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Fitness Classes at Bromsgrove School Sports Centre - 08/01/2014
A warm welcome to our new gap teachers - 05/01/2014
School Archives: What happened at the School 86 years ago? - 16/12/2013
Woodland Camp Day - 11/12/2013

Year 1 had a fantastic Woodland Camp Day on Monday 9th December where the children had the opportunity to show their skills as “Woodland Experts”. 

Pre-Prep Nativity - 10/12/2013
Cardio Combat at Bromsgrove School Sports Centre - 14/10/2013

 A new class for Autumn/Winter 2013, Cardio Combat, takes place every Wednesday in our Sports Centre at 8pm.

Bromsgrove School Prospectus - 03/06/2011
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