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Years 3 and  4

The aim ‘to produce happy, creative, moral citizens who live motivated, fulfilled lives while enriching the lives of others’ is as true for our youngest pupils as it is for those in the Senior School. We sincerely believe that if the children are happy, they will learn and whilst we expect our children to work hard, they are praised and encouraged in everything that they do.

Within our very broad curriculum and strong pastoral system the core values we seek to foster in our pupils reflect the School Mission Statement, these core values are:
Humility and Confidence
Compassion and Ambition
Respect and Curiosity
Tolerance and Vision

It is vital that the transition from our Pre-Preparatory School at Avoncroft is smooth and seamless and the staff at both sites work hard to ensure this is the case. The induction of new children from both our Pre-Prep and elsewhere is rigorous and enjoyable. ‘Special Friends’ in Year 4 take the responsibility to look after their new pupil very seriously until they are settled. Parents are always encouraged to talk to the teachers until they, too, feel comfortable at the Preparatory School.

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