Page House Gardeners

This garden was created and planned by pupils for the boarders in Page House to enjoy. The weather in the Michaelmas Term has had a greater influence than usual on the actions of this year's Page House Gardening team. There has been a great deal of clearing; cutting back dead wood and weeding the seemingly unstoppable grass as well as general weeding.

The team have also attempted making in-roads into the incredible mesh of strawberry plants that have sent shoots and runners in all directions due to the warm and wet climate. It was decided by a unanimous vote that the circular raised bed is now a strawberry patch.....who are we mere humans to argue with what nature clearly intends for this little corner of Bromsgrove School?!

Just before the dark evenings and cold rain forced us indoors to consider future planting and sculpture in the garden, we sank a good quantity of bulbs. With luck, by the time the team are about to go into their exam season there will be daffodils, tulips, alliums and fritillaries to sit amongst to uplift the spirits between long revision sessions.

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