Bromsgrove School

Year 8 production of The Odyssey

This year a talented group of 54 Year 8 students presented two performances of ‘The Odyssey’ by Hattie Naylor. This was a very difficult play: adult in its language and themes and yet our pupils tackled with great poise, giving it vibrancy and meaning. On a split-level stage, Odysseus – aided by his men – battled monsters, braved storms and the anger of Gods and Goddesses to finally win through to his longed-for home. His ship, the sail filled with wind, took him past the dancing sirens and grasping Scylla; he descended to Hades to face three-headed Cerberus and the Shades of the dead; he fought Penelope’s suitors and reclaimed what was his.

All the while, the sea rolled and thunder rumbled as a dedicated technical crew operated sound effects and video footage projected onto nebulous screens beside the stage. And through it all Fates sat and knitted, pulling the play together as they wove the fates of men and women into the intricate web that is our earthly existence.

Congratulations to all involved: it was a masterly production, superbly performed. All who saw it marvelled at the maturity and talent on show; many commented that this was the very best that education and Bromsgrove has to offer.