New Performing Arts Building

Construction of Bromsgrove School’s new performing arts complex is now firmly underway. Two distinct 300+ seat theatres are being created, linked by an avenue which also connects the Preparatory and Senior Schools.

Historic Routh Hall on the Senior campus will be transformed into a concert hall, tuned exclusively for musical performances and making use of its exceptional acoustic qualities. Adjacent, a new Music School will house a suite of specialist classrooms, recording studios and 12 instrumental practice rooms, as well as a reception foyer and box office.

The Performing Arts Avenue will then lead to an equivalent home for Drama, built where the old Cobham Hall once stood in the Preparatory School. Flexible seating and a hydraulic thrust stage will allow for a wide range of dramatic and dance performances. From intimate plays to large scale productions, the new facility will provide fully equipped technical galleries and safe access to all lighting and flying facilities, encouraging students into technical aspects of theatre as well as performance. The facility will also boast a 90 seat Performance Studio, with large scenic workshops, props stores and modern dressing rooms available for both lessons and productions.

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