Biodiesel Project

This project is now in its fifth year. Pupils are working on producing biodiesel fuel from recycled fats and oils from the school kitchens to help power the school minibuses.

More recently, after an inspection of the biofuels facility at the end of term in June 2015 a few more relatively minor modifications to our process plant were required for a full test run in November 2015.

With a new team of Sixth Form students working on Saturday and Monday afternoons, this test was completed successfully with the inspector in attendance (complete with his range of monitoring devices!) and a batch of biodiesel produced. This batch will need to be “washed” and subject to QA testing when the weather improves in the second half of the Lent term.

The final design phase of the waste vegetable oil system is now underway with the successful build of a small scale pilot process for gravity based waste vegetable oil (WVO) filtration now fully functioning in the Chemistry Laboratory.

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