Bromsgrove School

Pastoral Care at Pre-Prep & Nursery

At Bromsgrove Pre-Preparatory and Nursery School we strive to ensure that every child feels happy, secure and confident; our primary aim is that every member of our school community feels valued and respected. The children in our care are encouraged to think for themselves and to develop self-control, independence and a sense of achievement through their learning. The relationships which they establish with adults and other children are central to their learning and happiness.

We aim to teach children to act in a thoughtful and empathic way. These qualities are encouraged through the ‘Golden Rules’ that are established from Nursery to the end of Key Stage 1. Assemblies and Class Circle Time reinforce these expectations. Each week there is an Awards Assembly when a child from each class is rewarded for an academic or non-academic achievement; for effort, for being caring and for all aspects of good work and behaviour. ‘Golden Time’ takes place each week and is an activity that children earn for politeness, kindness, good manners and effort in work.

Children from Reception to Year 2 are divided into three Houses. The children are awarded housepoints for good work and effort in their work as well as for helpfulness, kindness and thoughtfulness. Each week the House that has earned the most Housepoints is awarded the Housepoint Trophy in the whole school Awards Assembly where we celebrate individual and group achievements.

We are committed to helping children to learn these important interpersonal skills alongside their academic skills. We therefore place great emphasis on their personal and social development.

Each academic year parents are invited to Year Group Information Evenings when they are able to meet staff and learn more about the year ahead. There are formal Parents Evenings in the Michaelmas and Summer Terms and an informal open afternoon in the Lent Term. Written reports are sent home at the end of the Michaelmas and Summer Terms. The Pre-Preparatory and Nursery School operates an ‘open door’ policy, so that parents can talk with staff, at convenient times, about any aspect of their child’s academic progress and welfare.
Bromsgrove Pre-Preparatory and Nursery School provides a happy, safe and nurturing environment in which every child’s achievements are celebrated and valued.