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10th December 2017

Last Updated: 10/12/2017 18:10:06

Such a shame we have had to postpone our annual dinner from this evening to tomorrow, I just hope the weather relents and it can go ahead. Having said that the boys have had great fun playing out in the snow all day! Travel has come to a standstill but the boys have not!

Adrian fell off the sledge.

Ruby Fallows enjoying the snow this morning, before it got too deep.

Sunday, 5 hours, 20 boys and the biggest snowman in the history of Elmshurst House! Wow! I can hear some of you say “I wish he would do 5 hours of prep”.

Friday evening when the snow first fell, the boarding community had an hour’s fun… See below.

HOH and DHOH having some fun about to bomb Mr Fallows again with a snowball!

Two likely lads Ed and Marky:

A great picture of different nationalities and year groups, boarding at its best!

Matty and Tim were fantastic in the play this week, two great performances; another outstanding contribution was Will Edwards who was responsible for much of the set; which was just as impressive as the performances themselves. Well done boys!

I promise you we did have lessons take place over the last week, but I thought you would be far more interested in seeing what fun the boys have had instead!

Please follow twitter for the updates at our annual dinner tomorrow night - @BromsElmshurst

3rd December 2017

Last Updated: 04/12/2017 08:42:52

Elmshurst house had its annual trip to boost the economy for the German market traders and China town in Birmingham today. Nice to take 73 of the boys out for the day, as usual no issues, perfect behaviour and on time from start to finish! They returned with many Selfridges bags and stories of how much food they ate in the time there! A lovely day out. My two Housemothers about to be chased by a bull! Our HOH and DHOH at the trendy Sushi bar!

Mr Fallows did his impression of Gordon Ramsey serving up the food in house for the boys just now after we returned from Birmingham, Lasagne and profiteroles, always a winner!

A lovely atmosphere with boys just sat around chatting and eating in house.

Well done Radu! The victorious Junior House Badminton captain. Radu has had a smile on his face ever since! He organised a trial, selected a team and told me before they went to play “don’t worry Sir we have the best team, we will win” He was ably assisted by Murat, Olli, Eric and Aakash, Well done to all!

Artem, Johnathan and Maksym have shown fantastic commitment and selflessness of late with their outstanding contribution to the Flourishing Fiver scheme, pictured below raising money for Primrose Hospice at Worcester Cathedral last weekend:

The final push now for two weeks, with all looking forward to our annual dinner next Sunday, which again should be a fantastic evening. We have the School play this week, which Tim, Matt and Will are all working extremely hard towards, we wish them well. Not to mention the boys continuing to impress with their work ethic which is backed up by the recent second set of very impressive grades across the house.

26th November 2017

Last Updated: 27/11/2017 07:39:12

Congratulations to the two boys who have received Headmasters Commendations for their performance in the recent AEO grades; Eric Li - improvement across the board in his AEO grades. An average of 7 for Attainment from a 5.8 and Engagement up to a 4.4 from 3.8 back this up. Secondly, Dan Tiktinski - second grades have improved nicely in both Attainment 6.3 to and impressive 7.1 and Engagement 3.9 to 4.6. Both boys are working at a fantastic level as well as contributing in many ways around the House. Well done boys!

Julius helped Mrs Fallows on Saturday to put the Christmas tree up and decorate it; work in progress:

Murat and Roman were outplayed by two fantastic table tennis players from WG this week, the boys played well, but were beaten by two talented boys, fortunately, Mr Fallows beat Mr Wilkins in a Housemasters play off so not all bad!

A number of boys enjoyed the weekend trip Go Karting today, Sam, Jack, Luke, Gordon and Jason had great fun.

We look forward to Junior House badminton on Thursday this week as well as the German Market boarder’s trip where we will all go to Birmingham for the day next Sunday to experience the start of festivities spirit and hopefully your son may well buy your Christmas present!

19th November 2017

Last Updated: 20/11/2017 08:07:31

Yet another week has flown by in a blink, time travels at such a pace here and the boys are kept busy at all times apart from on a Sunday - as I write I would guess that 50% are in their beds relaxing!

On Monday,  Slaters Menswear came in and measured the Fifth and Sixth Form ready to either hire or buy their suits. The boys always enjoy the evening as you can see from the photos attached below

Three musketeers waiting to be measured for the Tux…..

On Thursday the boys were rewarded with doughnuts as our House snack due to us winning the Pumpkin Carving competition before half term. This again was thoroughly enjoyed by the boys.

The boys will get their second set of AEO grades on Monday morning. Overall, the House has improved nicely and the majority of the boys are working hard and engaging in lessons. These will be available for parents to see by the end of the week, but your son will be able to communicate them to you.

Luke Lau made sure we were well represented at Senior House Swimming this week. The boys were fantastic; with great performances and determination, the boys are hopeful for more silverware, it will be close, I would put is in the top two! Fingers crossed. It would end a great term of inter-house competitions where the boys have been most impressive and rewarded a number of times with food treats, which always goes down well!!

Hot off the press!

Jayden won the U16 British Youth Go Chess Championship competition yesterday as well as runner-up for the overall Youth Champion. When I spoke to Jayden I asked what Go Chess was, he said “Like normal Chess sir but harder” I find normal chess confusing, so he is obviously a talent and has done very well indeed!

This is a key Go Chess event for young players contesting for the British Youth Champion; Jayden is an advanced player in Go Chess. Jayden aspires to represent UK in international go chess competition. Winning this championship may secure him a place to represent Britain in European Youth competition.

12th November 2017

Last Updated: 13/11/2017 08:17:59

Week one of this second half term was brought to a close with a lovely Remembrance Service in Chapel today, firstly for the Fourth Form at 9.50am, followed by the Seniors. It always impresses me how the Elmshurst boys know about the importance of the day and how to get it right. I was with the juniors and their behaviour was impeccable as I am sure the seniors was.

Very little by way of photo opportunity to report this week - the boys have just been busy getting back in to the swing of things in lessons and their personal Extra Curricular activities at lunch or after School. One major success to report is Luke, who travelled to Cheltenham after attending the Remembrance Service, to play in a grade 6 tennis tournament, which he won. Well done Luke!

Thank you to those parents who have been in touch by email to book tickets for the annual dinner at the Ardencote Manor on Sunday the 10th. As in previous years we will put the cost of the meal for the boys on to the School bill. If parents can pay by cheque please; cheques made payable to Bromsgrove School for £35 PP. We have ten parents joining us so far, I hope we can double that and have two tables, which will add to the formality of the evening. Please feel free to email if you are able to join us. Thank you also to those of you who have donated raffle prizes so far, this will all go to our House charity of Myeloma UK, the more the merrier for the boys; let me know if you can support the raffle also please.

We will have the usual annual visit of Slaters Menswear in House tomorrow, a great fun couple of hours as the boys think they are James Bond trying on their dinner suits! Many photo opportunities here I would think! Boys from Years 11, 12 and 13 will have the opportunity to buy, hire or use their own Tux for the Ardencote dinner. As a rule boys in Year 11 hire as they are still growing, boys in Years 12 and 13 mainly buy as it is very little more to buy the suit than hire. Please can I encourage you to discuss this with your son over the next 24 hours, I have encouraged them to speak to you also.

The boys have the second set of AEO grades due next week, which will keep them focussed in week two.

We had our first returning visit from one of last year’s Upper Sixth on Friday evening, always nice to hear how they are doing and see who comes back first! Aram got that prize and was quick to comment on the relaxed positive feel in the House - not sure if I am losing my touch or he felt safe, as I was not telling him off! Either way, great to see him.

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