrink.

House Badminton Success

Andy Chia and Sam Sung played brilliantly, demonstrating commitment and skill in their victories over School, Lupton, Lyttelton and Elmshurst to win the Junior Badminton trophy. In the B competition, Jamie Rodway and Michael Malam also did superbly well to reach the final, finishing as runners-up in the competition. Indeed, the Junior Badminton success, joined with the excellent performances in the rugby, meant that W-G had got to five finals (out of five competitions entered) in a week! Well done lads!

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