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Bromsgrove Yearly Reviews

Last Updated: 12/06/2017 16:57:25

Bromsgrove School has always been at the heart of the community, whether it’s raising money for those less fortunate or being able to expand their knowledge and expertise. Both The Young Enterprise and Flourishing Fiver programmes cater top this and once again, the teams have seen tremendous success this year.

Flourishing Fiver
This year, a team of 13 students comprising Fifth Form, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth worked tirelessly to raise as much money as possible for local charity, Primrose Hospice. This activity works by the Hospice giving each student £5 at the start of the year which they can use in enterprising ways in order to raise more. Last year’s team raised just over £1400 and so the new team very quickly made it their mission to beat this accomplishment. That drive and determination never left them with them hosting more events than ever before. There have been numerous film nights held in the LRC where snacks have been sold, Page House enjoyed a Christmas Party in the Hospitality Suite and they designed and sold calendars including pictures taken by students in the School. All of their efforts have led to a total of over £2300 being raised, a record breaking amount. All students involved should be very proud of their efforts.

Young Enterprise

The 13 students which make up ‘Embark’ decided on their product of a balancing wine bottle holder early on in the process and have spent the year updating their designs and ensuring high quality. The team, who were originally selected based on their potential in interview, have truly flourished both in terms of the specific skills they have developed as well in confidence. Going from strength to strength throughout the year, the team took on board the advice they were given after being placed Third at the Worcester Christmas Market and going on to win Best Trade Stand and Best Overall Company at the Spring Trade Fair. The end of year competition saw them take home Best Company Report and Best Overall Company at the Area Final and the Best Company Report again at the Regional Final which was against some excellent teams. This year’s team should be particularly proud of the way they have come together as a team and most significantly from a business stance, the significant amount of profit they have made. The skills they have developed and memories they have made will now stay with them as they move forward with their education and future careers.

Survival Guide to Gold DofE

Last Updated: 15/05/2017 17:03:31

Survival Guide to Gold DofE

All the tips and tricks that I wished somebody had told me, on how to survive your Gold Duke of Edinburugh. From one gold ‘DofEer’ to another- it’s really not as scary as it sounds!

1. Don’t walk in silence. Your sanity is important so keep morale high. Try singing, you’ll be half finished by the time you’ve gone through all the musicals on Broadway.

2. The socks may be expensive but that’s because they work. Don’t be put off by walking socks just because the price is higher than ‘regular’ socks, it can be the difference between a bloody foot and a clean one.

3. Boil in a bag all day, every day. They only take 10 minutes to cook and instead of getting to camp, scoffing 10 chocolate bars and crawling into bed you can get the right calories and the energy you need for the next hike. Plus they allow for no washing up!

4. Your waterproof rucksack is not waterproof. Wrap all your clothing and belongings in bin bags to prevent them from getting soaked through. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

5. Beyond the beaten track will be your best friend. No this tip is not about straying from your map, it’s about food. Food that is small, won’t crumble inside your rucksack and has a high calorie intake. But don’t worry, for those of you who have trouble finding the correct food it comes in vegetarian, vegan, halal and kosher too.

6. Don’t sleep on a slant. Although this tip may seem obvious you’d be surprised at how flat land looks when it is actually the very opposite. If you don’t want your campmate almost on top of you when you’re sleeping check to see if you’ve pitched your tent on a slant.

7. For the girls: being on your period on DofE isn’t as bad as it seems. It may seem like the worst possible moment that Mother Nature could strike but it’s actually not that bad. The walking takes away the cramps and you get so distracted by the mountain surroundings that you actually forget. Plus you get to eat double what is the advised daily calorie intake because you’re doing constant exercise – no more fatty ice cream.

How to have a successful exam session this Summer

Last Updated: 24/04/2017 16:51:59

Revision techniques

The summer term means exams are looming and stress levels are running high and as the Easter holidays come to an end student’s start panicking about how little revision they have done. The truth is, there isn’t a line that you cross that claims your revision has finished. There is never enough revision that one can do but don’t fret, just because you haven’t revised from dawn till dusk every day of the week doesn’t mean that you can’t pass with flying colours. Here are 7 revision tips that will guarantee that it’s never too late to start revising.

1. Draw up a revision timetable
Research shows that shorter 20-30 minute spells work best, because your concentration is much higher.

2. Exercise
Physical activity increases heart rate which makes the blood circulate faster. This in turn ensures that brain gets more oxygen which increases productivity whilst reducing tiredness and stress.

3. Reward yourself
People who manage to find the right balance between study and leisure are the ones who get the top marks.

4. Use your family and friends
Ask people around you to give you tests and feedback.

5. Do plenty of past papers
Most exam boards nowadays put a lot of emphasis on exam technique and simply familiarising yourself with it before the exam can often save you time and help to earn marks at the exam.

6. Make summary notes
The best way to memorise information is by making notes over and over again. The most successful candidates often make as many as three sets of the same notes in a run up to the exams which help them to memorise the required information.

7. Stay positive!
Your life isn’t over if you don’t ace your exams so take the pressure off. You don’t need 100% in exams to go far in life, your own drive will take you way further.

Learning Mentors

Last Updated: 27/03/2017 16:49:51

‘Learning Mentors’ is a programme that is run under the banner of Bromsgrove Service. It serves as CAS (for the IBDP) led by 6th form pupils to Years 7 & 8 Gifted and Talented pupils from the Prep School. Over the last two terms they have had various topics of discussion.

This term, the topic has been Monopoly and the learning focus for today was ‘Are board games or computer games better for society?’ The session started with a quiz prepared by Senior School pupils where Prep School pupils had to guess the board games or computer games the images were from. Pupils were then divided into two groups; one put together arguments on why board games are better for society and the other group constructed reasons for computer games. Pupils then came back together for a discussion and plenary session. For their last session, the Senior pupils hosted board games and held discussions about Senior School Life.

Over the course of the academic year, Senior School pupils have really grown in confidence in the delivery of these sessions and Prep School pupils have benefitted from imaginative, relevant and fun sessions.


Easter Craft Afternoon

Last Updated: 27/03/2017 16:44:52

Recently an Easter craft afternoon was held in the school for residents from ‘Rashwood Residential Home’, with students from IB1 organising this as part of their CAS projects. There were activities such as who can make the best Easter bunny and bingo games. The students then entertained the residents with music, which consisted of singing and playing the piano. One resident was even reduced to tears as she felt the singing was so beautiful. The students have been praised by staff at the home and are a credit to the school. They were commended on their hard work and thanked for organising the event. The students involved were Xaver Freigassner, Anna Costa Da Martins, Anastasiia Ovchinnikova, Emily Williams, Katya Antsiferova, Highbury Rodway, James Allely, Nicole Boicenco, Olivia Turner and Polina Pakhulskaia. This is just another example of an event that has been organised through Bromsgrove Service and shows the huge positive effect our students can have on the local community, which is beneficial to the local people and the students themselves.

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