Bromsgrove School

Greek Soldier visits Prep School

On Wednesday 2nd May Year 3 met a Hoplite foot soldier from Ancient Greece. He arrived in the morning in Maple hall and prepared 50 children for the Peloponnesian Battle against the Spartans.

They learnt how to use their shields, armour and spears, and re-enacted family life within Ancient Grecian Homes, as well as market scenes in the Agora. Many were turned into ‘slaves’ and ‘bought’, but were taught the Greek alphabet, some of the language, and had huge fun with Ancient Greek toys of ‘wooden horses of Troy’, spinning tops and hoops with sticks.

The day culminated in a ‘democratic’ society voting system displayed by the children, and chalk writing on broken Greek pots! A marvellous way to enrich the children as they prepare to perform their play ‘Greece Goes to Pieces’ in two weeks time.