Prep School Learning Mentor

On a fortnightly basis small groups of Fifth and Lower Sixth form pupils visit the Preparatory School to lead Gifted and Talented sessions. All of the sessions are prepared by the Senior School pupils with the aim to be fun but also to make Prep School pupils think and carry out tasks that they otherwise may not get to do in normal school time.

In the weeks leading up to the session, Senior School pupils formulate their ideas, decide on a topic and then produce the resources. Sessions have included; memory games, magic and optical illusions, and science experiences.

After Senior School pupils demonstrated, Prep School pupils made chocolate bowls from melted chocolate and balloons and looked at the colour spectrum using milk and food colouring. Puzzles and quizzes have also been a feature of the sessions with pupils enthusiastically completing matchstick puzzles, a worldwise quiz and a words competition. All of these activities really got their brains going!

In addition, Senior School pupils have led discussions on ‘what makes good art?’ and ‘what makes a good book?’ Prep School pupils then prepared their responses to each of these topics and gave brief presentations on their favourite art, book and musical genre.

The Fifth and Lower Sixth Form pupils comment:

“I have really enjoyed preparing all the presentations, as it has been fun to find activities that the pupils would enjoy and be enthusiastic about. It has also been great to see the pupils getting involved during the presentation, asking questions and commenting on the subject, as I think that this shows that they were enjoying it and learning more from it. These sessions have definitely made me feel more confident about speaking in front of others, as during our first presentation I was extremely nervous, but now can speak without nerves or a pre-prepared script. Also, I feel I have become more organised and efficient at managing my time, as I have found time out of the session time to complete scripts or presentations and still been on top of my work.”

“In the learning mentor sessions I really enjoyed presenting our work in front of the group, and seeing the pupils interact and enjoy the sessions. I also liked research and planning the sessions and making it as interesting as possible for them! I have definitely gained more confidence in public speaking. I used to be quite uncomfortable with idea of standing up in front of the class and presenting work, but over the weeks, I have really started to enjoy it!”

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