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Bromsgrove Service stems from the heart of the Bromsgrove School Mission Statement. The key characteristics included in the statement lie at the centre of a progressive modern society and it is our aim to hone these special personal traits which are necessary to enable Bromsgrovians to take their place positively and successfully within it. The experiences faced by our pupils and the work they undertake is based squarely on building and sustaining relationships within our local community and further afield; quite often this means working with those who may not have the same advantages in life as our pupils.


Much of the work undertaken by our pupils undertaking Bromsgrove Service might be unseen and unsung, but it is a vital part of the IB Diploma CAS component and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, although some pupils join in simply out of a desire to volunteer to work in the wider community. A number of activities in Bromsgrove Service can be used to contribute towards nationally recognized award schemes, such as the Crest Science Award; Language Mentors and Sports Leaders.

The variety of activities we offer in Bromsgrove Service allow pupils in Years 11-13 to develop as young adults; to build further on current skills and help them to discover other strengths and talents that till now they may not have had the opportunity or experience to discover in themselves. Some activities require more obvious personal qualities like compassion, respect and humility that are needed when visiting a residential home or local special school or participating in charity fundraising, for example. Bromsgrove Service allows pupils to have an awareness of personal growth; a useful tool when thinking about their future further education path and career so pupils will be encouraged to reflect on their experiences and evaluate their performance in their chosen activity.

The reviews and reflections completed by our Bromsgrove Service students show that the overriding message is one of positivity and a greater appreciation of the chance to give back something to society:

“The Language Leaders course was a great success, and helped me to gain confidence. It encourages you to think outside the box.”

“I really enjoyed the Language Leaders course because I felt rewarded by the children as their confidence rose.”

“As the elderly started to leave after the Tea and Carols event, and voiced just how much they and their carers appreciated what we had done, it put everything into perspective for me; it was not just a CAS project, but it was making a difference to these people's lives, in one way supporting carers, and in another giving the residents something outside of their normal routine.”

To find out more about this area of School life, please follow the Bromsgrove Service Blog

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