Bromsgrove School

Bromsgrovian Club Contacts

The Bromsgrovian Club Chairman Hans Rostrup can be contacted by emailing

The Bromsgrovian Club contact at School is Jenny Bossard, Bromsgrovian Executive Assistant. You may contact her by emailing or by telephoning the School on 01527 579679 ext. 357. Jenny will be pleased to assist with any OB/Club matters, arrange tours of the School for OBs and provide the relevant information on joining the Club or applying for awards.

If you would like to write to the club please address your mail to:

The Bromsgrovian Club, Bromsgrove School, Worcester Road, Bromsgrove, Worcs B61 7DU


Bromsgrovian Club Committee Members

President - Patrick Firminger  (Lupton 1942-1947)

Chairman - Hans Rostrup (School 1972-1977)

Secretary - Jenny Bossard (Walters 1972-1974)

Treasurer - David Cory (Elmshurst 1957-1962)

Mike Clements Lupton 1949-1954
John Denby School 1960-1965  
Bill Jordan   Gordon 1966-1972
Faye Kelly  Thomas Cookes 1986-1991
Gillian Kerton Thomas Cookes 1983-1993
Rose Lake Thomas Cookes 2001-2006  
Helen Lambert  Thomas Cookes 1997-2002   
Catherine Maund   Teaching Staff 1981-Present  
Clive Parkes  Cookes 1966-1971 
Scott Robertson Walters 1997-2002 
Ian Sanders    Cookes 1961-1966  
Stewart Towe CBE  Chairman of Governors, Lupton 1965-1970