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Current news from this term is always displayed first. If you would like to read past news stories from the House, please click through the subsequent pages.

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25th June 2018

Last Updated: 25/06/2018 08:47:06

Dear Parents and Guardians

We have enjoyed a party week as we head towards the final few days before Commemoration Day. On Monday we teamed up with Elmshurst House to offer a woodfire pizza night welcoming our new boarders for next year. I did laugh when a Page boarder commented that our facilities were impressive because they only had an oven in their boarding house – I had to break it to them that the woodfire had just been hired in for this special occasion and wasn’t a permanent Oakley fixture!

On the same evening, we also hosted a welcome evening to new Oakley parents, their daughters joining us in September. My thanks go to all of the girls who acted as ambassadors for the evening, in particular Esme, Zoe, Rose and our wonderful L6.
One more photograph from last week’s L4 camp. Here you can see our L4 being supported ably by our Gold Duke of Edinburgh stalwart, Ellie Chan:

Congratulations to the Junior House Rounders team, largely made up of U4 students but also supported by Isabella Lloyd and Brady McGlynn in the L4. Undefeated matches has allowed us to retain our trophy – fantastic effort, girls!

Congratulations to Molly-Jo Sword who performed the role of Fantine in a recent production of Les Miserables at The Artrix theatre. I am sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as she sang the iconic ‘I dreamed a dream’ to a packed auditorium. I am always amazed by our students who manage to balance the busy demands of School life with their own outside commitments. Well done, Molly-Jo.

Lower Fourth pupil Mikayla De Gouveia has been a part of local dance company Elite Performing Arts this year and she wowed the audience (including her mum who had flown in from Angola) in their Showcase Performance last week. Beautiful work, Mikayla!


Even though this is an exciting time of year with lots of occasions to enjoy, it is bittersweet as we say goodbye to friends. After her examinations were complete, Sakurako bid farewell to her friends earlier in the week:

And this morning we waved farewell to Amanda Wu who has come to the end of her Bromsgrove journey. The three Wu sisters are pictured here before departure. Fortunately for us, Judy and Janice will be returning in September:

Finally, last night we held our annual Oakley Summer Party with hog roast, ice cream van, rounders and fun. It was lovely to welcome parents and, in particular I would like to thank Mr and Mrs Saker for everything they have done for the House while Abigail has been in our care. Mr Saker was the Oakley PA treasurer for a number of years and their support has been greatly valued by the House.

I look forward to seeing many of you at Commemoration Day.

Best wishes


12th June 2018

Last Updated: 13/06/2018 08:36:42

Dear Parents and Guardians

As Induction for our new L4 Oakley students looms on the horizon, it is hard to believe another year is nearly over and there is absolutely no abating of events and activities to update you with.

At the end of last half term it was my pleasure to announce the names of the Oakley House Monitor Team 2018-19. It is such a strong year group and I know that even those who were unsuccessful in their applications will continue to support Oakley and their peers to help Oakley to thrive next year. I would like to congratulate the following students:

I look forward to working with the new team next year. We started their induction with a lovely lunch at a local café:

Last week was an intense week of examinations for the fourth form so we joined forces with Elmshurst to allow the students some relaxation time in the courtyard at the end of the week. The new table football, funded by the Oakley and Elmshurst PAs has been a very popular addition to our outdoor space.

Fresh from their examinations, our L4 have a very busy week of camp and activities in School. I visited L4 camp yesterday and saw some of our Monitor team showing their competitive spirit in the raft building competition. I was also there to welcome the L4s back from their Duke of Edinburgh practice bronze walk. It was great to see so many smiles, despite the heat and tough terrain. Well done, girls!

Best of luck to the remaining L4s who go on camp tomorrow and to our Gold Duke of Edinburgh L6 – Grace Morrin, Georgie Muscutt, Lisa Bradburn and Lilly-May Fowke who are taking part in their qualifying expedition from tomorrow until Sunday. I hope the rain keeps off!

And finally, last night was the Year 7-10 Scholars’ Concert in Routh Hall. We were treated to an evening of remarkable talent and, as ever, Oakley House was well represented. Elyzia Wong was a force to be reckoned with on the timpani drums as she skilfully presented a piece called Impulse. And Evie Richards sang a beautifully haunting soprano piece by L’Estrange, Now Sleep The Crimson Petal.

There was even a future Oakley girl on the bill: Eleanor Boardman from Year 8 gave a stunning version of On My Own from Les Miserables on the oboe. It’s good to see that Oakley’s musical legacy will continue in future years! Well done to all performers.

Best wishes

21st May 2018

Last Updated: 21/05/2018 09:14:48

Dear Parents and Guardians

Exam leave is finally here for the U6 and Vth form. We marked the occasion with a House Breakfast last Friday. This week I also thanked this year’s Monitor team. There will be further opportunities later in the term to mark their departure and contribution to the School but I wanted to show my appreciation for their unfailing support this year. They have been an excellent team from start to finish.

Oakley House was very proud that four of our students were selected to be School Monitors. We wish them well in their roles as they serve the School for the coming twelve months. Congratulations to Anya Butler, Lisa Bradburn, Lilly-May Fowke and Lydia Wright.

Corey-Jo McGlynn has had incredible success with her netball team. The East Midlands Charnwood Rutland Netball Club came 3rd in the country in the U16’s. They lost only one game over the whole weekend by 2 goals to the winning team. Fantastic achievement, Corey! The following week, the same team qualified for a place in the Premier League. This team have gone undefeated all year. Such an amazing achievement for Corey and her team and we are very proud of her success.

Sports Day saw Oakley House take the bronze award overall. My thanks to all of the girls who took part in events and for the wonderful support (some with pompoms) that was on display. Particular successes:

Freya Tweddell 2nd 800m hurdles
Rodena Bernthal 1st 100m & 2nd 200m
Maria Karicheva 2nd 80m hurdles
Orla Walker 1st 1500m
Vivi Zhang 2nd 800m

Emily Gieron 100m hurdles
Abigail Saker 1st 800m & 1st 1500m

Oakley House was delighted when Abigail was also presented with a special award, the Victrix Ludorum which acknowledges the students who wins the most events.

There were successes in the County Tennis Tournament over the weekend: Claudia Bullock (U4) was part of the winning U16 Doubles and Georgie Jeynes-Cupper the champion for the U18 singles (beating Claudia in the final).

Our visiting Thai Scholar from BIST took part in the customary Upton Warren visit. Je T’aime is an Oakley girl by day but by night stays at Page. She is enjoying getting to know her new environment and it is lovely to have her around the place:

This week was a royal affair, beginning with three of our U6 students going to London to be presented with their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards by HRH Prince Andrew. Congratulations to Abigail Saker, Meghan McIntosh and Maria Starikova:

And then we had the Wedding of the Year (after Dr Whitbread’s, obviously). Another special occasion, made even more wonderful because the House came together to enjoy the event as a House:





Best wishes

28th April 2018

Last Updated: 01/05/2018 13:20:45

Dear Parents and Guardians

Last night’s U4 social was a lovely evening of pizza and rounders fun. My thanks to the L6 who organised and ran the evening, learning valuable leadership skills in the process. The baby photos provided much hilarity and the occasion was a perfect way to end another busy week.






The concert in Routh Hall last Sunday was a wonderful occasion with the audience enjoying classical orchestral and choral works by Haydn and Mozart. As usual, it was a delight to see so many Oakley girls on stage in this impressive event. GCSE Music students from the IVth form opened proceedings with their set work Andante from Symphony no. 101 ‘Clock’ by Haydn. The Nelson Mass in the second half, involving the Senior School Chapel Choirs was magnificent.

Congratulations to our Junior netballers who were triumphant in bringing home the silverware for first place in both the Cup and Plate House Netball Competitions. Our Seniors placed second in the Senior Cup and third in the Senior Cup.
Amy Nolan has received a special award for her work with Bromsgrove Service in the Lent Term. Well done, Amy.

Percussionist Elyzia Wong participated with the Big Band at the National Concert Band Festival finals, this year held at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. It was a fabulous opportunity for the band to perform alongside the very best in the country, and the band rose to the occasion. They won Gold. Superb, Elyzia – we are very proud of you.

Tatiana Morikova’s fencing skills continue to be put to the test. She recently competed in the West Midlands Age Group Foil Competition and was placed 7th in the Under 16 Girls’ Foil.

Congratulations to a very surprised Maria Starikova who was awarded a silver certificate in the Chemistry Olympiad. There were over 6500 entries this year and Maria was in the top 25% of entries. Maria also won in the discus competition at a Ryland Centre competition last week, alongside Orla Walker who won the 1500m. Congratulations also goes to Abigail Saker who ran the London mini marathon in the heat last weekend.

Mrs Pugh’s crochet club continues on a Friday lunchtime and is open to all. The challenge appears to have turned to stuffed animals, including this delightful offering from Eleanor Rea:

Fruit Friday was welcomed by the girls this week. Many of the Vth form had been holed up in the Art Department for five long days and they enjoyed escaping back to Oakley when they were let out!

Dichhya Pun, our Head of House enjoyed the annual CCF dinner last week in School. Here she is, pictured with Major Farnes:

This year’s newsletters have been dominated by our varied weather news. Everyone was thrilled by the heatwave we enjoyed after Easter when the UK enjoyed the hottest April day since 1949. Although the Headmaster believes that cooler weather is more conducive to study, we enjoyed it while it lasted! There has been a sharp drop in temperature over the last few days but these photos perhaps give us a taste of things to come:

Best wishes

End of Lent Term - March 2018

Last Updated: 23/03/2018 13:22:38

Dear Parents and Guardians

Snow for the third time this term! I am looking forward to the better weather so that the girls can make more use of the table tennis table which looked like this earlier today:

Our busy term is ending on a high with more successes to celebrate. My thanks to our fantastic relay team who won the 1.2 competition on Friday. Girls from all years competed so congratulations to Martha Dunlop, Heidi Neuman, Luise Benthaus, Jasmine Chan, Orla Walker and Abigail Saker. I was delighted that Abigail ran the final lap to victory in her fifth and final turnout in the 1.2 race and had the fastest lap!

The teatime concert in Routh earlier in the week was wonderful. The Year 9 GCSE musicians gave an innovative performance of Fresh Trash and Conga which was so entertaining.

And Lucy Hannah did well with her saxophone solo performance of Jean-Baptiste Singlelee’s Vivone Allegro. Well done to all.

This weekend saw the final performance of the Fourth Form play of Grimm Tales. I was so proud of all of our performers from Oakley House who featured in every tale. Heidi Neuman’s comic timing was impeccable as the wicked mother in Red Cap. Sophie Eaton’s teenage persona was also hilarious to watch. Charlotte Holden’s Granny was a physical and auditory delight. Freya Tweddell gave a beautifully clear and moving performance as the victimised Gretel and Rose Willetts lifted the mood with her outrageous Rumpelstiltskin. Annabel Schulze played the part of the daughter with poise and clearly enjoyed the whole experience. Finally, Polly Green and Molly-Jo Sword gave dazzling performances in Ashputtel. Polly’s ‘Cinderella’ character was delightful to witness as she transformed before our eyes and I must say that Molly-Jo’s stepsister role was truly wicked, in every sense of the word. To find the time and energy to partake in the rehearsal schedule at this stage of the term is an impressive achievement but, given the audience reaction on Saturday night, well worth it.

In the Fourth Form Assembly on Monday, the following were awarded certificates:

U14A Netball
Isabelle Lloyd
Brady McGlynn

U14C Netball
Prabhneet Sondhi

U14D Netball
Assica Thapa
Mikayla De Gouveia
Joelle Booth

U15B Netball
Claudia Bullock
Victoria Moberley

U15C Netball
Lucy Day

U15D Netball
Meredith Atkinson
Hermione Lawther
Junior Swimming
Joelle Booth

Elizaveta Potekhina
Simran Sandhu
Isobel Scott
Charlotte Holden
Esme Elwell-Thomas
Joelle Booth

Mikayla Almeida De Gouveia
Sakeenah Syed
Aida Abd Rahim

Eloisa Boriello
Freya Tweddell
Isobel Scott
Cherry Fung

And in our end of term Routh Assembly on Monday, it was so lovely to see so many Oakley girls being called to receive special congratulations for a variety of areas, for some, the culmination of three years of dedication to a team:

Duke Of Edinburgh Gold Award
Anna Da Costa Martins
Meghan McIntosh

In Netball, to qualify for the National Finals the 1st team won all of their 14 county and regional qualifying matches to represent the West Midlands. At the National Finals they won every match in their group which took them through to the semi-finals where they faced a very strong Worthing College who Bromsgrove overcame to win 11-8. All in all 22 games won in a row in the English Schools Competition so, despite their defeat in the final, an impressive and outstanding record. Congratulations to Ellie Bennet and Ellie Preece.

Claudia Moberley was invited on stage three times, which is an outstanding achievement in itself:
Girls’ Hockey Player of the Year
Hockey Cap
Netball Major Colours

Badminton Minor Colours
Maria Karicheva
Michelle Mok

Badminton Cap
Tiffany Leung

Cross Country Minor Colours
Orla Walker

Cross Country Cap
Abigail Saker

Girls’ Hockey Minor Colours
Fleur Gallagher

Girls’ Hockey Major Colours
Charlotte Campbell

Netball Minor Colours
Catie Ranger
Hannah Pover
Phoebe Fletcher

Netball Major Colours
Laura Merritt
Dichhya Pun

Netball Cap
Ellie Bennett

Swimming Cap

Abigail Saker

House ties have been awarded to Mikayla De Gouveia, Kate Stepanova, Daisy Wen, Isobel Lloy, Sakeenah Syed Muhammed and Jenna Wong. House Colours for Orla Walker. Congratulations girls and thank you for everything you do for Oakley House.

On Monday evening, the U6 enjoyed a relaxed meal out with Oakley staff to mark the fact they have nearly reached the end of their journeys with us. Our guest of honour was Dr Whitbread and we were delighted to give her a wedding present from Oakley ahead of her Easter Wedding – Mr and Mrs teacups!

This week has also seen the fiercely fought House Netball competitions. My thanks to all who took part in the Junior round– we had over 30 volunteers which shows excellent House Spirit! It was the Seniors who brought home the trophy – runners up in the cup and victors in the plate:

On Wednesday night, Mulan, Lisa and Amy each performed in a charity concert at neighbouring South Bromsgrove High School in ‘Women in Music’. Mulan’s Chopin and the classic Disney ‘Tale as Old As Time’ sung beautifully by Lisa and Amy made sure that Bromsgrove was well represented at this excellent event.

Last night, a plethora of Oakley students performed in the very popular ‘Pop and Jazz Evening’ in Routh Hall. I would highly recommend you put its 2019 date in your diaries if you are looking for an evening of pure entertainment and rich talent:

I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and leave you with photos from our annual Oakley PA Easter Egg Hunt from Wednesday:



Best Wishes


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