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End of Academic Year Review - 2nd July 2018

Last Updated: 02/07/2018 12:47:14

When I look back over another year to write this review I find it hard to believe that the girls have managed to accomplish so much in such a short time. We have soldiered through several large snowfalls that kept us on campus and delayed our Christmas party, the inevitable grey skies and English rain but more recently the driest sunniest June that we can remember. Led by a strong monitor team who have shown just how to inspire and motivate the girls in a positive way, our “families” have worked and played hard. We have had yet another amazing year in Mary Windsor.

On appointing our Head of House Viktoriia R, she said “I will not let you down,” True to her word she has been simply marvellous. Assisted by Katie P-R and Michaelia Y we have enjoyed many fun events such as the welcome party and now traditional lip sync battle, our Christmas formal at Grafton Manor, a Disney party, afternoon tea to celebrate the royal wedding and our summer garden party where this year we had pizza baked fresh in an outdoor wood fired pizza oven. Other house events have included pizza and pop nights and the formal leaver’s meal at the Ewe and Lamb. There has been plenty of baking and a huge effort put into our “invention” cake for the bake off led by Ruby N.

The monitors have also put forward some good teams for inter-house competitions. A highlight this year was winning the senior cross country competition. This was a team effort where each member ran a good race to collectively accumulate the points to win. Special mention is owed to Olivia C, who came third in the senior race, and Natasha M who came third in the junior race. We also came a very close second on Sports Day again showing that the Mary Windsor spirit can work wonders.

Finally the three girls also squashed into my car for a meeting at the Chateau Impney where they arranged a superb Ball along with WG. The Grand Ballroom was a wonderful venue, the food excellent and company even better. They and the rest of the 7 strong monitor team have gained the respect of staff and pupils alike.

On the charity front, Mary Windsor made a major contribution to the overall School donation from Own Clothes Day for “Save a Childs Heart” This was a charity chosen by Alia D who delivered a very poignant speech in Chapel accompanied by Lauren M leading the prayers. In addition, Emily L and Ruby N drew beautiful pictures of our house pets and made them into cards for sale in aid of local animal rescue centres.

The house song theme this year was girl’s names and we performed 'Mary Did You Know?' by Pentatonix accompanied by the violin (Helen Z), flute (Emily S) and piano (Nicole Z). Anna H conducted a very beautiful performance. Both senior and junior house drama continued to be strong with Patricia B (playing Charles), Lauren M (Ruth), Anastasia O (Madame Arcati) and Maria S (Elvira) performing an extract from the play Blithe Spirit. The initial nervousness soon disappeared as they took their first steps on the stage. The performance was impressive and we were very proud of them. As we were of our courageous junior girls – Gerry G, Teya I, Niya P, Anissa T, Elsa T and Sara-Maria P performing a scene from The Visit.

House music competition, held this year in the newly renovated Routh Hall provided an evening of entertainment as well as competition. Maria S, Anastasia K and Lauren M sang Diamonds by Rihanna, and Anna H accompanied them on the piano for the ensemble competition. Emily performed Handel’s 4th movement on her flute during the solo competition.

Lower 4 A and B teams won the House badminton – a very proud moment when Nicole F-S and Nancy R were awarded the silver trophies. The juniors also won the house tennis. Laetitia de B and Sara-Maria P took part in Junior House Debating, both arguing a good case and competently answering questions from the floor. Alia D and Scarlett B represented us for the seniors. Both teams narrowly lost in the final.

This year we welcomed Miss Popescu onto our tutor team, although we are already saying ‘au revoir’ as she and her dog Paddy 2 move within the school to take up a resident post in the new Webber house. I thank all the team and our housemother Miss Fletcher now in her 32nd year! The girls and I owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Our tutors work extremely hard to ensure that the girls perform to the best of their ability as well as helping to make our house a home.

Academically the girls proved themselves with strong effort grades throughout the year. At the fourth form assembly prizes were awarded for athletics Tash M, drama Anissa T, fencing Elsa T who also achieved 2nd in the county, and tennis Borislava M. At Mark Reading Viktoriia R won the TOK prize, Laetitia de B The T.E. Godwin cup for the most improved junior speaker and Olivia C The Best Army Cadet. Roxanne was awarded a prize for French at Commemoration.

At our final assembly House cups were awarded this year to Olivia C for Sports, Lauren M for Drama, Emily S for Music and Emily L and Ruby N for Art. Senior Contribution to House Life went to Maria H, Langdale Cup for 4th form contribution to Gerry G, Katie P-R the Wallis bowl for effort in the house community, the Musgrove Award to Kate K and the Fazel Cup for Upper Sixth who has achieved academically and contributed to House life to Anastasia O. Our Head of House next year will be Lauren M assisted by Harriet F and Ruby N. We also celebrate 3 school monitors, Alia D, Kate K and Anna H. Our congratulations to Alia Derriey who has been appointed Head Boarder.

Finally, this year’s leavers have had a very close and strong year group identity. Fifteen strong each one has been enthusiastic and influential in the house, talented and inspirational. They have forged lifelong friendships. Boasting a wealth of academic and extracurricular ability, their contribution to the house, determination, spirit and care for those around them, many for the full five years, will be sorely missed. They have led a very happy house and been excellent role models to the younger girls who show such promise under their tutelage. They should be happy in the knowledge that they have well and truly made their mark upon Mary Windsor and I personally thank each and every one. I wish them love, success and happiness as they embark on an exciting future in their chosen field.

Mrs Tweddell





22nd June 2018

Last Updated: 22/06/2018 09:52:06

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Mary Windsor Summer Party

On Friday the 8th of June, Mary Windsor held their summer party. This was our last House party before we all leave for the summer break. The Lower Sixth organized fun games for all the girls to play (as well as teachers too) such as bean bag racing, musical chairs, guess the song and much more.

Mrs Tweddell had arranged a person to bake fresh stone baked pizzas for all of the girls which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. After which, the games commenced within our House families, with sweets for prizes. Each family also received a bag of sweets for their enthusiastic participation in the games.

The summer party was a great time for the Fifth Form and A level students to take a break from exam stress and enjoy time with their housemates. For the A level students, it was their last event within the House before they leave for University.

We ended the party with an all-time favorite of Mary Windsor which is dancing together as a House. We are looking forward to the celebrations of Commemoration next week.

Vidhi Ahluwalia


21st May 2018

Last Updated: 21/05/2018 08:14:09

Royal Wedding in Mary Windsor

On Saturday, 19th May, the entire British population watched the marvelous Royal Wedding. Mary Windsor found this dream ceremony a fantastic opportunity to come together.

Vidhi (L6) organized a British spread of cucumber sandwiches, strawberries, scones, jam and clotted cream to enjoy every girls' dream to marry her Prince Charming.

Meghan Markle looked splendid in her historical dress. Her stunning five-metre veil contained the floral symbols of all 53 countries in the Commonwealth.

The wedding was emotional, and both bride and groom seemed to be overwhelmed. Even in Mary Windsor, some tears of happiness and excitement were shed.

14th May 2018

Last Updated: 15/05/2018 08:30:49

It has been a nice sunny week for Bromsgrove and the girls thoroughly enjoyed this rare sensation. Bean bags and tables were carried out onto the lawn in front of the house; some were just having a nap, others used the space for GCSE/A-level/IB revision.

With exam leave for GCSE pupils having started on Monday, it is getting pretty empty during roll calls.

But before the GCSE exams started, another inter house competition raised all spirits!
It was house rounders on last Wednesday which celebrated the end of the senior inter house sports competitions for this year. All girls gave their best and really enjoyed having a run on the grass. The competition was tough, but we still scored some rounders and had fun whilst doing it.

We wish all the best to the 5th form pupils starting their first public exams, to A-level pupils with exams approaching and congratulate the IB pupils who have nearly finished their final exams.

We are looking forward to commemoration day to close another exciting year for Mary Windsor.

- Anna Huang

8th May 2018

Last Updated: 08/05/2018 10:21:35

Dear Parents, Guardians and Girls,

After a beautiful sunny weekend, the warm weather continues, and students enjoy the shirt-sleeve order in the summery temperatures. On this special bank holiday Monday, the Monitors for the next academic year were announced. This year, is it a group of twenty-four students who have been given the great honour and responsibility to represent the School. In Mary Windsor, we are proud to say that we have three girls who have been selected for this task and we know that they will rise to the challenge, work hard for the School and be excellent ambassadors for our house.

Congratulations and the best wished to Katharina K (left), Anna H (middle) and Alia D (right).

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