Sport Relief Mile

Year 3 pupil Bibby R was paralysed as a result of an operation when she was just one. Since that time she’s made remarkable progress, helped every single amazing step of the way by her friends and teachers at Bromsgrove.

In 2012, Bibby took five steps to cross the finish line of the Sport Relief Mile. She'd never walked as far on her own before. In 2014, she held hands and walked the whole mile.

This year, the entire family - Zef (Year 8), Harry (Year 11), Alice (Hz Old Bromsgrovian), dad and mum (Mr and Dr Ruben) and Grandpa Conrad walked with her.

Team Ruben not only completed the Mile, but Bibby ran like the wind to cross that finish line! So far they’ve raised nearly £600. This is a fantastic achievement and we are proud to celebrate Bibby's success.