There are two kinds of report in the Prep School, a full report and an interim report.

The interim report is timed to coincide as near as possible with the Parents’ Consultation session for a particular year group. At these sessions, teachers report orally to parents on a child’s progress. The interim report concentrates on giving an overview of performance and outlining targets in each subject on which the child needs to concentrate over the following months. If parents are unable to attend the Consultation session for their child, there are two other sessions in the year (October and March) when they can meet with teachers to discuss progress, although parents can arrange to see individual teachers at any time.

Every parent also receives a full report once a year with a more detailed commentary on a child’s performance and advice for the future.

For most year groups, the interim report is given at the end of the Michaelmas Term and the full report at the end of the Summer Term. Years 7 and 8 are regarded as one unit and as a result, Year 7 receive a full report at the end of the Michaelmas Term, as we have many new pupils joining us in Year 7 and we feel it is important to let parents know at an early stage how their children are settling into the secondary phase of education, and an interim report at the end of the Summer Term in Year 7, half away through Years 7 and 8.

Both types of report are accompanied by a breakdown of the main topics covered in each subject, termly marks awarded in most subjects, along with year group averages and range of marks to place the individual pupil’s marks in context.

In addition, effort grades are given half termly throughout the year

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