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Bromsgrovian Club Awards

These awards are made by The Bromsgrovian Club on an annual basis. Read on to find out more about the funds available and if you are eligible to apply.

The Chairman's Fund

This fund has a capital of £30,000 (donated by Old Bromsgrovians) that yields sufficient interest to allow small donations to assist young Old Bromsgrovians who are using part of their gap year to experience voluntary work or work of a charitable nature in third world countries.

Typically the kind of venture organised by 'Raleigh International', for instance, often consists of expeditions to countries with very poor infra structure and may involve expeditions to gather scientific, geographic or anthropological information.

There is also sometimes a demand for teachers of English, Science and Art related subjects or those on the expedition may be called upon to build schools, community halls or local shops.

Medical degree courses require students to undertake a 'Medical Elective' as part of their training; in the past we have supported such students. Several medical students have worked in severely deprived third world countries whilst fulfilling their medical elective.

The Chairman's Fund allows the Bromsgrovian Club to give a small supportive donation, usually about £150 per applicant.

The Chairman's Fund sets out to support shorter-term projects, of usually up to one month, and most often the venture undertaken by the student is controlled by a professional organisation and much of the preparation work is therefore taken out of the hands of the student.

The Bromsgrovian Club wishes Bromsgrovians every success with whatever venture they may become involved with.


The Gauntlet Student Award

This award of £2,000 per annum applies to current members of the School. They must apply before they leave but must also be members of The Bromsgrovian Club at the time of the implementation of their proposed venture. All school leavers automatically become members of the club on leaving. The award will not be means tested in any way.
Candidates for the award will present their schemes for approval to a small sub-committee of young Old Bromsgrovians in informal surroundings. A key feature of the selection process will be an assessment of the originality and the degree of preparation put into the proposal by the candidate.

The closing date for applications will be April 1st each year, with the award or awards announced by May 31st each year. Successful candidates may also be expected to prepare illustrated articles for inclusion in various Bromsgrovian publications at a later date.

The award may be split between several worthy candidates, or, if not awarded in one year, the sum will be carried over to the next year.

The proposed scheme does not necessarily have to be of a strictly charitable nature although it would be preferable for it to be selfless and to benefit a community in some way. It might for instance involve conservation, historical/archaeological investigation or social work of some kind.

It is expected that successful candidates will undertake schemes far longer than those associated with regular gap year activities (e.g. Raleigh International). It does not however have to involve a third world country; it may be undertaken in the UK for instance.

You can apply for both The Student Award and The Chairman's Fund but you will not be given a double award. Remember that The Chairman's Fund is to support shorter-term projects (i.e. up to one month) whose preparation is largely determined by the professional organisation running it.

The Bromsgrovian Club thinks this is an exciting challenge for young Bromsgrovians and they wish to support demanding, innovative initiatives in every possible way.


How to Apply

If you would like to apply for an award please contact us directly at . Alternatively write to the Bromsgrovian Club at Bromsgrove School. Please include your years at School and house, postal address, email address, contact telephone number/s and full details of what you require the grant for, including the reason(s) why you think it should be given to you. If you do not include this with your submission, the Bromsgrovian Club cannot consider requests until full details are given.