Bromsgrove School

Foundation Scholars' Dinner

 A dinner for former and current Foundation Scholars was hosted in the Old Chapel at Bromsgrove School on Tuesday 11th October. Hosted by Digby, Lord Jones of Birmingham (Walters 1969-1974) and with special thanks to Ian King (Lupton 1952-1956) for the idea along with Digby. Both were Foundation Scholars during their time at School.

11th October 2011
Prof Sir Michael Drury and Ian King
Gavin Jones and Dick Noake
Foundation Scholars' Dinner
Foundation Scholars' Dinner
John Wheatley, Rachel Scannell and Lord Digby Jones
Ruth Lennox, Robert Lennox
Jane Rogers, Prof Sir Michael Drury, Lady Drury
Philip Bowen - The History of Foundation Scholars