IB CAS: Marie Kriegler

“I have really enjoyed CAS. For me I was curious to try out new activities and step out of my comfort zone, so CAS gave me an opportunity to reflect as well. I have tried fencing, went to Model United Nations conferences where I debated about global issues, developed my own photographs in a dark room, volunteered in a charity shop for one year, started to play tennis and created a new forum to discuss the IB programme to name but a few. These are just some of the activities I got involved in. In my opinion, it is fantastic that Bromsgrove School has so many activities you can chose from. However, the most memorable moments of CAS are my CAS projects as I could take the initiative.

Although the IB only requires that you have to do one CAS project, I wanted to get involved in as many projects as I could. For my first CAS project my friend Teresa invited me to go with her to the Canary Islands and teach English and German in her previous High school. This was a challenge as I do not speak Spanish and I had never taught before. There was a lot of planning such as preparing power points, quizzes, games and songs for the students. I found the experience really valuable as I realised how much effort it is to plan a lesson and the time it takes to produce resources.

My second CAS project was in Bromsgrove school were Teresa and I planned an enjoyable afternoon for residents to commemorate Second World War. We organised food, drinks, music and games for this "A Walk Down Memory Lane" event. When the people left with a smile on their face, many do not get visitors and have therefore little contact with people from another age group, we realised that our hard work had paid off.

I am very thankful for all the support the teachers and fellow students provided us for our projects. After my IB I am planning to do a GAP year and I want to take my CAS project a step further by teaching students in South America.

I think CAS can be the most rewarding thing, but you have to put an effort it. The more you do, the more you will grow. I think even if you do not enjoy everything it is always good to try at least.”

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