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22nd April 2018

Last Updated: 23/04/2018 08:06:20

It seems ridiculous to be thinking about the end of term already, but it will soon be here. It would be great for you to join us in the Elmshurst House marquee this year. It offers a great base to explore and return or simply stay there for the duration and enjoy the company of other parents and the boys, reminisce and watch some cricket in the sunshine.

After the Leavers Church Service (for leavers parents only) and the Prize Giving for all students and parents in the marquee on Gordon Green, it will be down to the bottom pitches for many of you, to celebrate the end of an era as boys move on. Commemoration Day is Saturday 30th June.

The theme this year will be Spanish food, prepared again by our friend of Bromsgrove and Elmshurst house Mr Ashley Bent. Please do not get this mixed up with the School PA marquee lunch, which you will receive information on. I encourage you to put the date in your diary to attend our Elmshurst marquee for Commemoration Day, we will be there from 1pm until call over and then many of you will also join us after call over where the atmosphere is a little more relaxed with the formalities of the day over. A fantastic base to celebrate all that is Elmshurst and talk to all tutors and other parents in a lovely environment. Tickets this year will be as follows:

£19 for adults to include fantastic food and alcoholic drinks.

£15 per boy for food and soft drinks.

Can I please ask you email Miss Louise Heard to book tickets – lheard@bromsgrove-school.co.uk

We have our leaver’s meal tomorrow evening at the Bell at Tamworth in Arden; the lovely village pub that Mr Bent owns. I look forward to a nice relaxing evening with the boys as they start to think about moving on and the reality of exams kick in for sure.

On the topic of exams, the boys have settled back in to things quickly, you could hear a pin drop during prep this last week.

25th March 2018

Last Updated: 26/03/2018 07:48:13

The end of a short but I hope productive Lent term for the boys was finished off with our final House assembly for the term. A summary of highlights, not so highlights as well as awards and a few treats given out.

House ties awarded to the following boys for their dedication and hard work this term:

Year 9: Mikhail Strelkov, Guy Wagstaff, Gordon Wong, Vasil Yosifov.
Year 10: Murat Shafigullin, Weston Rocca Wolsey.
Year 11: Seb Atkinson, Pearce Childs, Will Edwards, Darren Zhang
Lower Sixth: Cristian Salagor, Jacob Kleinen, Akseli Illmanen,

Endeavour Awards

Awarded to boys who have improved over the term, interacted well, matured and in some cases entertained. Well done to all!

Year 9: Guy Wagstaff
Year 10: Dan Grove
Year 11: Johnson Shi
Year 12: Akselli Illmanen
Year 13: Joseph Downes

What an impressive crew!

I did not get all the award winners but the photo above shows a great representation of Elmshurst boys who were up to shake the Headmasters hand at the whole School end of year assembly this week.

Marky – Basketball minor colours
Dan – Basketball minor colours
Alin – Basketball major colours
Alex – School cap for basketball
Tim – Best actor and performing arts prizes in senior house drama.
Marcus – Badminton major colours
Tony – School cap for basketball
Adrian – School badminton minor colours
Joseph – School football cap
Aman – Junior house football champions
Bipin – School hockey major colours
Leonid – Halstead cup and cross country major colours

Missing from the photo -

Kesh – School squash major colours
Tima – Gold D of E
Figo – School squash minor colours & School badminton minor colours
Amin – School basketball minor colours
Jacob – School rugby minor colours
Seb – School rugby minor colours
Will – School squash minor colours
Pearce – School hockey minor colours

Looking forward the short summer term will be busy as always with internal and external exams, at the start of the exam season we have our annual pig roast with fun games evening. This provides a good stress relief for an hour or so for the boys to have some lovely food throw a ball round, bass a ball and of course the good old traditional Tug O war. The year 9 boys will challenge the year 10, the L6 challenge the U6, and we then progress to good old Germans V Russians, English V Chinese and so on…. Great fun, always with one team ending up falling over the delight of their opponents.

The end of the summer term sees the fantastic traditional Commemoration day event and part of that is the Elmshurst house marquee; of course, this year we will again have the biggest and best as we always do! This provides a great base for visiting parents to mingle and reminisce with fellow Elmshurst parents or go off and visit other functions on around School and return. Please do not get this mixed up with the School lunch which you will be asked to sign up to, some of you may prefer that, it is far more formal, where our house marquee is a more relaxed place and a great opportunity to speak to house staff and other parents in a nice relaxed atmosphere. I will be in touch after Easter with further details regarding tickets for this as we have lovely food prepared by Mr Bent, an ex Elmshurst parent and friend of the House. We will also have refreshments of the alcoholic variety.

18th March 2018

Last Updated: 19/03/2018 08:44:56

I give you the Inter House Fourth Form Football Champions of 2018…. Elmshurst House!

Safe hands Dan is his name! Dan did not concede a goal! Granted not the most flattering of photos, but it was bitterly cold!

Th best player in the seniors football team, Figo.

Seniors team debrief after a loss in the first game:

Friday evening we had 20 boys in the TV to watch England U20s play rugby V Ireland U20s, our Ex HOH Henry was playing again: After a line out lost, he didn’t look best please with the referees decision…..


Friday saw the rearranged 1.2 relay Inter House Competition…. Our runners were Mikhail, Luke, Weston, Seb

Leonid (team captain) and Tim

Much time and effort has gone in to producing the fourth form play, which gave two performances Friday and Saturday evening. Our very own Dan in year 9 was one of the stars of the show playing Hansel, seen here mid flow with Gretel.

4th March 2018

Last Updated: 05/03/2018 08:31:24

The next round of grades will be given to the boys during tutor time tomorrow, as always, there will be mixed emotions. A number of boys who now need to take full advantage of all support sessions available to them, both in House and in departments. Tuesday evening is the Lower Sixth parents' evening - feel free to call in to the House and take your son with you for the feedback. This is in the Arena from 6.00-8.00pm.

The Cultures Connect concert proved to be a huge success again. Well done to all Elmshurst boys involved, whether they were front of stage performing or back stage ensuring the performers had the technical support.

Niclas joined forces with his two Austrian friends from WG. Alex sings “how are you” in Chinese.

Alex and Adrian perform together. Below shows the final performance of all performers singing, “We are the world”

We hope to have seen the back of the awful freezing cold weather - the snow is thawing and rain forecast just around the corner.

This week will see Senior House Drama competition as well as House hockey on Saturday. I look forward to sharing more photos and updates with you next week. Lots of School sport and extra-curricular activities this week will be good for the boys as many have been cooped up for the last five days.

25th February 2018

Last Updated: 26/02/2018 08:01:29

It does not surprise me anymore, but it does make me smile and feel like saying job done! The boys have got it right this week. The House was informed of Mrs Fallows’ operation, time in hospital and likely lengthy recovery period. They also knew I needed to be away much of last week and they have stepped up and just got it right. I am sure we can all remember being in our teens, how easy it is to get things wrong. However, these ninety-four boys just know when it is needed to get it right. You and we should be very proud of them.

Talking of proud, as you can see below Elmshurst had fantastic representation in the recent victorious U16A team. Well done boys!

We had our secret valentines admires in House before half term, Mrs Fallows getting more than Mr Fallows!

Always a popular treat, Year 9 pizza to celebrate Roman Geller's birthday went down well before half term.

Congratulations to Platon, Darren, Johnson and Aakash who represented Elmshurst in the House Music competition. If there was an audience vote, we would have won it by some distance, we may not have been the most technically brilliant house, but we certainly entertained the crowd, true house spirit! Well done!

Fifth and Sixth form mocks are now done - the boys have a good understanding of where they are and what is needed to achieve the results they aim for in the summer. Please can I ask you encourage son to take full advantage of all the extra support on offer; it is often a battle to chase the boys out of the House on a Saturday morning, I hope this will change now with the summer term just round the corner. Most departments also offer drop in sessions of a lunchtime as well as me having a tutor on duty for a supervised revision session in House every night between 5.15-6.00pm, which can be a good opportunity to complete an exam paper, revision cards or just plan the evenings work ahead.

We look forward to our next House event on Friday, 9th March; House Karaoke. As you can imagine it will be hilarious!

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